ACUSON Juniper™ ultrasound system 2D-mode Video

This video will help the user understand 2D-mode access and a subset of available features using the ACUSON Juniper™ ultrasound system.

Acuson Juniper ultrasound system 2D mode. Welcome in this video we will review the 2D keys that can be used to optimize your 2D image. Upon completion of this video, you will be able to. Choose the touchscreen location of controls. Summarize activation of 2D optimization tools. The two D optimization tools are found on the touchscreen functions include. Tissue harmonic imaging. 4B res speed. Transmit power. Dynamic range adjustment of the field of view size persistence. Seascape panoramic imaging advanced C clear spatial com pounding. And clarify vascular enhancement technology. Availability depends upon the selected transducer and pre set. All ultra sound systems allow for adjustment of a multitude of features, an in depth explanation of each is beyond the scope of this video. To view a complete list of features, tap the question Mark icon located on the touch screen. This opens the onboard user manual. We begin at the bottom of the touchscreen, which contains functions associated with the push Rotary keys. You are able to customize the location of these features on the soft Keys page of the system configuration menus. Let's place the res speed function in the upper row on the left side. Step one, open the Softkeys system configuration menu. Step 2, press The button you wish to program. In our case it is the one furthest to the left. Step 3 Push the button to display the menu. Step 4 Select the desired function with the exception of multi Hertz and focus width. You may also place the softkey optimization tools to appear on the touch screen. The dynamic range button allows you to adjust the grayscale range displayed on the image. A higher level shows more Shades of Grey, while a lower level has fewer Shades of Grey. This function can be used on the real time or frozen image. This function is also available for the M mode and Doppler spectral tracings. The persistence control allows you to adjust the time that the grayscale data remains on the image settings range from low or zero to high or 4. To decrease sector width, tap the FOV size. Tap full FOV to return to full size image Ng. To manually adjust the acoustic energy used to create the ultrasound image, rotate the transmit power control. Settings display as a percentage of the maximum allowable rate from .2 to 100%. The advanced see clear spatial com pounding feature allows you to control the number of steering angles used to create the image. You can choose up to four settings. Tissue harmonic imaging, or THI, is found on the 2D touchscreen, depending on the preset chosen, this function activates automatically. The four be displays up to four frozen images in a quadrant format. Press 4 be to obtain the first image using the fries or for be button for each. Later image, the system begins saving images in the upper left, continuing clockwise filling the four frames to change the active image, Press 4 be again to find the active image. Look for the gold A to exit. Push 2D vascular structures often show noise and artifacts within the vessel lumen. To increase the image detail by removing these artifacts, activate the clarify VE feature located on the touch screen you have up to 7 choices located on the clarify vascular enhancement levels menu. Other available 2D feature access is via the tabs located at the top of the touch screen. These include elasticity. Seascape panoramic image Ng and EC scan workflow protocols. Tapping the elasticity tab allows access to the EC Touch elasticity, imaging and virtual touch quantification keys. Seascape image in keys available are under the tab labeled Seascape with either a linear or curved linear transducer, active to activate Seascape Press. The left or right set keys to begin acquiring the image. Press freeze or a set key to end acquisition and freeze the image. Press freeze to reactivate acquisition. Easy scan protocols provide the ability to use a customized protocol during the ultrasound exam to access a protocol, tap the EC scan tab. Select from available protocols. In this video you have learned how to choose and customize touchscreen keys associated with the soft keys. You now know how to activate and deactivate features located on the touch screen.

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