EmboGuidance VB20

EmboGuidance - VB20 Interventional Radiography: Vascular Please refer to manual for complete system capability at 1. A 3D volume has been loaded or acquired into InSpace tab. 2. From the XRAY subtask card, select the EmboGuidance icon.  The screen is then changed to a 4 on 1 display format.  An additional gray box is opened called AX Emboguidance. 3. Complete Step 1: Identify Vessel.  Left click on at least 2 points within the vessel in any of the four views. Marking order does not matter and more than one MPR view can be used to plot seed points.  These seed points will display in all views. To verify positioning, scroll through the MPRs or rotate VRT. Embolization Guidance X Segmentation Identify Vessel Mark the Vessel by selecting two i or more points. Then compute centerline or select next step (e.g. Display) Show segmentation overlay Place Seed Points Register Display Close Help Any time prior to Step Two, you may manipulate the volume to better locate the desired points of interest. The display will be updated according to the manipulation performed. SIEMENS Healthineers Job Aid | EmboGuidance-VB20 Effective Date: 09/06/2016 | Quality HOOD05162002274345 4. Complete Step 2: Display (vessel tree)  Choose options regarding the display of centerline, seed points, bifurcations, etc. Embolization Guidance X Segmentation Identify Vessel Register Display To add or modify Seed Points i return to Identify Vessel. Use iPilot for Overlay Show Vessel Segment · Vessel Centerline Vessel Outline Vessel Surface Vessel Overlay Opacity 3D Overlay Live Close Help 09:38:06 AX 5. iPilot functions can now be performed. Close Help Register Tab If using an existing CT or MR, after you've completed Step 1 - ID Vessel, you can now do a Control Scan for Fusion and go into the Register Tab. It will auto-register but you can choose to manually register the volumes. Siemens Healthineers Services Page 2 of 5 Job Aid | EmboGuidance-VB20 Effective Date: 09/06/2016 | Quality HOOD05162002274345 Segmentation Tab This tab allows for marking of a VOI such as tumor or aneurysm. It requires strokes in the interior and exterior of the volume in at least two MPR segments. Embolization Guidance X Embolization Guidance X Segmentation Segmentation Identify Vessel Mark the object to segment. i Calculate segmentation. Register Review and/cr modify results. Load or acquire a DynaCT. i Review/modify registration. Select another step to accept. + Windowing . A: DynaCT Body Nat Fill HU Normal [InS . B: · Both Volume Blending Segmentation Overlay Opacity A B Identify Vessel Register Manually Register Display Manual registration Display Close Help Close Help Segmentation Workflow 1. Mark VOI interior: Object strokes + Siemens Healthineers Services Page 3 of 5 Job Aid | EmboGuidance-VB20 Effective Date: 09/06/2016 | Quality HOOD05162002274345 2. Mark VOI exterior: Background strokes 3. Start Segmentation ::::: Siemens Healthineers Services Page 4 of 5 Job Aid | EmboGuidance-VB20 Effective Date: 09/06/2016 | Quality HOOD05162002274345 Please note that the learning material is for training purposes only! For the proper use of the software or hardware, please always use the Operator Manual or Instructions for Use (hereinafter collectively "Operator Manual") issued by Siemens Healthineers. This material is to be used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Operator Manual. Any material used in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reflect the latest version of the software and hardware available at the time of the training. The Operator's Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information like warnings and cautions. Note: Some functions shown in this material are optional and might not be part of your system. Certain products, product related claims or functionalities (hereinafter collectively "Functionality") may not (yet) be commercially available in your country. Due to regulatory requirements, the future availability of said Functionalities in any specific country is not guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers sales representative for the most current information. The reproduction, transmission or distribution of this training or its contents is not permitted without express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. All names and data of patients, parameters and configuration dependent designations are fictional and examples only. All rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are reserved. Copyright @ Siemens Healthcare GmbH ...... ........... Siemens Healthineers Headquarters Siemens Healthcare GmbH Henkestr. 127 91052 Erlangen, Germany Telephone: +49 9131 84-0 Siemens Healthineers Services Page 5 of 5

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