Lifespan Schedule

Up to 15 attendees can participate in a workshop for managers.  Both current and aspiring leaders in your organization can benefit from the workshops offered specifically for managers.   Each module is 4 hours, and each 4 hour module is approved for at least  3 ARRT Category A credits and 3 AHRA CRA credits

The modules to be delivered are: 

1.  Performance Management :
Improving the performance of an organization is the primary responsibility of every leader, and it begins with the effective management and development of people. It is a responsibility that most managers take seriously, but one in which few excel. This first part of a two-part series shares strategies to help managers learn how to positively impact the behaviors of their subordinates in support of the performance goals of the organization. A significant portion of each part consists of small-group role-plays, providing practice in dealing with difficult but common management situations. Through the role-plays, participants will review the steps in discussing performance issues with a direct report, and demonstrate and evaluate those steps.

2.  From Ideas to Solutions:
Every team leader needs to understand how to effectively lead a team through difficult times. Team effectiveness is enhanced when the team’s ideas and insights are actively drawn upon and focused toward generating solutions. This program introduces a set of problem-solving tools and techniques. Participants will apply these tools to actual workplace problems, and then take the next step to learn how to most effectively bring their ideas forward to upper management. Participants will apply the concept of a stakeholder map and develop value propositions for the purpose of gaining support for their ideas. This workshop will explain how to use the power of the team to generate and communicate solutions specific to today’s critical issues, such as staffing, the patient experience, inventory management, and process improvement.

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