Dot Cockpit Configuration - A Workflow Demonstration for Stroke

This e-Clip demonstrates the dot cockpit configuration workflow.

To create your own strategy, select new program in the edit mode of the cockpit. Create a strategy by drag and drop of a new strategy into the workspace. Change the name of the strategy by typing directly over the name. Searching for protocols is fast and easy with the new search tool. Just type in your search query and results are highlighted instantly. Drag and drop the sequence into your new strategy. Any sequence can be selected and dropped into the new strategy even from within a different DOT engine. Any sequence can be given dot functionality by simply adding a dot add in generic views is the most basic addon with functionalities such as guidance, auto align auto coverage and is a part of the brain DOT engine. Drag the decision box from the right hand side bar and drop that into the strategy. Multiple choices can be added to the decision. In this case, the decision would be made during the workflow of the protocol. The sequences for each choice are selected using the search tool. Drag and drop the sequences and then copy the relevant generic views to enable the dot functionality. When optimizing parameters in sequences, the changes can be directly distributed also to other identical sequences found in other protocols within the user trees. Easily copy, slice, position or sequence parameters by using the icon in the toolbar. Drag and drop the new strategy into the workspace to configure a similar protocol suited to a different patient situation. Protocols that can be duplicated directly or copied to the GNU strategy. Select multiple items directly from another DOT workflow, such as the Angio Dot engine. Easily save your newly built stroke strategy to your user protocols via the icons in the toolbar. The simulation mode you can check the combinations of strategies and decisions. An overview of how the program will proceed can be seen in the exam preview on the right side. The newly configured stroke strategy with the Brain DOT engine is now ready for scanning.

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Dot Cockpit - Program Editor (New Program) Dot Cockpit - Program Editor (Program Path* DotGOfheadfBrain Dot Engine/Stroke_Dot_Engine) Dot Cockpit - Program Editor (Program Path = DotGO/headfBrain Dot Engine/Stroke_ Dot _ Engine) Cockpit Dot Cockpit PROGRAM Edit Simulate Si ulate Configuration Configuration. Examination Preview Standard — Standard DotGO » angiography_ce » Angio Dot Engine » Carotid Arteries DotGO » head » Brain Dot Engine » Acute Browse hearth Search Default Carotid Arteries o Neuro patient View/ O patient 0 patent Neuro patient View Stroke 0 Neuro PatientView Stroke o Patient VÉw€ Stroke 0 Neuro Patient View 0 Neuro PatientVieW Stroke 0 Neuro PatientView 0 Neuro PatientView Stroke Neuro Patient Stroke Neuro Patient View e Patient View e Patient e Neuro Patient o Beast Patient View Base e Neuro Patient View Patient Patient View Stroke Neuro Patient Stroke 0 Neuro patient View Stroke 0 Neuro View Stroke 0 Neuro Patient View e Patient View 0op Patient View Stroke Stroke Stroke Stroke stroke Copy 12 PATIENTVIEW ADDINS Decisions Strokegy Create a New Program Bleeding? q t2Tast q Hemo hemno q pert 0 Angio Patient AE-lead Scout BAHead_Scout AAHead Scout AAHead_Scout •AAHead Scout MI-lead Scout Scout AAHead_Scout 00.19 01: 5 00:'42 00: 19 AAHead_Scout AAHlead_Scout No program o AutoAIign Scout o AutoAlign Scout Aui0Ajtgn Scout o AutoAJign Scout o AutoAljgn Scout o AutoAJign Scout o AutoAlign Scout O AutoAlign SCOUt 0 Step Properties DotGO » head » Brain Dot Engine K son tissue Step Properties hemo headt advanced applications libraries advanced applications libraries 1171 advanced applications libraries [171 appucations libraries applications libraries