How to Configue the Mouse Shuttle in syngo.Breast Care

How to Configure the Mouse Shuttle in syngo.Breast Care

How to Configure the Mouse Shuttle in syngo.Breast Care 1. Connect the mouse shuttle to the USB port on the computer tower. 2. Wait for the message device is ready to use and insert CD into the slot. Intel(R) HD Graph Your device is ready to use Device driver software installed successfully. Customize 3. Follow the pop menu on the screen “auto play”. AutoPlay DVD RW Drive (D:) Contour Shuttle Installer Win - General options Ppen Folder to vier fies view more AutoPlay options in Control Panel SIEMENS 733 Effective date 9/8/2016 Page 1 of 5 4. If the CD does not auto run, click on the windows start icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Search Share Start Devices Settings 5. Then click on the icon “this PC”. lavw Merager Windows Powershel Control Panel Agrvinisurvive Toola SIEMENS Page 2 of 5 6. Double Click on “DVD RW Drive ( Z: ) Contour Shuttle”. 4 Devices and drives (7) System (C) 68.8 GB free of 109 GB DB_Backup (M:) 78.6 GB free of 78.9 GB DVD RW Drive (Z) Contour Shuttle Installer Win - 0 bytes free of 10.4 MB Space f 7. Click on windows v2.81. DYD RW Drive (1) Contour Staattle Installer Wi - . Computer . DVD RW Drive (D'] Corksur Shuttle Trotsfer Win . . - Fles Currently on the Ding CX0 is Downloads 32 Ascend Places [] dedeap les: cdl shuttle nen. 241, Contour Shade Read Me. .. ] Configuration settings Pictures Videos Computer taxalink (c) No preview avala J DVD RW Drive (De) Cm Windows v2.0 . Removable Dekor> 2ª Badups (1110 2.22.92 8. Click cdi_shuttle_win_2.81. Windows v2.81 - Computer - DVD RW Drive (D:) Contour Shuttle Installer Win . . Windows v2.81 7 |Search Windows v2.81 Organize Burn to disc Favorites Name - Date modified Type Size Desktop Downloads ed_shuttle_win 2.81 5/10/2011 12:32 PM Application 1,497 Recent Places I user_guide win 5/12/2011 10:52 AM Adobe Acrobat Doc .. 1,691 Libraries Documents Music Pictures Videos Computer Local Disk (C:) No preview avaiable. DVD RW Drive (D:) Co Extras 1. Windows v2.81 Removable Disk (E:) Backups (\ Backups (\| SIEMENS Page 3 of 5 9. Follow the install wizard steps, agree to license, click next for destination folder, and next for ready to install. Contour Shuttle setup Contour Shuttle setup Welcome to the Installation Wizard confour License Agreement confour Welcome to the Contour Shuttle Setup program. This program will install Contour Shuttle on Please closely read the fodowing license agreement. Do you' accept all the tens of the following your computer. license agreement? Software Licenting Agreement It is shongly recommended that you et all Windows progress before running this Setup program. Click Cancel to quit Setup and close any programs you have sunning Click Next to By installing. copying or otherwise uting the ShuttlePRO or ShulfeXpress Multimedia Controller software your agree to be bound by the terms of the following lcente agreement. IF continue with the Setup programs. you do not agree to the teens of this Soenne, you should procicely return the product to its place of purchase and destroy all copies you may have made of it in any form WARNING: This program is protected by copyright law and international treaties Guet of License . Contour Design Inc. [ CDI'] grants you this non-exclusive license to use Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this program, or any portion of it, mag result in the Software subject to the seshictions set forth beions severe civil and criminel penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible Definition . "The Sollvase"" means the ShuttlePRO or ShuttleXpress Multimedia Comisoles under low Software, ks components or derivative modules, and documentation along with ary upgrades, enhancements, correctont, or modifications provided by CDI is any form. Yes,I ayee with al the tenta of this icerte agreement - Contour Design. Inc Contour Design Ine Cancel Next > Cancel @ Contour Shuttle setup Contour Shuttle setup Destination Folder contour' Ready to Install the Program confour Select tive destination folder vwhere you want to install Contour Stuurtle. To instal to a defeiert losion, click Bourse, and select another foider You are now ready to install Contour Shuttle InstaLation Joker Press the Next button to begin the installation or the Back button to re-enter the installation information. Space required on your hard disk: 10.56 MB lavsistle 198.84 68) -Cortou Doson Ine - Contour Design, Inc. Cancel < Bac Cancel 10. Install complete, click finish. Contour Shuttle setup Installation Complete confour Contour Shuttle has been successfuly installed Press the Finish button to exit Setup program. [Dpen the Contour Control Panel - Contour Detign, Inc. Finish 11. The contour shuttle device configuration box will pop open. Choose the following settings. o Applications setting should be set to “global settings” o Under user action drop down select the key # (button) that you want to set o Computer response select “type keystroke” o Key stroke will say not assigned. Click in the keystroke box where it says “not assigned” and type the keyboard shortcut for the action you want to make that key responsible for. o Set frequency to “only once” o In the comment section type the description of the function for the key you are setting. o Click Apply. SIEMENS Page 4 of 5 Contour Shuttle Device Configuration x ShuttlePRO v2| Key Composer™ | About | Settings management Device events control Application setting Jser action % Global Settings Button 1 Computer response Type Keystroke Keystroke Not assigned Smart release List Frequency Once Only Comment ACQ SIZE contour Close Cancel Apply 12. Repeat for all buttons on the mouse shuttle. 13. Click “close” when complete. SIEMENS Page 5 of 5

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