L-Spine Dot Engine A Workflow Demonstration for L-Spine Imaging

This e-Clip demonstrates the l-spine dot engine workflow.

Start by choosing your program to suit the clinical requirement of the patient in the DOT patient. View, the exam strategy can be selected to suit the patient's needs. The sequences in the exam Q will be adapted accordingly. Auto align reproducibly centers the slices over the lumbar spine while auto coverage adapts the number of slices to cover the lateral extents of the spine. The vertebrae will be automatically numbered and saved. You can also choose to label the transversal images. Decisiones allow you to quickly adapt the scanning protocol as the images reveal further diagnostic information. Additionally, the auto Align Spine functionality also assist you in the positioning of transversal scans by following the orientation of the vertebral discs when slices are repositioned.

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S-spine L-Spine L-Spine> LA-Spine_Dcout c-Spine L-Spine_Dcout Eatient Apphcations Iransfer Edit Queue Eatient Applications Eatient Applicabons Eatient Applicabions Applicabons Iransfer Iransfer Edit Queue Iranster Edit Potocol Pcotocol Ptotocol Image Image Tools Image Tools Evaluation Scroll Tools Evaluation Verftation Scroll System Add-On Add-On Qptions Help Add-On Options Qptions Options Help el Eatient Applications Patient Confirmation Dot Engine 19ine c-Spine PATIENT SAFETY L_Spine_Dot L-Spine_Dcout Dot Engine Head First - Supine Spine Exam Selection headt Dot Patient View 72.00 I-spine program Auto Positioning Assisted Positioning FIRST LEVEL MODE Spine Labeling Tpo Gradént p3 p3 MPRna0RWtns30 93 93 MPRna0RWtns30 sp :ecisions Decisions p i heart AutoALign Spine AutoAlign Spine > L.. AutoAhign Spine > L.. AutoAlign Spine oAlign Spine MEDICAL INFORMATION pelvis rnmale Contrast Allergies Assistod Positioning Auto Positioning Assisted Positioning Fov image sag sag Dot cPlease L_Spine_Dcout AASp.ne_Scout L-Spine_Dot LA-Spine_Dcout L-Spine_Dcout 10/11/1990 10/11/2014 3:53 03253 03:53 PM: ISO Off Voxel size: 0.3xO.3x4.Ornm Rel. SNR: 1.00 voxesize: 0.7xo.7xaomm Rd. SNR: 1.00 . tseR rs •tseR rr Pregnancy Status Assisted Positioning Consistent positioning Exam Strategy Slice group Please decide. AASpine_Scout AASpne_Scout A.Asptne_scout A.ASpine_Scout Medical Alerts FOV FOV read 260 • 10 180 mm t2 tse san 384 0346 4.0 : FOV phase 100.0 : number AÅSpine Scout steps single step 04:38 tl 04138 0438 Show intervertebral (fisk x»sitions Show intervertebral Cisk gnsitions Dist. factor [X. factor 20 Special Needs AutoAlOn Verftation AutoAIgn Verification AutoAIÜn Verftation Veriftcation Veriftation Verftation 0346 Image Labelirv to-tra options t2-tra options options 35M).O • ms mm Label transverse t2_tse_trag_msma t2_tse_srag_384a t2_tse_tra_msrna 03:53 04:28 03253 AutoAhign Spine > L.. AutoAlign Spine > L.. Spine tl tse tra 04:28 contrast agent contrast agent E 02:36 E 29:21 E 12:36 E 2921 E 08:31 03:53 E 03:53 OO:OO 08:31 Waiting for scan instructions. Waiting for slice positioning. Scanning 03:531 Scanning 03:49 Scanning 03:37 Scanning 02:31 Scanning CO:CO Scanning 04: 11 Stimu=NM SAR-NM 10/11/2014 10/1 In014 10/1 In014 10:26:327 10/11f2014 10:32:27 10/1 In014 10:32:30 10/1 In014 10:32:34