applications libraries 1171 DotGO » angiography_ce » Carotid Arteries » program programns Step Properties Add a Strategy Add a New Stratey Add a New Strategy Vessel scout Pertusjon or Anglo? Carotid Angio Pertusjon or Anglo? No IDENTICAL o Breast Patient View essel scout thorax [7] norax [7] t2 tra t2 tm tra dark-fluid 00:27 01:50 01:50 Brain Dot Engine programs [7] programns program prograrns IDENTICAL CONFIGURATIONS Copy e AutoAlign Scout [261 e Patent o Neuro Patient Mew o Beast Patient View heart [11 [Il » t-spine t-spine [101 0 Generic Views • library [21 library' [IJ library [IJ libraty' [IJ library [21 library [4]1 Brain Brain Also app'y changes to: Brain Dot Engine » Also apply changes to: O Hip Patient View I-spine Ihole-spine I-spine [7] c-spine localizer AAHlead Scout trace_p2 Search Tool clinical libraries Name Bleeding? Generic Copy reference is active PAT: Off voxel size: SNR 0.71 advanced applications libraries [1] nes [1] tries [1] Neuro Patent View o AutoAU__ o Gekeric Views o Generic Views advanced applications libraries 134 PM: REF All measurement steps 'AAI-lead Scout TimCT whole-spine Protocol 01 Paramete AAHead_Scout AAHead Scout 0042 AAHead Scout 00:19 00-421 gi03D_pre 01: 50 05:54 tse tra_p2 00-42 t2_tse_tra_p2 00: 42 0042 00.'42 00:19 0050 Copy 01 Paramete Paramete Routine Contrast Sequence neck son tissue library [1] libraly [1] o AutoAJign Scout o AutoAIiqn Scout PD+T2 ign Scout e AutoAlign Scout e AutoAli ality Drag & Drop Functionality Geometry System Physio Inline Sequence Convert o Angio Bolus Tl___ Dot Cockpit e Generi_ o Generi_ _ e Views o Generic Views e Genertc Views o Generic Mews e Genert Views Voice Commands o Generic Views library Vote Commands rnj thorax Common iPAT Filter Image Filter Rawdata 3D nject contrast agent tl blade 0 Shoulder Patent View Comrnon trace_p2 0050 Bleeding? El—eding? Bleeding? Bleeding? Executm t2 tra 4mm SPACE MPR Executm 0 Spine Patient '"ew MO Decision point NO o Basic Decision Copy PAT mode ame elbow Copy Dot Addin hreart and Adjustment volume multi-echo multiæcho NO Image Managernent t2 tse tra 512 t2 haste_tra_p2 t2_ep2d_tra_p2 t2_haste_tra_p2 t2_ep2d tra_p2 tl space_sag_p2_iso t2 trufi tra Copy 00:14 wrist 0 TimCT Onco Image Managernent Bleeding? t2 tse tra_p2 0017 0019 06042 00:42 Bleeding? Bleeding? t2 tra chole-spine abdomen epi diff_pert bold epi diff_perT bold _pert bold AcceL factor PE t2 n2d tra 4mrn heno t2 tra 4mm heno Ihole-spine eric Views MPR Reference scan mode Integrated o Generi_ _ o Generi___ NO No Hemo Hemo hemo TimCT whole-spine pelvis female Load TimCT whole-spine tirm tra dark-fluid_p2 t2 ep2d_tra_dark_fluid_p20 tirm tra dark-fluid 320 03:07 04:32 Harno Hemo Distribute Changes Across t2 swi3d tra_p2 320 Copy RefereØaZ8 f12d t2_swi3d tra_p2_2mm t2 tra 4mm t2 t2 swid tra_p2 t2 swßd_tra_p2_2mm t2 swi3d_tra_p2_2mm t2 swi3d tra_p2 2mm t2_haste_tra_p2 t2_swi3d_tra_p2 t2 swi3d tra_p2 t2_swi3d tra_p2 t2_ep2d tra_p2 2mm t2 f12d t2 12d t2_swi3d_tra_p2_320_1._6mm t2_swi3d_tra_p2_320_1.6mm t2 N2d t2 n2d tra 4mm tra 4mm hemo herno 0551 Hemo 0134 t2_tswi3d_tra_p2 t2 swi3d t2 swi3d tra_p2 t2 swi3d_tra_p2_320 t2_swi3d_tra_p2_320_1 _ 6mm t2_swi3d_tra_p2 05:34 neck son üissue 24 : Ret lines PE neck tissue neck son tissue Create a New Program MPR Assignment o GeneriCMews Mews Genenc Views o Generic Viåews thorax o Generic Views o Generic Views: o Generic Views o Base De___ o Base: De___ Edit Propertes_ thorax Identical protocols ep2d_diff_3scan trace_p2 01:50 01:48 ep2d diff_3scan_trace_p2 130 ep2d diff_3scan_trace_p2 01148 ep2d diff 3 ep2d diff QUIET shoulder heart t2 swi3d tra_p2 2mm TOF TOF Copy o Gene o Generic Views lower extremity elbow breast starviBE IBE No COW No o Basic Decision cow No O Bask De___ Basic o Basic Decision Decision type Decision is made in paüent view hreart whole mdy oncology vhole tx)dy oncology