Emptying Sample Tip Tray Waste on the Atellica® IM Analyzer with the Direct Load Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the task of emptying the sample tip tray waste on the Atellica® IM Analyzer with the Direct Load.

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SIEMENS . SIEMENS AtellicaTM Solution Version I. AtellicaTM Solution version Version I. Version I 120.2777002 Healthineers Reagent Overview Reagent Loader Reagent Needs S Overview Reagent Lot Comparison Lot Expiration Cal-QC Storage Inventory cal-ac Needs System Fluids Lot Expiration Sequence Number sp00107 sp00104 00104 c.P1-06 1M Acid Acid 27d2h sp00107 1040 Confirm [001091 Cleaner 1M Acid Is the tip tray waste area empty? 1M Base 27 d 2 h CH Conditioner 1M Base To confirm the tip tray waste area is empty, select Yes. TO confirm the tip tray waste area is empty, select Yes. 1M Cleaner 6d 22 h 6d22h 0011 sp00107 0018 Wash 1M Cleaner 25d 23 h 27 d 2 h 9/23'2018 1M Wash CH 1M Wash 1040 pretreatment Replace Systent Fluids Replace Systemt Fluids Replace Systenl Fluids Tips Supplies Washe Status IMTStdB+SaltBridge Cuvettes 4 Storage Locations Available Tips Cuvette and Tip Waste 1 TIP Trays In Storage IMT standardA Cuvettes Tip Tray Waste Tip Tray waste Tray Waste Not present Greater than 90 percent tull Greater than 90 percent full Greater than perccnt Open Tip Tray Waste Drawer Open TIP Tray Waste Drawer Washe Liquid Waste IMT Sensor Cuvette and Tip Waste Tip Tray Waste Tray Waste Wednesday, October 18.2017 Wednesday, 18.2017 LabManager