Shoulder Joint Dot Engine - A Workflow Demonstration for Shoulder Imaging

This e-Clip demonstrates the shoulder dot engine workflow.

Start by choosing the program that suits the clinical requirements of the patient. The body part is automatically defined and you can select the laterality. In the DOT patient view, the exam strategy can be selected to suit the patient's needs. For example, if the patient needs a fast exam, you can easily switch to the speed focus strategy, then start the exam. The auto Align Scout is a 3D sequence that is automatically reconstructed into multi planar REFORMATS, or NPR's which determine the anatomical landmarks to be used for planning. Based on anatomical landmarks, the imaging field of view is automatically and reproducibly centered and slice orientation is set as specified. The number of slices are also adapted automatically to ensure full coverage of shoulder anatomy. The guidance card provides you reference images and instructions for a quick check of the positioning. Once all of the protocols are planned, the exam will continue to be scanned. You can see what is happening at any point of time. For example, a green protocol is currently running.

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Shoulder Eatient Applications Iransfer Edit Queue Protocol Image Tools Evaluation Scroll System Add-On Qptions Help Eatient Applications Iransfer Edit Queue Protocol Protocol Image Tools Protocol yew Image Tools Evaluation Scroll System System Add-On Qptions Help Add-On Qptions Help HAL SWEET_Sh 3 IMAO/ 11 3 IMA5/11 3 / 11 7 IMA 12 /22 7 12 /22 7 11 /22 Dot Engine 281082014 28.082014 28m,8/2014 281082014 Patient Confirmation Eatient Applications Large Joint Choose your Program Choose your Strategy SWEET Shoulder Dot SWEET Dot SWEET Choose your Strategy Choose your Program Dot Engine 1:43 SHS__ AutoALign Scout AutoALign and AutoAlign Scout 10 cm 10 cm Shoulder AutoALign and AutoCoverage Guidance Exam Queue TPO TPO sp A108.2 p2 WNORWDlS2D sp sp p2 sp P8g.7 sp pg3.o p2 sp F 275 '450 Fov 275 x 450 275 m 450 Fov BLADE 320 MPR pd _320_3mm fs 320 3mm Dot SWEET_Sh SWEET 01:43 2:30 02:39 02.39 PAT: 2 Voxel size: Rel. SNR: 1.00 SWEET snoulder Dot SWEET Dot 28/08/1970 28/08/01970 28/08/2014 28.08/2014 PM: FIX o_6xo-6xaomm Re SNR: 1.00 SNR: 1.00 - tseBR rr : tseR rr ou er Guidance Exam Strategy Standard Check the alignment of the coronal plane. Check the alignment of the toransversal plane. Check the alignment of the coronsversal plane. Check the alignment of the caronal plane. Large Joint 00: 19 AAShoulder Scout pd_tse_fs_tra_320_3mm 01:3 pd_tse_ts_tra_320_3mm _320_3mm Dot Engine t2 BLADE ts cor 320 t2 BLADE ts 320 03:20 03:47 0320 pd_tse_fs_tora_320_3mm pd_tse_fsag_cor_320_3mm 09:46 03:40 03:20 01:43 03:47 0347 M_tse_sag_p2_320 M1_tse_sag_p2_320 t1_tse_sag_p2_320 tl 02.30 01:12 02:27 02.39 01:437 0230 0239 02:30 E 14.•18 09:46