Hip Dot Engine - A Workflow Demonstration for Hip Imaging

This e-Clip demonstrates the hip dot engine workflow.

Choose your program to suit the clinical requirement of the patient, the body part, and laterality are automatically defined. The exam strategy can be selected to suit the patient's needs. For example, if the patient has a metal implant, choose your institutions imaging protocol for metal artifact reduction. Decisiones enable quick flexibel tailoring of the program to the patients clinical requirements. For example, if infection is the question, then you can choose a stir sequence. The auto Align Scout is a 3D sequence that is automatically reconstructed into multiplanar, REFORMATS, or NPR's displaying the anatomical landmarks to be used for planning. Based on anatomical landmarks, each sequence is reproducibly centered to the required orientation and the number of slices is adapted to cover the hip anatomy. The guidance card provides reference images and instructions for a quick positioning. Check if manual positioning is necessary, such as the saturation band. The images show where to place it. Automatic reformatting of the 3D sequences can be applied by using the NPR planning tool. The auto aligned functionality is also used here for reproducibility. Now that all of the sequences are planned, the exam will continue to be scanned. You can see what is happening at any point of time. For example, a green protocol is currently running.

IransfSf Protocöl Image Protocöl Image Tools Evaluation System Options Image Tools Evaluation System Add-On Options Help System Add-On Qpbons tem Add-On Eatient Eatient Applications Iransfer Edit Queue Protocol Image Tools Evaluation Scroll System Add-On Qptions Help Eatient Applicatiöns Eatient Applications Eatient Applications Iransfer Edit Queue Protocol yew Image Tools Evaluation Scroll System Add-On Qptions Help Evalucations lications Iransfer Iransfsr IransfSt Edit Protocol Protocol Yew Image Protocol yew Image Protocol Image Protocol Mew Image Protocol Ima Tools Evaluation Stroll Scroll scrout scroll System System Add-On Options System Add-On Qptions Help System Add-On Qptions tern Add-On Qptions Help swEÉT=Hip SWEET _Hip SWEET_HiP SWEET_Hip SWEET_Hip 11 10 180 19 13 12 /26 13 13 /26 13 15126 Dot Engine Patient Confirmation Eatient Applications Frequent SWEET_HiP Choose your Program Choose your Strategy Head First - Supine t-spine Height 1.78 Dot Engine [ml Choose your Program Choose your Strategy Weight 75.00 heart B 02 Choose your Program Choose your Strategy Choose your Decision nip AutoALign Scout AutoALign and AutoAlign Scout Scout FIRST LEVEL MODE Hip Dot Engine Dot Engine AutoALign and AutoAlign and general 2D unilateral GradÉnt AutoCoverage Len unilateral Right_unilateral TPO IPO TP F26 TP F21 TP F26 IPO rpo MEDICAL INFORMATION Sp F32ß ps sp sp L108.4 pa WNORWDlS2D/FWFlL sp P 17.2 sp P17.2 sp P 17 z pa sp sp F32ß The Guidance Card Fov Fov M n i I ate I p n i ate Contrast Allergies SWEET_Hip SWEET Hip Dot 526 5126 PM: ISO PAT: 2 Voxel size: 0.9xO-9xO_9mm Voxel size- O_6xO.6x3 Omm SNR: _ spcR SWEET_HiP 23/12/1977 TX Off Voxel size: 0.6xO.6x3_Omm Voxel size: Rel. Voxel size: MPR Planning Guidance MPR Planning Parameters Exam Strategy tanda Exam Queue Chetkthe alignment of the coronal plane. Chetkthe alignmentnf the sagittal plane. Chetkthe alignment of the sagittal plane. arÅrn arsrn aern the alignment of the alignment the Pregnancy Status A-AHip_Scout AAHip Scout AAI-tip scout AAHiP_SCout A-AHiP_SCout oo-_22 00:22 AAHip_Scout coronal plane Slices 180 mm Medical Alerts Medical Akrts tra FOV heightxwidth FOV heightx width 360 120 0113 0526 0010 pd_space_fs_c . Decisions 3.0 100.0 STIR Cor cor Slice thickness yes 0302 03:33 sag_l sag—r Slice dist. factor 0205 03:33 0302 03.02 Special Needs Slices 120 100 pd_tse_cor_p2a_320_unilateral t2_tsem_fsag_p2_320w_unilateral_ 02: 10 0354 ms Image numbering Md_tsem_cor_p2a_3206_uniIateraI t2_tsem_tsr_trag_3206_unilateral t1_tsem_cor_p2a_3206_unilateral pd_tse_cor_tra_320_unilateral t1_tsem_cor_p2a_3206_unilateraI t1_tse_cor_p2a_320_unilateral pd_tsem_tsr_tra_3206_uniiateral 0302 03:33 04:24 03:02 07:04 AutoAlign pd_tsem_fsrg_tora_325648_unilateral t1_tsem_cor_p2_3206_unilateraI t2_tsem_sag_3203256_unilateral t1_tsem_cor_p2a_3206_uniIateraI t2_tsem_fs_trag_3203256_unilateral pd_tsem_fsr_tra_3206_uniIateral t1_tirm_cor_p2_256_unilateral td_tsem_cor_3203256_unilateral t1_tsem_cor_p2_3206_uniIateraI M2_tirm_torag_high-bw_unilateral_ MPR Planning . 02:39 04:24 03.02 03:33 03:02 03:331 03.81 04:27 Reight Position M_tirm_cor_high-bw_unilateral_ MPR Planning MPR Planning . 02: 10 Orientation 128 E 12:23 E 18:06 07:04 15:49 12:16 18:06 1216 Waiting for slice positioning. Scanning 16 Scanning 04:3 Scanning 04:22 Scanning 04:01 Waiting for scan instructions. Scanning 04:31 Scanning 03:46 Scanning 01 :54 Scanning 01 :59 Scanning 01 Stimu=NM SAR-NM