Function Options in the Worklist Overview Screen on the Atellica® Solution Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on the function options available in the Worklist Overview screen on the Atellica® Solution. For optimal viewing, select the arrows on the right of the playbar after the video begins.

In Progress orders, an results for calibrater's quality control in patient samples can be viewed and managed on the work list overview screen. In this demonstration, we will discuss the function options that are available on this screen. To access the work list overview screen at the Command Bar, Select work list. The first tab is the Worklist overview tab. The filters area of the screen is used to filter the orders that are displayed in the main area of the screen. On the right side of the screen, function buttons that can be used to perform tasks on samples and tests are listed. To perform one of the tasks, first select the sample or test in the main area of the screen and then select the function button. The Edit View button displays the patient sample detail screen. On the patient sample detail screen, there are two tabs, patient test data and sample in patient information on the patient test data tab, the status of the tests ordered on that sample are displayed. If applicable, there are options to accept, repeat, omit or hold results on the right side of the screen there are function buttons that apply to a selected test. This includes options to repeat the test vuc tetis ticks at a result to the test and add comments to the result. After making any changes to the screen, the save button must be selected to save the changes. Additionally, there are options that apply to the sample selecting the edit this order button opens the order details screen. On the order details screen, test orders can be added to the sample after adding a test, select the save button. On the sample and patient Information tab, additional detailed information on the sample is displayed. The additional information displayed includes when the sample was processed and patient demographics to return to the work list overview screen. Select close. Back on the work list overview screen, selecting the ADD test to order screen displays the order details screen. This is the same screen that can also be accessed from the patient sample details screen on this screen. Test orders can be added to the sample after adding a test. Select the save button. Another feature of work list overview screen is the ability to add samples to a watch list filter. To monitor a sample using the watch list filter, select the sample and then select the start watching button. The test orders for the selected sample will now display when the watch list sample filter is selected. Another way to quickly display the watch list samples is to select the watch list button in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. To remove a sample from the watch List Tab, Select the Stop watching button. The move to historical button will move the orders for the selected sample from the active database to the historical database. The system is typically configured to move test orders to the historical database automatically based on a defined timeframe. This button allows this to be done manually to individual test orders. Moving test orders to the historical database allows for the reuse of the associated sample ID after an order is moved to the historical database, the operator can only view or delete the order. The delete button deletes the order associated with the selected sample, including all associated tests. The unsuspend button processes a sample that has been suspended due to Iraq ID error. This only applies to non barcoded samples in a direct load configuration to repeat a test, select the test and then select the repeat button. On the confirm repeat window, change any repeat options if necessary, and then select yes to start the repeat process. The Accept button accepts the result with a hold state. Accepting the result changes the test state to complete. The comment button provides the option to enter new or select up to three predefined result comments. If a comment has been added to or result, the comment symbol will appear. For that result, select the comment symbol to view the comments. Select the transmit button to send the result to the LIS. The cancel button changes the test state to the previous test state. The delete test button removes the ordered test from the sample. The buttons at the bottom of the work list overview screen provide general functions, including the ability to print patient bar codes, perform annelis batch query, import a work list, view test statistics, and export results to print patient bar codes, select the samples, and then select the print patient barcodes button. The query Ellis button displays the Ellis batch query screen, which provides the option to manually request work list from the Ellis. Enter the starting sample ID and either ending sample ID or number of samples and then select perform to obtain a list of pending patient orders from the LS. The import work list button displays the import work list screen, which provides the option to import a list of orders from a USB or file. Navigate to the work list file and select import work list to import a work list file. The statistics button displays the result report selection screen. This screen provides the option to export a file with workless statistics. The export button displays the export test result screen. Select to export patient Ork data and the date range and select export to select the location to save the export file. This completes our overview of the function options on the work list overview screen.

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