Inspecting and Removing Obstructions from the Decapper Cap Remover and Gripper on the Atellica® Solution Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video will instruct on how to inspect and remove obstructions from the Decapper cap remover and gripper on the Atellica® Solution.

To inspect and manually clear a cap or obstructions from the atellica decapper cap remover and gripper first ensure the status of the atellica magline transport is paused. Navigate to the Magline status screen by first selecting system, then select status. Select the Atellica magline transport icon. View the status of the magline. If the magline is not already in an error, pause state. Pause the module by selecting the pause button and wait until the magline completely stops. Next, turn the pressure valve at the back of the system clockwise to shut off. The pressure of the system. Lift the decapper cover off the system and wait for the module to stop. To clear a cap from the cap remover, ensure the cap remover is over the cap waste chute and in the down position. And then try to dislodge the cap by shaking the cap remover base over the cap waste chute. Next, to remove an obstruction from the grippers, grasp the tube grippers and pull away from the sample tube. Then remove the tube from the system. Be sure to hold the tube as the grippers are opened so the tube does not fall and cause a spill. Inspect for any other obstructions in the Decapper and Atellica magline transport. Including fallen tubes or caps and remove them if possible. Replace the cover on the decapper. And then turn the pressure valve at the back of the system counterclockwise to restore on the pressure. Try to resume the Decapper and Atellica magline transport by navigating to the appropriate system status screen and selecting the resume button. If the cap remover error persists, continue with the following additional troubleshooting steps to try to remove the stuck cap. Turn the pressure valve at the back of the system clockwise to shut off the pressure to the system. Ensure that the magline is paused, then lift the decapper cover off the system and wait for the module to stop in order to remove an obstruction from the cap remover, you will need a partner for this part of the procedure. First grasp the cap remover arm with two hands. Pull up and continue to hold with two hands. Do not lift the cap remover arm with one hand. Lifting with one hand could cause the cap remover to drop and pinch fingers. Use two hands to safely lift the cap remover arm. The cap remover spring is loaded down and difficult to lift up when released, the cap remover moves to the down position. The second individual can use either a tweezer or a short applicator stick to try to remove the stuck cap. To use an applicator stick, placed the stick between the cap and the wall of the cap remover. Move the stick back and forth away from the cap remover until the cap falls out. It is important that you do not stick your fingers into the cap remover. If unable to remove the cap and clear the error, contact the local Technical Support provider. Keep the decapper in the stop state until Technical Support is able to provide assistance. If a dislodge cap falls into the Atellica Magline transport, retrieve the cap if needed. Clean any spills on the Atellica magline transport. Ensure the removed cap is placed in the cap waste chute. Replace the cover on the decapper. And then complete the procedure by turning the pressure valve counterclockwise to restore the pressure. If appropriate, resume the decapper an atellica magline transport by navigating to the appropriate system status screen an selecting the resume button.

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