abdomen wrist c-spine c-spine [1] TOF TOF Permus-ion or Angio? Add a Decision o Basic Decision abdomen whole tx)dy diffusion tx)dy diffusion DotGO » head » Brain Dot Engine » program o MPR Planning O Basic _ _ O Bask: De. _ pelvis female Carotids cow No cow cow Carotids No swi3d tra_p2 2mm 00:427 0211 t2 Wd cor 4mm herno t2 Wd cor 4mm t2 Wd cor 4mm heno dark-nuid_p2 04:09 Fast and intuitive protocol TimCT oncology 1mCT oncology tl se tra 320 tl se tora 320 1 se tra 320 03:07 02-95 t2 blade tra 00:08 FastView FastView Læ FastView Loc 00: 42 TOF 3D ästView_Loc FastView Loc angiography Ingiography Copy References o Generic Views No Contrzkt tmj O Generi- O Gerieri„ Configuration 0338 resolve 4scan trace tra 1__ 0351 0551 contrast agent contrast agent shoulder ASL 3D tra so Pertusjon or Anglo? TOF 3D multi-slab 3D multi-slab TOF 3D multi-slab TOF 3D mu 08-02 03238 035-238 0351 03--23 TOF 3D 03234 03238 TOF 3D mulü-slab 01:27 04:52 00:142 TOF TOF_3D mum-slab TOF 3D multi-slat) 01:5027 Perfißion or Angio? spectroscopy 1. Copy elbow ent with contrast agent with contrast agent with contrast agent Open other... New Program Basi:_ adjustments Idjustments Add a New Stratey Add a Strategy Add a New Strategy Add a NON Strateg Add a Stratewy resolve 3scan trace •tra 1__ resolve 4scan trace tra 03:38 Scan -P2_320 00-42 00:427 00:42 00.27 04:32 0323 05-04 00:-42 00-427 a 4mrr1 wrist inject contrast agent inject contrast agent inject c Permsbn? -permsbn or Angio? Permsm or Angio? Permusbon? Permusion or Angio? Perfusion or Angio? Permusion or Angio? Perfus-ion or Angio? hand NOCOntrast No Contrast No COMrast No Contrast o Basic Decision NO Contrast- O Bask Decisbn o Bast t2_tasted_tra_p2_320 t2_ep2de_tra_p2_320 t2tse tra_p2 t2 swi3d tra_p2 tra_p2 hemo 00:19 nip 'r 4mm Add an Angio workßow • Add an Angio workßow Add an Angio workßtow 05:34 ti f12d cora 288 ti f12d tra 288 02:25 00:150 t2_space sag_p2_iso 01:050 t2 blade tra Permsmion or Angio? Peiftjsion or Ang sekct a program or library R Assignm R Assignm. o Generic Vews With Contrast No Contrast • No Contrast Witn Contrast -No Contrast NO CO Witn Contrast With Contrast Contrast Carotid Anglo NO Contrast- No Contrast Addln Configuration... wun comrasl OK ep2d_tra_dark_fluid_4mm_p2 ep2d_tra_dark_fluid_p20 ep2d_tra_dark_fluid_p2 04:09 01:050 06:02 01: 5 00:19 01:348 01:27 01:34 CareBolus 05:34 Cancel tl blade cor Ml blade cor Name Narne Stroke Save Operator Manual. Any material used in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reflect the latest version of the software and hardware available at the Inject Contrast Wiutn Contrast Inject Contrast TestBolus Save As a New Dot Engine Save As o New Dot Engine gine o Generic Miews o GenerEc Views Please select an exam to enable Save ep2d_tra_dark_fluid_4mm_p2 01:47 ep2d_tra_dark_fluid_p2 ep2d_tra_dark_fluid_4mm_p2 _perf_basic_p2 01:050 01:50 00:427 03:37 00-427 01:47 00.'42 0127 Copy Copy ASL ASL 3D tra SO ASL 3D tra 3D tra 3D iso iso 06:02 00:19 00:08 02:05 ASL 3D tra -P2d_perf_p2 ep2d_perf_p2 t2_ep2d_perf_p2 iso 05:51 01:27 00127 01134 01127 01:34 01:347 ep2d_perf_p2 ASL_3D_tra_iso ASL 3D tra 3D tra iso 00:19 04: Engine Simulation Mode o Generic Views o Views •Generic; Mien s o Generic Views O Angio Bolus Timing Generic Generic__ seet a program or library t2 hse tra_p2 t2_taste_tra_p2_320 t2_ep2de_tra_p2 t2 swi3d tra_p2 t2_ep23d_tra_p2 t2_naste_tra_p2 t2_haste_tra_p2 ASL 0027 0019 00:27 0352 inject contrast agent 31 DEFAULT ADDINS For Stroke t2 trufi tra t2 blade tra ep2d_tra_dark_nuid_p2 01:05 ep2d_tra_dark_nuid_p2 L 2D tra 01:05 00:19 03523 0352 0338 148 DEFAULT SEQUENCES Multiple strategies in one protocol Angi03D_post_arterial 00:148 are reserved. The original language of this learning material is English. Decision Descristion Interaction Integraction Intervention Pause Pauste Decision Duration 12:47 Decisbons