RT Dot Engine -A Workflow Demonstration

This e-Clip demonstrates the RT dot engine workflow.

In the DOT patient view, the exam strategy can be selected to suit the scanning needs. The laser offset scan is used when an external laser bridge is installed. The offset of the bridge laser to the scan laser as a table position is programmed into the sequence. The Zero Scout is used only in the case an external laser bridge is installed. The images from the laser Offset Scout are unloaded and the table isocenter is reset to 0 automatically. The parameter guard allows quick and easy access to the most appropriate parameters for on the fly optimizations. For optimal image quality, 2D imaging with high resolution overlap slices is applied. The amount of overlap can be altered depending on the required scan coverage. Then position the slices. The protocol needs to be fixed to the table position so that the scan accuracy is optimal. 3D imaging is also used for easily reproducible reconstructions and high resolution results. RT planning software uses transverse images as the standard. The NPR assignment in the Art DOT engine enables reproducible reformats for all 3D protocols to be used for planning treatment. With all sequences planned, the examination will proceed without further intervention. Exam progress can be easily monitored via various visual cues such as green highlighting and a progress timer. The images with Reformats can be reviewed before sending to the art planning software.

Eatient Applications Transfer Edit Queue Eatient Applications Iransfer Edit Queue Eatient Applications Dot RT Dot Eatient Eatient Applications Iransfer Edit Queue Protocol yew Image Tools eatient Applications Evalucations Iransfer Iransfersal Edit Edit Queue Image Protocol yew Image Tools Protocol Parameters Protocol Image Tools Protocol Protocol yew Image Protocol Mew Image Tools Scroll Image Tools Evaluation Evaouatiön Evaluation Scroll System Add-On Qptions Help System Scroll System System Add-On Qptions Help Add-On Qptions Help Add-On Options Help Add-On Qptions Help RHOt—engine RT Dot_engine ONCO 4 MA 20 / 30 WA 21 130 WA 21 $30 21 130 1607.2015 1602.2015 Engine Et_engine RT_Dot engine RT_Dot_engine Choose a Strategy Laseroffset-Scan Laseroffset Scan Laseroffset Scon Laserottset-Scan Laseronfset-Scan RT_Dot engne Dot Engine PM: ISO size: SNR 1.00 Rel. SNR 1 00 TruD12-zero-scout Trufi2D-Zero scout TMufi2D-zero-scout Trun2D-Zero-SCout Protocol Parameters Parameters Parameter Card Tabe position 320 Negative Distance Scanning Table position F Protocol Fix Protocol IPO TPO sp R30 21 130 WNORWDlS2D RWDlS2D sp A3.o sp P3_o F 320=320 F 320020 F 3ar320 Imagning 3D Imaging sag 11/11/1960 Dot Dot RT_Dot engne RT_Dot engile RT_Dot engine RT_Dot engmle RT_Dot engmne RT Dot_engine RT_Dot engme RT_Dot engnle 11/11/1960 4:56 04:56 04.66 0:22 0022 6:16 PM: REF AT : Off PAT: 2 pAT: 2 Off voxesize: SNR: Voxel size: 1_1x1_1x3_2mm ReL SNR: 1.00 Voxel size: 1_1x1_1x3_2mm ReL SNR: 1_00 SNR: SNR: 1.00 SNR: 1 _OO : tse rs ms rs Transverse Reformats RT Planning Parameters RT Planning Pararneters Parameters for Planning Planning Scanning MPR Planning Exam Strategy Parameters meters B 1 rms Measure 00202 Slices 10 FOV read FOV phase 320 mm Slice thickness Sln:e thickness 3.2 32 FOV height x width 3.00 10 100 1.00 300 mm Trufi2D-Zero-Scout Trufi2D-Zero scout Trufi2D-Zero-scout Truf12D-Zero scout 2 Trufi2D-Zero scout TruD-zero-scout TrumD-Zero-Scout TM2D-zero-scout 0022 Trun2D-Zero-SCout Truro2-zero-scout Truro-zero-scout Truni2D-Zero-SCout m Queue Exam Queue thickness thic 1.00 6.0 FOV phase FOV read 100.0 1.0.0 mm Dist factor -37.5 Slice thickness T2_tse_tra-neg-Dist T2_tse_ 06: 16 6:16 Resulting Images In Configuration... Reset Table Position Table position Slice dist. factor tl _spc_sagzretormat-tra Dot Engine M2_spc_slag_-reformat-tra tl_spc_ tl_spc_slag_-reformat-tra t2_spc_flair-reformat-tra 04:56 04.66 04656 in RT planning software Slices 48 t2_spc_nlair-reformat-tra t2_spc_nlair-reformnat-tra t2_spc_flair-reformnat-tra t2_spc_flair-reformat-tra 11:37 15:17 16:33 2.83 350 4:50 mm ms Image numbering Tra-Reformatting Tra-Reformnatting AutoAlign Following protocol parameters are inconsistent - Position Position Isocenter Orientation Fix Protocol E 16:33 22:49 16:33 Naiting for slice positioning. Adjusting (Receive Coils)... Scanning Adjusting GD Shim Fieldmap)... •.djusting PD Shim Fieldmap).. Adjusting PD Shim Fieldmap)... Scanning 18 Scanning 13 Scanning E 1 1 Stimu=NM SAR-NM