FAST Spine at Radiologie Baden-Baden

Clinical outcome and experience of FAST Spine.

SIEMENS RADIOLOGIE BADEN-BADEN FAST Spine at Radiologie Baden-Baden = Abstract FAST CARE technology plays an The Radiologie Baden-Baden, a radiology important role in everyday scanning, and nuclear medicine group practice in making time consuming and cumber- Baden-Baden, Germany (doctors Meier, some examinations easier and faster. Stoldt, Ladner, and Prof. Plathow), has It supports the workflow in clinical one of the first SOMATOM Definition AS routine with its FAST (Fully Assisting scanners (128-slice configuration) Scanner Technologies) features. At installed in the region. They are certified the same time, the CARE (Combined by the KTQ (Kooperation für Transparenz Applications to Reduce Exposure) und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen, technologies reduce radiation dose. Cooperation for Transparency and Quality in Healthcare) and strive to continually increase both their process and outcome quality. example 4 AFL Hospital example 4 Hospital 11.05.18-13:23:25-DST-1 11.05.18-13:23:25-DST-1 *18-Nov-1858. 0. 152Y *18-Nov-1858, 0, 152Y 18-May-2011 18-May-2011 13:24:27.30 13:24:27.30 IMPR 2 MPR 2 L2 L3 RF La 10 cm DV 106 sacrum SL 3.0 SL 3.0 ₩-798 C 189 + abc FAST Spine smart software algorithms Base: Spine Matrix 256 automatically label the spine and identify each vertebra’s and disc’s position for faster reconstruction Introduction The Radiologie Baden-Baden is a group With the purchase of the SOMATOM practice in southwestern Germany Definition AS (128 slice configuration) founded in 1974. The majority of the in 2009, fast examination times and low site’s referrals come from the fact that dose scanning became part of clinical it is both an academic radiology teaching routine. Since then, the practice has practice of the University of Heidelberg established itself as one of the top- and part of the Acura clinics group. ranking practices in southern Germany. Challenge Setting up and labeling a spine In addition, sagittal and coronal reconstruction usually takes the site reconstruction have to be performed; in Baden-Baden 10 minutes or even it can be quite challenging to set them longer – depending on the experience in the right angulation. Labeling has of the technician. Especially in chal- to be done manually after the recon- lenging cases, for example scoliosis or structions are done. At the group osteoporosis patients, a fast and reliable practice, spine reconstructions are reconstruction of the individual vertebrae performed as bone and soft tissue is crucial. In cases of fractured or reconstructions. Adding all these osteoporotic spines, it can be difficult required reconstructions, roughly 20 not only to reconstruct the different reconstructions have to be done for segments in the right angulation parallel one spine examination. to the vertebrae (axial oblique) but also to label them. 2 A B 7132 Radi plsaule L WS/3Bandsch VS Wirbels 7144 7750 7156 ₹7/62 7/68 7174 £7.180 7/99 71.01 (A) Spine Examintaion with contusion T12 and screws T10-L1 within the topogram 714-25 (B) Sagittal view with automated 11.55 labelling of all vertebrae’s from C7 to S1 D Solution To support customers in challenging By automating individual steps, time cases, Siemens Healthcare has developed intensive and complex procedures can FAST CARE technology. Combining FAST be realized easier and faster. FAST Spine (Fully Assist Scanner Technologies) and provides an exact and anatomically CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce aligned preparation of the spine Exposure), this technology facilitates a reconstruction. The vertebrae and discs faster and more standardized workflow in are labeled automatically and the spinal clinical routine (e.g. with FAST Planning) canal is segmented. This makes possible and checks that the right dose is being a complete inspection of the whole spine used for each scan and patient (with within one series. With FAST Spine, CARE kV, CARE Dose4D, etc.). sagittal and coronal reconstructions can One essential FAST feature is FAST Spine, be performed automatically, which not which automatically reconstructs and only results in tremendous time saving labels the vertebrae and discs for spine when scanning trauma patients but also examinations. influences the therapeutic confidence in interventional procedures. 3 A B 10.00.1935 Redinlog - Baden De VMihabeantla Lys_Bancocheibe (Enrather HAVE LWS an aibe Erwa Wirb-deaule mehrfach mehrfach TIOVTI 60 WW: 255 [D] PS 10 WW. 255 [D] C 10.00.193 D E Radiologie Baden-Ba Wirbelsäule L Jandscheibe (Erwachsen Wirbelsäule achr fach (A-E) Multiple axial reconstructions in different levels out of one scan Outcomes The SOMATOM Definition AS (128-slice With the automatic labeling of the configuration) with FAST Spine has vertebrae, a higher reproducibility clearly made a difference at the can be achieved independent of the Radiologie Baden-Baden. In spine technologist. As a result, the mistake examinations and reconstructions, susceptibility is also reduced as the the institute was able to reduce the reconstructions are automatically done preparation time of the individual by the system. Reading images that are vertebrae reconstructions. They can reconstructed with FAST Spine results now perform a lower spine examination in increased efficiency and a more within an average of 4 min – as opposed economical way of working. to 10-15 min of manual reconstruction and labeling. The major benefit of such automation lies in the reduced time spent on the creation and interpretation of medical images. 4 Conclusion The technologists at the radiology and The CT imaging process and all the nuclear medicine group practice of complex procedures belonging to this Baden-Baden feel much more confident time consuming process are simplified in performing spine examinations in and automated by means of FAST especially challenging cases such as Planning and FAST Spine. This improves scoliosis or osteoporosis patients. When efficiency and optimizes the overall it comes to technologists who are not clinical outcome. Reproducible results that experienced with CT examinations, and streamlined examinations give FAST Spine leads to much more reliable proof of the positive impact of those and therefore satisfying results, both for technologies on the radiological technologists and radiologists. workflow – both from a medical and economical perspective. References ◾ Master’s thesis by Isabel Schumann on: Vereinfachung von Bildgebungsprozessen in der Computertomographie durch die FAST CARE Technologie ◾ Logo + clinical images courtesy of: Radiology and nuclear medicine group practice of Baden-Baden/Dr. Meier The outcomes by Siemens’ customers described herein are based on results that were achieved in the customer’s unique setting. Since there is no “typical” hospital and many variables exist (e.g., hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption) there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results. 5 International version. Not for distribution in the US. Siemens Healthcare Headquarters Siemens Healthcare GmbH Henkestr. 127 91052 Erlangen Germany Phone: +49 9131 84-0 CC CT 2134 online | © Siemens Healthcare GmbH 2016

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