ACUSON Sequoia™ Ultrasound System Fusion Imaging Quick Reference Card

This quick reference guide helps you understand fusion imaging using the ACUSON Sequoia ultrasound system. 

ACUSON Sequoia Fusion Imaging Sequoia Quick Reference Card Connecting Fusion Imaging Equipment Connect Transmitter (Cube) to Electronics Unit Connect Sensor to Tracker (Tracker Box) 5C1 0,00 5CI ACUSON 1 2 3 X Sensors a. Connect cube to tracker (twist and gentle push). c. Connect sensor to bracket and corresponding tracker b. Position cube 60 cm + from tracker. port. Direct front of cube toward patient within Note: Tracker ports 1–3 correspond to transducers inserted into 20–30 cm radius. ports 1–3. Getting Started ...................... Step 1 Step 4 Workflow Import CT / MR into Patient Browser from Select Fusion from the Workflow menu. CD / DVD / USB or Query / Retrieve study Fusion from PACS. .................... Step 2 Step 5 Patient Transducer 1 Register the patient (manual or worklist). Verify quality indicator is green. Needle Unplugged .................. Step 3 4V1 Step 6 Abdomen Load volume Select compatible transducer and exam. Select Load volume. Double click to load series. SIEMENS Healthineers HOOD05162002941063 Effective Date: 31-Aug-2018 Plan Rotate to change display Places a color-coded Layout (1:1, 2:1, 3:1). Landmark marker to a point on the 4:1 CT / MRI that can be viewed in all imaging Window 207 Drag left / right to adjust planes. Level 11 contrast, up / down to adjust brightness of Place calipers on opposite Line Segmentation MRI / CT. borders of a lesion to display an outline around the area. TIP Aids in visualization of lesions with well-defined borders Rotate to scroll through Coronal Sagittal Axial available CT / MRI planes. Use the Set keys to select Seed Segmentation and place green foreground Select pre-defined seeds (within the lesion) Presets optimization settings. and red background seeds Default E (outside of the lesion). Press Run Segmentation Measure a lesion or (Update) to display an Distance distance from needle outline around the area. insertion to target lesion. Aids in visualization and TIP correlation of lesions with irregular borders Fuse Step 1 Step 4 – Alignment Optimization Options Orientation Rotate soft key to choose the Axial alignment orientation. a. Press Initialize and scan through the area in one direction at a steady rate. Auto ......................... Step 2 b. Select a reproducible landmark Point Rotate soft key to scroll through Scroll Plane (e.g. vessel, lesion) on the ultrasound the CT / MRI dataset to choose the and then select the same point on the target alignment zone. CT / MRI. Note: 3 points are recommended for optimal results. Step 3 .. . . . ...................... Initialize Use the X, Y, Z trackball controls c. Select Move, Z or Y and press the Left Set X Y Z Set key to reposition the CT / MRI and Manual to manually rotate the reference image plane. align with the ultrasound image. Press Initialize (Update) to fuse. Scan Once fused select Scan. Available functions include: Color, Contrast and eTRAX Needle Guidance. HOOD05162002941063 Effective Date: 31-Aug-2018 Connecting eTRAX Needle Guidance Equipment Connect needle Insert needle sensor into sensor to tracker in needle cannula and lock port 4 (twist and (audible click). gentle push). Getting Started Step 1 Step 3 Track Needle Needle Tip Select Track Needle from the Touch Select Needle Tip Graphics to enable Graphics Screen under the Scan tab. tracking of the needle tip. ...................... Step 2 Transducer 1 Verify both the Transducer and Needle Needle quality indicators are green. On-screen Graphics Blue Red No Line Green Circle Needle is below and / or to Needle is above and / or to Needle is within the Needle tip is outside the left of the image plane. the right of the image plane. image plane. of the image plane. 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