Mount Sinai Schedule (NYC)

Up to 25 attendees can participate in a workshop for frontline staff. Each module is 4 hours and each 4 hour module is approved for 3 ARRT Category A credits and 3 AHRA CRA credits. 

The two modules that will be delivered are: 

1.  Workplace Communication
This workshop is based on the DiSC® learning model, which was developed from research and theory spanning more than 80 years. This model clarifies behavioral preferences and how they impact people’s communications styles and work preferences. DiSC shows that we all approach our work according to what we prioritize and this affects how we react to the people with whom we work. To communicate better and work more effectively with others, we sometimes have to bridge differences in style preferences and priorities. The DiSC model provides a common language that people can use to discuss what behaviors they share with others and what they do differently. This workshop helps the participants identify their style preferences through an online questionnaire that generates a personalized report, which is reviewed during the session. In addition, there are individual exercises, small and large group exercises, and videos that help the participants
internalize the information and create an action plan to improve their workplace interaction.
Managing Performance Part 1: The Basics (PM)
 Improving the performance of an organization is the primary responsibility of every leader, and it begins with the effective management and development of people. It is a responsibility that most managers take seriously, but one in which few excel. This first part of a two-part workshop shares strategies to help managers learn how to positively impact the behaviors of their subordinates in support of the performance goals of the organization. A significant portion of each part consists of small-group role-plays, providing practice in dealing with difficult but common management situations. Through the role-plays, participants will review the steps in discussing performance issues with a direct report, and demonstrate and evaluate those steps.

  • Mount Sinai Schedule (NYC)