Innovision - The in-bore infotainment solution

Redefining the MRI experience
MRI exams are performed in a relatively confined space, they’re noisy, and they can be long and boring. Innovision³ redefines the patient experience using a revolutionary in-bore infotainment solution. Patients are engaged by an impressive sound and video experience as soon as they lie on the table. The patient display keeps patients informed about their remaining scan time and displays predefined or custom content. Another big plus: The patient display makes the bore appear virtually larger, preventing a claustrophobic feeling. The Innovision solution also includes comfort pillows made of memory foam that reduce scan noise and deliver clear audio signals to the patient. With Innovision, the patient can hear their favorite music clearly. They can also hear voice commands from the MRI technologist, thanks to the integrated audio system and specialized ear plugs.


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