C-Spine Dot Engine - A Workflow Demonstration for C-Spine Imaging

This e-Clip demonstrates the c-spine dot engine workflow.

Start by choosing your program to suit the clinical requirement of the patient. In the DOT patient view, the exam strategy can be selected to suit the patient's needs. The sequences in the exam Q will be adapted accordingly. The auto Align Scout is a 3D sequence that is automatically reconstructed into curved planar reformats or CPR's. Each scan is then reproducibly centered and the number of slices are adapted to cover the lateral extents of the spine. The Vertibrae will be automatically numbered and saved after confirmation. You can also choose to label the transversal images. Decisiones allow you to quickly adapt the scanning protocol as the images reveal further diagnostic information. The auto align snap and drop functionality assists in the positioning of transversal scans by following the orientation of the vertebral discs and bodies when slices are repositioned. Now that all the sequences have been planned, the examination will proceed without further intervention. Exam progress can be easily monitored via various visual cues such as green highlighting and progress timer.

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Evaluation Scroll System Add-On Qptons Help Eatient applications Iransfer C-Spine Eatient Applications Iransfer Edit Eatient Applications Iransfer Eatient Applications Patient Confirmation Eatient Applications Iransfer Edit Queue Eatient opplications Qpplications Iransfer Edit Queue Protocol Protocol Image Tools Evaluation yew Image Image Tools Evaluation Ima e Tools Evaluation Tools Tools Evaluation Evaluation Scroll Scrdll System Add-On Add-Oh Add-On Qptions Help Add-On Options Help Add-On Qptons Help Options Help tem on ons ons _spine_VE11 _ Spine_VE11 spine_VE11 Søine_VE11 SWEET_spineN11 SWEET_spineX11 Dot Engine Patient Confirmation STUDY All Programs SWEET e Spine Exam selection Spine Exam selection Head First - Supine Height 1.73 1.78 [ml C-Spine Dot Patient View c-spine Dot Engine Weight 75.00 program clinic5 libraries clinical libraries AutoALign and • AutoALign and library libraryes Dot Engine AutoCoverage FIRST LEVEL MODE SIEMENS Spine Labelling abdomen sp shoulder p i p p i p. Gradent Reduce workflow steps with Decisions knee hreadt automated vertebrae Labeling MEDICAL INFORMATION pi p. pa sp P35ß AutoALign Spine AutoALign and AutoAlign Spine • AutoALign and Foy 400' 163 Sag scout_cpR CFR imSge CFR image Synthetic synthetic CPR CPR image 8 image image sag CPR/N CPR Contrast Allergies Assisted Positioning Positioning Automatic detection of spine geometry Dot PAT: 2 3:10 PM: ISO PAT: 3 23/12/1977 1:57 SNR: tseR rr m Queue Exam Queue Reduction of metal artifacts Please decide Pregnancy Status AASpine_Scout .AASpine_Scout 00: 19 Ap C-Spine with WARPI Slikes Sikes Slices FOV read FOV phase 180 em ms Medical Akrts V' Load Program to Queue t2_tse_srag_384 0167 t2_tse_sag_384 Post surgery Slice thickness Slice thic kness Slice thic kneSs thickness 3200.0 3.0 FOV phase 100.0 103.0 mm tl tirm dark-fluid t1_tirm_dark-fiuid_sag_p2 t 1 _tirm_dark-fiuid_sag_p2 t1_tirm_dark-nuid_sag_p2 03: 10 00: 19 Dist factor Dist- factor Dist. factor 10 0310 I The MRI restrictions (if any) of the metal implant must e' Load Program to Queue AutAlign Verification AutoAlign AutoAlign Verification AutoAlign Ver&tiorv AutOAlign Ver&tion AuMlign Verification AutOAlign Ver&tiorv AuM)Align Verification n Verification 03538 Dot Engine be considered prior to patient undergoing MRI exam. Special Needs Image Image Labelirv MR imaging of patients with metallic implants brings t2-tra options AutoAlign Verification options without t2-tra opt" t2-tra options optöns t2-tra o ptions Without without t2-tra without 3200.0 1200.0 555.0 ms mm specific risks. However, certain implants are approved t2_tspace_trag_p242mm t2_tspace_tra_p2_2mm t2_tse_sag_384 t2_me2d_tra_p2 t2_tse_srag_384 t2_space_tra_p2_2mm t2_mne2d_tra_p2 t2-tra options t2_tse2d_tra_p2 titra 02:57 1:57 0167 0257 03: 10 by the governing regulatory bodies to be MR spine SC. - AutoAlign Spine S C AutoAlign Spine SC. — AutoAlign AutoAlign S C spine sc. - Concatenations without t2-tra conditionally safe. For such implants, the previously t2_space_tra_p2_2mm t2_tse_tr-dixon_sag_p24 02:57 04:56 04.66 mentioned warning may not be applicable. Please contact the implant manufacturer for the contrast agent specific conditional information. The conditions for 71% MR safety are the responsibility of the implant M tse tra 03:22 manufacturer, not of Siemens. E 13:19 E 11:03 E 03:10 Waiting for scan instructions. Waiting for slice positioning. Scanning 048 Scanning 01 :54 Scanning 014 Scanning 01 : 18 Scanning 054 Scanning Scanning 0348 Scanning 0549 Scanning 019 Scanning 01 : 14 Scanning 02:57 Stimu=NM SAR-NM Stimu=NM SAR—NM Stimu=NM SAR—NM Patient successfully registered