ACUSON Juniper™ ultrasound system Control Panel-CW, 3D / 4D & eSieImage Video

This video explains CW, 3D / 4D & eSieImage access on the ACUSON Juniper™ ultrasound system control panel.

Acuson Juniper ultrasound system control panel. Continuous wave Doppler for site 40. Ultrasound imaging technology and EC image, multi parametric optimization. Welcome in this video we will show you how to use the continuous wave Doppler for site 40 imaging and EC image optimization features. These push button controls lie between the major mode buttons and home base on the acuson Juniper System control panel. In this video you will learn how to access continuous wave Doppler. The relation of major mode controls to access adjustments on the 3D or 4D data set. Which 2D and Doppler parameters ISI image optimization adjusts? Between the mode buttons and home base are the continuous wave or CW button, 3D forty button and the EC image button. Let's begin with activation of continuous wave Doppler with CW Doppler. The transducer simultaneously transmits and receives sound waves as it samples along the entire Doppler beam. CW Doppler affectively has an infinite pulse repetition frequency or per F and can therefore measure very high velocities. The CW key activates and deactivates the steerable continuous wave Doppler feature. When using the phased array transducer, continuous wave Doppler activates when selecting the pencil transducer on the touch screen. Activating the 3D 40 feature is as simple as pressing the three D40 key located between The CW and EC image optimization key. Press the key once to enter 3D and to activate volume imaging. Press the update key. Rotation of the XY and Z axis is through the angle PWNC Rotary dual function keys to move through the multi planar or NPR slicing, use the M Rotary key. The update key allows you to toggle between the XY and Z axis while in the three D40 mode. The ROI and volume of interest or VO adjustment is done via the select keys located to each side of the trackball. If you wish to have the three D40 key default to either 3D or 40 imaging, select the radial key located on the exam page of the system configuration menus. The easy image key activates the automatic optimization feature on real time imaging. Press once to activate. The easy image key turns blue and you will see a gold icon on the image when used with two D mode imaging, the Acuson Juniper system automatically adjusts the overall gain and EG C plus identifies image noise. In Doppler EC image activates automatic spectral Doppler optimization parameters adjusted on the spectral tracing include gain, dynamic range, scale, baseline and auto invert. Press the control panel key twice to deactivate EC image. To choose the default settings for EC Image mode, click the radial key located on the exam page in the system configuration. In this video you have learned to access the steerable CW Doppler via the push key on the control panel. This mode functions with specific presets and transducers. The angle key rotates the three D4D data set on the X axis, while the D key rotates on the Y axis and the see key rotates on the Z axis. the M key allows scrolling through the NPR slices. Easy Image is a 2D and Doppler automatic optimization feature. You customize in the system configuration menu.

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