eSieLink™ Remote Assistance Technology -ACUSON NX3/NX3 Elite

This document is a log-in guide for eSieLink Remote Assistance Technology when using the ACUSON NX3 or NX3 Elite Edition Ultrasound Systems.

eSieLink Remote Assistance Connection Guide ACUSON NX3/NX3 Elite Edition Ultrasound Systems 1. When assistance or help with initial connection is required call the Siemens Healthineers Customer Care Center or your Siemens Healthineers Applications Specialist to schedule a time to assist you. 2. On your ultrasound system, press the System Configuration key. At the next screen select System Settings and Service, then select Remote Assistance. 3. Select the Remote Assistance option. If the following error message appears, your system Hrmotr Assistante is not yet configured for Remote Assistance. Please let your Siemens Healthineers specialist know that Check the sirens Remote Services connection or Cancel to reby this step must be completed. 4. The first time you use Remote Assistance you will see a screen message asking you to agree to the license Remote Agreement terms for using the tool. Remember to check the box, During the upcoming indicating your agreement, before selecting Accept. shown un your screen become vis bile lo your You chorevoke you pom ismon jo controlyour NOTE: It can take Miniem homyour collaboration porine and oven up to 30 seconds purpose of connucan to retrieve the Session Number Ellhave mod and agme b he above statement and Password from the Siemens Accupl Remote Service (SRS) server. SIEMENS Healthineers eSieLink™ remote assistance technology – Assistance Connection Guide for ACUSON NX3/NX3 Elite Edition Ultrasound Systems 5. Make a note of the Session Number and Password provided. Provide this information to the Siemens Healthineers Applications Specialist or Technical Support by phone just before the Remote Assistance session is connected. 6. Select Connect to start the Remote Assistance session. After a few minutes, the TeamViewer window will open on the screen. + Remote Control als Meeting Control Control Remote Computer The session is now waiting to be authenticated with the remote Siemens Healthineers Tech Support or 172.16 :123 234 Applications Specialist at their location. NOTE: If the TeamViewer window or icon does not appear it may have been accidentally closed. If this occurs the TeamViewer session will The TeamViewer window will be displayed for a few have to be re-started seconds and then it will be reduced to an icon in the from the beginning by lower right corner of the window. If needed again, clicking on the Remote Assistance button (back the user can click the icon to expand the TeamViewer to Step 2 of Connecting window. to eSieLink). 7. At this point, the Siemens Healthineers specialist will be able to view the ultrasound system monitor, but will not have control of the ultrasound system monitor. The Siemens Healthineers specialist may request control of the ultrasound system. 8. Select the Allow button. NOTE: If Allow is not The Remote Assistance Session is now connected. selected within 30 You may observe the Siemens Healthineers specialist seconds, the Siemens Healthineers specialist taking some actions on your ultrasound system will have to request monitor. access again. 9. Click on the TeamViewer window icon to enable your webcam. Click the webcam icon (a small camera). My Video window will open. TeamViewer w Session list V. Support (157.226. 14.197) x 2/4 Unrestricted © Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., December 2017, HOOD05162002728478 eSieLink™ remote assistance technology – Assistance Connection Guide for ACUSON NX3/NX3 Elite Edition Ultrasound Systems Next to the figure on the right side of the My Video window, click on the crossed out webcam icon. TeamViewer × # Session last 1| Support (157.226, 14. 197) - My video The webcam will display your ultrasound system’s Control Panel. 10. To enable the headset, click the headset icon in the My Video window. The window will open the Audio window. 3/4 Unrestricted © Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., December 2017, HOOD05162002728478 In the Audio window click the Options icon and then click Audio Settings. The TeamViewer audio conferencing menu will be displayed. - -- Make the following selections in the TeamViewer audio conferencing menu: a) Select Speakers: Speakers (2- Jabra EVOLVE 30) - b) Select Microphone: Microphone (2- Jabra EVOLVE 30) c) Click OK. The My Video window will come back. Click the crossed out Microphone icon. The Microphone will unmute. -- The ultrasound system now enables video with headset and microphone. This will allow you to speak with and observe the activity being done by your Siemens Healthineers specialist. 11. Disconnect/Close the Remote Assistance session TeamViewer X To temporarily disconnect a Remote Assistance Session, click the “X” in the TeamViewer window. > - Session list 11 Support ( To completely disconnect the Remote Assistance session, click Remote Assistance, then click Disconnect. ACUSON NX2, NX3 and eSieLink are trademarks of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. Siemens Healthineers Headquarters Legal Manufacturer Siemens Healthcare GmbH Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. Henkestr. 127 Ultrasound 91052 Erlangen, Germany 685 East Middlefield Road Phone: +49 9131 84-0 Mountain View, CA 94043, USA Phone: +1-888-826-9702 HOOD05162002728478 Published by Siemens Healthcare GmbH · PS 5601 1117 PDF · © Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., 2017

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