Getting Started - Configuration (Numaris X)

This video demonstates configuration procedures for systems with Numaris X.

When you start working with them, are view and go. You can configure your own favorite tools area and context menu. In the first step. Log in as a clinical administrator or Med admin and add the tools you use frequently in your daily working routine to your favorite tools area. Search in the Tools Gallery for the tool you want to add an drag and drop the tools directly to the favorite tools area or right click on the tool and select add to favourites. In the favorite tools area, you can change the order of the tools easily by dragging and dropping the selected tool in your favorite area. If you want to remove a tool from the favorite tools area, right click on the icon and select remove from favourites. The launcher is for the main steps such as 3D ADC calculation. Combine and compose and time curve are already added to this area and should not be deleted. In addition, tools such as export 3D, reference point subtraction and so on are suggested and may be added. In image segments you can configure the context menu to quickly access your favorite tools from the corner menus. To add a tool, click a watermark in any corner of the segment, navigate to your favorite tool, right click and select send to context menu. Since the context menu is user specific, the tool will no longer be displayed in the corner menu once it has been added to the context menu.

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