ACUSON Juniper™ ultrasound system Control Panel-Left Video

This video explains the left side of the ACUSON Juniper™ ultrasound system control panel.

Acuson Juniper ultrasound system control panel left side. Welcome in this video we will show you how to use controls located on the left side of the Acuson Juniper System control panel. In this video you will learn. How to adjust the Doppler angle and steer the D line and color region of interest? Activate and apply the text body markers and arrow function. Demonstrate activation of the patient Registration exam review and report screens. Moving to the left side of the control panel, we see the steer control. This toggle, like control, allows adjustment of the color Doppler region of interest or ROI and the spectral Doppler D line. The left to right adjustment provides the ability to acquire the Doppler signal using the optimal angle. The angle Rotary button allows you to adjust the flow angle during spectral Doppler imaging to change the angle in 60 degree increments, press the center of the button to adjust the angle in one degree increments, rotate the button. EU D1 U D2 N UD3 buttons can be programmed to perform specific functions. This is done on the Custom Keys page of the system configuration menu. Pressing the text body marker button opens the menus for the text, body, marker and arrow functions. Menus depend on selected transducer. An exam type appearing on the touch screen, the pointer button activates a white arrow. Note this arrow does not appear on the stored image. The Rotary select button rotates the transducer marker on the body marker and the arrow direction. This arrow appears on the stored image. The upper left section of the control panel contains 4 rectangle pushbuttons. The patient button opens the new patient and edit patient data page. The exam button opens the exam selection page, so that allows you to select both the transducer and exam preset. Pressing the review button allows you to view the current exam and create a slideshow or teaching file. Available functions appear on the bottom of the touch screen. Pressing the report button opens the report screen where you can view the results, exam, description, graphs, images, a summary and close the study. In this video you have learned the angle Rotary key moves the angle correct line during spectral Doppler. The steer toggle changes the D line and color ROI angle. Pressing the control panel buttons activate and deactivate the corresponding major mode. To open the text body markers or arrow functions, press the text body marker key. Choose the desired function on the touch screen and use the select Rotary key to rotate the marker. The Patient exam review and report keys located in the upper left of the control panel open the corresponding pages.

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