ACUSON Juniper™ ultrasound system PW & CW Touch Screen Doppler Controls Video

This video will help the user understand pulsed and continuous wave Doppler access using the ACUSON Juniper ultrasound system.

Acuson Juniper ultrasound system pulse tan continuous wave Doppler touchscreen controls. Welcome in this video we will give you an overview of the acuson Juniper system, pulsed and continuous wave Doppler optimization functions. In this video we discuss controls unique to the spectral Doppler tracing. Upon completion of this video, you will be able to explain the use of the automatic spectral tracing measurement feature. Summarize activation of simultaneous real time use of the two D mode reference image and spectral tracing. Pulse, wave, Doppler or PW Doppler measures blood velocity at a specific location within the blood vessel and represents the velocities graphically in the PW Doppler spectral display. The flow velocities display on the Y axis. And time is represented on the X axis of the spectral tracing. Real-time PW Doppler controls include physio settings, simultaneous full Doppler invert update rate, mute automatic statistics, filter gate scale, baseline sweep and volume. The optimization controls multi Hertz dynamic range tint transmit power and map change. The spectral tracing similar to change is seen on the 2D mode image. These controls found on the touch screen very with frozen or real time image. To activate Pulse wave Doppler, press the PW key found on the control panel. Use the trackball to position the PW sample volume gate to the desired location. If you are using a linear transducer, you may steer the PW Doppler line by using the steer control found on the control panel. To exit PW Doppler, press the PW or 2D key. Physio settings, adjust the electrocardiogram control when using a cardiac preset and transducer. The simultaneous key allows you to view the 2D reference image and the pulse wave spectral waveform in real time. You can also view an image with the color reference image and pulse wave Doppler spectrum in real time. Pressing the full Doppler key hides the 2D reference image and displays only the spectral Doppler tracing. Invert reverses the Doppler spectrum to display the tracing above or below the baseline. Update ratio adjust the interval for refreshing the 2D mode reference image selections include off one to four and eight seconds. The autostadt function allows you to display Doppler measurements, such as the Pulsatility index Resistive Index an the systolic to diastolic ratio. Selecting off disables the measurements while selecting above uses the spectral tracing above the baseline in the calculations to measure a signal below the baseline select below an both to measure above and below the baseline measurements can be performed on a real time or frozen image on the lower section of the touch screen. You will see controls associated with the control panel softkeys. To adjust the speed of the spectral waveform, press the sweep key. When choosing a higher sweep speed, the tracing becomes spread out. This is helpful when measuring the fast fetal heart rate or when you need to see that racing in greater detail. The sweep speed can be adjusted on the real time an frozen image. The gate control allows you to adjust the amount of flow sampled to create the spectral tracing. Use a larger size to sample a wider range of flow velocities and a smaller size to decrease the sampled velocities. Increasing or decreasing the scale adjusts the pulse repetition frequency or per F. The baseline key moves the Doppler baseline up or down. You can adjust the baseline to compensate for aliasing. The volume key either increases or decreases the volume of the Doppler signal. Mute on the touch screen. Turn sound off and on. To activate continuous wave Doppler or CW Doppler you must first attach a phased array transducer to activate The CW soft key, Press The CW key. With CW Doppler, the transducer simultaneously transmits and receives sound waves as it samples along the entire Doppler beam. CW Doppler effectively has an infinite pulse repetition frequency or purf and can therefore measure very high velocities. In this video you have learned that the automatic statistics function allows consistent measurements above and below the spectral tracing. The simultaneous feature allows real time imaging of the two D mode and color reference image plus the spectral waveform before freezing the image.

18H5 5C1 5C1 5P1 5C1 18H5 Physio Settings O Add Exam End Exam Aclcl Exam Ma p Carotid Patient SIEMENS SIEMENS .. PW Clip Settings ACUSON Elasticity eSieScan eSielmage eSieScane 145 ACUSON PW PW ACUSON eSielmage Tx Power 100% TX Povver Patient Physio Settings > Tx Power 100% Mute Gate Explain the use of the automatic t Depth I Focus Sweep Exam spectral tracing measurement feature. SIEMENS cw PuLsed Off Above Below Both cw cmis 71 mm Auto Stat Clear Simult 67 mm Review Below Off Healthineers ' 1 sec 4 sec Scalen Screen Patient cm's PW Hide Sweep Angle Sensitivity Update Rate Screen SIEMENS Physio Settings > Patient Healthineersx•• Heotthineers Off BASELINE AcusoN Image cw eSielmage cw Report Param Clip Settings Physio Settings > Exit Exam Invert Mean Trace eSielmage cw Tint O Add Exam End Exam Filter Review Tint Screen Steer Angle t Depth I Focus Angle Swreep Angle MultiHertz Filter Steer Tint 70 dB 60 dB 65 dB Tx Power Dyn R 2.7 MHz 4.0 MHz 2.7 Hz 2.2 MHz 7.3 MHz 320 18H5 Report Baseline Gate Mute Scale Map Screen Sweep Volume 4.0 MHz 4.0 mm 2.0 mm 5.0 mm 7102 Hz 4.0 MHz 2170 Hz 2441 Hz 6510 Hz Swreep 10 2441 1-Iz 2.7 Hz 2.7 MHz 11

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