eSieLink™ Remote Assistance Technology -Accessory Installation and Connection Guide

This document contains information on accessories needed to use eSieLink™ technology.

eSieLink Remote Assistance Technology Accessories Installation Guide Logitech Webcam Webcam Mounting Strap Jabra Headset The eSieLink™ remote assistance technology Accessories Kit includes a Logitech Webcam, the Webcam Mounting Strap, and a Jabra Headset. These accessories are designed to optimize your Remote Assistance sessions with Siemens support specialists. Webcam Mounting Strap Attachment and Mounting Procedure Required Materials · Logitech C930E Webcam · Webcam Mounting Strap The Webcam Mounting Strap has two sides: Figure 1 - The Webcam Attachment (Part A) and the Webcam Mounting Monitor Attachment (Part B). (See Figure 1) Part A Part B Strap Step 1: On Part A you will see the gray clip is partially removed from the base. Slide the gray clip all the way out of the base to remove the Part A Gray Clip completely from the Part A base. Now Part A will be in two pieces and the Webcam Mounting Strap will have only Part B attached. (See Figure 2) Figure 2 - Part A Removed Step 2: Place the Strap back onto the Part A base with the end of the strap aligned with the end of the Part A base. SIEMENS Healthineers HOOD05162002616694 . 29 June 2017 ........ eSieLink™ remote assistance technology - Accessories Installation Guide Figure 3 - Step 3: Part A Base with Make sure the Locking Groove on the base of Mounting Strap in Part A faces Part B. (See Figure 3) place and Locking Groove pointing to Part B Step 4: With the strap aligned to the end of the base, Figure 4 - slide the Part A Gray Clip all the way on to the Part A Webcam Part A base until it locks into place securing attachment locked the strap. (See Figure 4) in place Step 5: Remove the Backing Tape from Part A. Align and firmly press Part A to the back of the Webcam for 30 seconds. (See Figure 5) Figure 5 - Part A Mounted to the Webcam Step 6: Remove the Backing Tape from Part B. (See Figure 6) Figure 6 - Backing Tape Removed from Part B ....... Step 7: Place and center the Webcam with the attached Webcam Mounting Strap over the Figure 7 - Monitor, and firmly press Part B to the back Webcam with the of the Monitor for 30 seconds. (See Figure 7 attached Mounting and Figure 8) Strap attached to To remove the Webcam for storage, slide the the Monitor gray key down on Part B. The strap will un-clip leaving a mounting bracket to re-attach for Figure 8 - next use. (See Figure 9) Webcam with the attached Mounting Strap attached to the Monitor - Side View. The camera lens will be facing downward towards the ultrasound system control panel. Figure 9 - Removing the Webcam for storage 2/6 Unrestricted @ Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc ., 2017 HOOD05162002616694 . 29 June 2017 ........ eSieLink™ remote assistance technology - Accessories Installation Guide Step 8: ECG TRIG Attach the Webcam and the Jabra Headset USB connector into the USB Ports on the back of the ultrasound system. (See Figure 10) Do not plug these USB cables into the USB 348 J4A ports at the front of the system on the Control Panel near the keyboard. Figure 10 - Plugging in the CE Webcam and Jabra Headset on the back of the ultrasound system ....... Connecting to eSieLink Remote Assistance Technology 1. When assistance is required, call the Siemens Customer Care Center or your Siemens Applications Specialist to schedule a time to help you with the initial connection process and work together with Remote Assistance. 2. On your ultrasound system, press the System Configuration* key. At the next screen select Service, then select Remote Assistance **. *On some systems, press the Preset Key. ** The Service option will appear in the upper left corner of the screen or the lower left corner of the screen depending on the model of ACUSON ultrasound system you have. Also, please NOTE the Remote Assistance option may say Remote Application Support depending on which ACUSON ultrasound system you are using. 3. Select the Remote Assistance option. Remote Access Options Remade Service Accwas Timeout 120 Session Timent 15 minutes Remote Assistance ... If the following error message appears, Remote Assist your system is not yet configured for Check the Siemens Remote Services connection or Cancel to retry. Cannot retrieve information of default adapter. Remote Assistance. Please let your Siemens specialist know that this step must be OK completed. 4 . The first time you use Remote Assistance you will see a screen message asking you to System Information Service Options Serial Number 20345 Install Software ... Toduct Version VCS18 Service Image agree to the license terms for using the tool. Local Service ... Configure Local Printer pre Printer Factory Defaults Remember to check the box, indicating Printer Reset Features peed Auto Negotiation your agreement, before selecting Accept. Remote Access Opti Decully Setrige Remote Acoupe raquency @ 60 Hz. Session Timeout 1.5 minutes Video Remote Application Support 0 Enable Analog Output Output Format " RGB YUM DVR warning 5 mis threshold Recorder Type None Restore Factory Setings 3/6 Unrestricted @ Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc ., 2017 HOOD05162002616694 . 29 June 2017 ........ eSieLink™ remote assistance technology - Accessories Installation Guide 5. Make a note of the Session Number and Password provided. Provide this information to the Siemens Application or Technical Support specialist (your collaboration partner) by phone just before the Remote Assistance session is connected. - 6. Select Connect to start the Remote Assistance TeamViewer Connection Extras Help session. After a few minutes, the TeamViewer window + Remote Control Meeting will open on the screen. TeamViewer software has been optimized to safely operate between our secure Allow Remote Control Control Remote Computer Please tell your partner the folowing D and Siemens Remote Service environment and our password if you would like to allow remote control. Please enter your partner's D in order to control the Your 10 Partner ID customers' ultrasound systems. Password Remote control File transfer NOTE: If the TeamViewer The session is now waiting to be authenticated with frater a personal password to access this computer Connect to partner window or icon does the remote Siemens Tech Support or Applications not appear it may have Specialist at their location. been accidentally Awating authentication 2] Computers & Contacts >> closed. If this occurs the Team Viewer session will The Team Viewer window will be displayed for a few have to be re-started from the beginning by seconds and then it will be reduced to an icon in the clicking on the Remote lower, right corner of the window. If needed again, Assistance button (back the user can click the icon to expand the TeamViewer to Step 2 of Connecting window. to eSieLink). 7. At this point, the Siemens specialist will be able to @ Confirm access for Support ( X view the ultrasound system monitor, but will not Do you want to grant your partner access for remote control ? have control of the ultrasound system. The Siemens specialist may request control of the ultrasound Allow Ceny (16) system. 8. Select the Allow button. NOTE: If Allow is not selected within 30 seconds, the The Remote Assistance Session is now connected. Siemens specialist You may observe the Siemens specialist taking some will have to request actions on your ultrasound system monitor. access again. 9. Click on the TeamViewer window icon to enable your webcam. Click the webcam icon (a small camera). My Video window will open. TeamViewer x > Session list Support (157.226. 14. 197) × www. 4/6 Unrestricted @ Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc ., 2017 HOOD05162002616694 . 29 June 2017 .. ...... eSieLink™ remote assistance technology - Accessories Installation Guide Next to the figure on the right side of the My Video window, click on the crossed out webcam icon. TeamViewer × Session list Support (157.226. 14, 197) X v My video The webcam will display your ultrasound system's Control Panel. TeamViewer X Session list Support (157.226. 14.197) x My video www. 10. To enable the headset, click the headset Icon in the My Video window. TeamViewer X » Session list Support (157.226. 14. 197) X v My video The window will open the Audio window. Session list Support ( X y My video Audio Microphone Speakers Muted 5/6 Unrestricted @ Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc ., 2017 HOOD05162002616694 . 29 June 2017 eSielink™ remote assistance technology- Accessories Installation Guide HOOD05162002616694 · 29 June 2017 In the Audio window click the Options Icon O:T and TeamViewer options then click Audio Settings. The TeamViewer audio General settings for aud".o conferencing Security Conference call conferencing menu will be displayed. Configure ... Meeting Voice playback Computers & Contacts Make the following selections in the TeamViewer ....... Speakers (2- Jabra EVOLVE 30 11 ) I:.JI · · · ·" __ _ _ - audio conferencing menu: u o.... E:l Vidoo vokce input a) Select Speakers: Speakers Curtin Invitation ed - U,'ok,Cll,nTle(2·JltQ£YOL'l1:30) .:JI (2- Jabra EVOLVE 30) volueve · · · ., 0"'1te ___ _ _ b) Select Microphone: Microphone - (2- Jabra EVOLVE 30) Noss treshold Automatic c) Click OK. The My Video window will come back. OK Cancel Click the crossed out Microphone Icon. •• Q '!, ..,-< » The Microphone will unmute. Session list The ultrasound system now enables video with Support ( X headset and microphone. This will allow you to My video speak with and observe the activity being done by your Siemens specialist. Y Audio Microphone mspeakers Muted O 11. Disconnect/Close the Remote Assistance session - TeamViewer X To temporarily disconnect a Remote Assistance Session, click the "X" in the TeamViewer window. Session list Support ( × To completely disconnect the Remote Assistance session, click Remote Assistance, then click Remote Assistance Remote Access Options Disconnect. During the upcoming session the data / information Remote Service ... shown on your screen become visible to your collaboration partner routed through the secure Access Timeout 120 Siemens server. You can revoke your permission to control your system from your collaboration partner and even Session Timeout | 1.5 cancel the session at any time. Any use of the application other than for the C Remote Assistance ... purpose of connecting authorized person to your system is prohibited Session Number 005159 Password 1332 Disconnect Close ....... Siemens Healthineers Headquarters Legal Manufacturer Siemens Healthcare GmbH Henkestr. 127 Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. 91052 Erlangen, Germany Ultrasound Phone: +49 9131 84-0 22010 S.E. 51st Street Issaquah, WA 98029, USA Phone: +1-888-826-9702 Published by Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. · SOSO 0617 PDF· © Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., 2017 HOODOS162002616694 · 29 June 2017