IDEA Sequence Programming

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MR IDEA Sequence Programming course teaches the IDEA software for pulse sequence programming on syngo MR MAGNETOM systems. Pulse sequence design and system integration are demonstrated in both lecture and laboratory sessions using computer workstations. Scanner demonstrations are also performed. This course is intended for the site MR physicist or physician who intends to design and implement investigational pulse sequences on the MAGNETOM system for research purposes. This course has a companion course, IDEA Imaging Calculation Programming, which presents methods for developing image reconstruction programs. 
Key Topics
  • Basic sequence philosophy and sequence structure
  • Protocol incorporation
  • Image Calculation Environment
  • Sequence incorporation and Program implementation
  • Real Time Events
  • Implementation
  • Sequence analysis
  • Other software tools
  • Pulse Display tool
  • Unit test
  • Hardware and components
  • Location of access ports
  • Sequence Simulation
  • Microsoft Visual Studio debugging tool
Upon completion of this course the learner should be able to:
  • Explain the design of the MAGNETOM pulse sequences and their implementation.
  • Obtain information regarding other software tools such as the sequence simulator and pulse display tool.
  • Obtain information of the Image Calculation Environment (ICE) used for data processing.
  • Learn to create pulse sequences and process data using the MAGNETOM MR Systems.
Audience: Intended for site MR physicists and/or physicians developing new pulse sequences. 
Prerequisites: Thorough knowledge of MR physics and sequence design is assumed. Knowledge of C++ programming language is beneficial.
  • Nondisclosure form regarding proprietary materials will be signed by all participants on the first day of the class. A copy of this form is available on request.
  • Facilities with existing Master Research Agreements should contact the R&D department regarding the necessity of an additional nondisclosure agreement for the course materials.