Draining and Filling the Reaction Bath on the Atellica® CH Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the as needed maintenance task of draining and filling the reaction bath on the Atellica® CH Analyzer.

Draining and filling the atellica Ch analyzer reaction bath can be performed manually as part of as needed maintenance. During this procedure, the reaction bath is drained and filled with water and water bath additive. Prior to starting this procedure, ensure that the waterbath additive is available in the reagent inventory. To perform the procedure, ensure the analyzer is in standby, ready or processing state. Next, select the maintenance tab in the command bar. So like schedule. Select the module from the dropdown menu. Next, select draining and filling the reaction bath. Select perform. Select yes, wait for the procedure to complete. Check the water bath additive and replace if appropriate. This completes the overview of draining and filling the reaction bath.

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