ACUSON Juniper™ ultrasound system Control Panel-Right Video

This video explains the right side of the ACUSON Juniper™ ultrasound system control panel.

Acuson Juniper ultrasound system control panel right side. Welcome in this video we will show you how to power up the acuson Juniper system. Use the soft key and use controls located on the right of the acuson Juniper ultrasound system control panel. The control panel provides access to system features and workflow tasks. The keys and controls are logically arranged to require minimal hand and eye movements. The control panel also includes customizable keys. Upon completion of this video, you will be able to. Describe the difference between an active and inactive control. Explain the function of the soft key. Utilized customization tools. The acuson Juniper system is powered on and off by depressing the on off key. The control panel becomes backlit when powered on. The backlighting increases when a control becomes active. The softkey controls are located across the top of the control panel. These keys correspond to imaging parameters settings, a selection of measurement methods and also allows you to perform review functions. The touch screen displays the functions assigned to each key. Selection of the imaging mode determines the soft key control function. In this example, we see the 2D mode functions rotating the control to the right increases the dynamic range, while a left rotation decreases dynamic range. Pushing the same control activates the resolution speed or Rs controls. Each softkey control has functions based on the chosen imaging mode. You can change the function by pressing the key or tapping the touchscreen. Rotating the key changes the setting of the selected function. The digital keyboard can be used to enter text needed for patient data entry or anatomic identification on images. The keyboard also allows for selection of special characters. On the right side of the control panel you will find the depth gain compensation ordidge slide pots. This control allows for compensation of the signal due to the absorption of sound waves. The deeper the sound travels, the more absorption occurs, resulting in an image that appears darker in the far field. To compensate for this, you can adjust the DG See to create an image with uniform brightness. You can customize the behavior of the DG. See slide pots in the system configuration menu. Tap the configuration icon on the touch screen and navigate to the Display tab. Hold down menus provide available selections. Located on the left of the DG System is the depth focus key. To change the focal depth, rotate the control to change the number of focal zones, press the key. Pushing the key towards and away from the front of the control panel increases or decreases the image depth. Located slightly to the right side of the system is the Zoom key. Rotating the control increases or decreases the image magnification. The depth and zoom nob functions can be changed on the custom keys page of the system configuration menus. The clockwise or counterclockwise rotation can be assigned to either increase or decrease the magnification factor depending on your preference. The dual function allows the display of two images in a side-by-side format. These images are stored in what is called a dual buffer. This means when you obtain an image on each side of the dual image, you can scroll through the Sonni. To obtain a dual image, tap the dual key and your image appears on the left side. Press the key a second time to freeze the left image and activate the right side. Notice the Gold A appears on the live side of the dual image. To change size on the frozen dual image, simply press the dual key, press 2D to exit dual. You can customize the dual function in system configuration on the exam page. If you wish to display a live image on the left side without right screen activation, click the left dual image live radial key. To display an end diastolic frame next to an end systolic frame, select the EDS split radial key. You can also select either a conventional or seamless dual format using seamless dual displays adjacent images allowing measurement of structures across the midline. The caliper key activates the measurement package associated with your selected exam. Preset choices appear on the touchscreen and imaging monitor. Pressing the update key toggles between the two measurement calipers. Pressing the escape key located on the left side of home base removes measurements. The print store one and print Store 2 keys can be programmed on the Custom Keys page of the system configuration menus. Simply select the desired function for each key from the pull down menu using one of the select keys. Located to the right of the measure key the clips Torquay saves Acini clip when pressed, this key can be configured for the capture length, the type of capture and the compression used on the Clip Store page. Compression can be set at low, medium and high. The default is set at low. There are two capture option types available on the acuson Juniper system. Prospective captures the clip as it occurs, while the retrospective option captures a clip that is already been imaged. Clip length allows selection of either time beat or are wave only to determine how the system captures the clip. This key can also be programmed to capture an image on the Custom Keys page of the system configuration menu. The acquisition rate lets you set the frame rate of the clip. Selection choices are normal and high. The freeski color changes depending on its state. Bright blue indicates a frozen image while a dimmed key indicates a live image. In this video you have learned that an active key displays blue on the control panel and white on the touch screen to select the function assigned to the soft key, push the center to change the value, rotate the key right or left. You can customize the touchscreen an control panel functions through the system configuration menus.

System Configuration Configuration Patient Display Print Store Clip Store Print Store 1 Review O Add Exam Custom Keys Browser Juniper General 1 General 2 Biopsy Clarify VE Split PW Compression Key Direction Key Function Patient Monitor General 1 General 2 Exam eSieScage eSielmage eSieScape eSieScage eSieScape C) C) ACUSON Medium High Low eSietmage Hide Counter-Clockwise Increase Zoom Enable Screen Saver 3D 4B Clip Settings Physio Settings Display Physio Management New Patient Last Name OK On Doppler Frequency/Velocity Velocity Depth Focus Depth I Focus Depth Focus Display Soft Keys General 1 General 2 Custom Keys Time Cine Hide Tint Freeze Behavior 10 minutes Custom Keys Exam Capture Type Aux ECG Display Doppler Auto Optimization ACUSON JuniperTM Depth Pa r a - Move Up Focus Gain ACUSON Clip Settings Depth Focus Review Seamless Dual Off country to country. Some/all of the products and/or features Soft Keys SIEMENS C) Petrospective Petrospective Retrospective Counter-Clockwise Lead Type Il Aux Signal Display Scole Baseline Scale/Baseline Auto Invert 3D 140 eSie!mage eSieScape eSielrage Needle Visual. Dual Behavior on Freeze Left Dual Image Live Describe the difference between Exam Depth Increase Depth Focus Respiration Display in this module may or may not be available in your country. This course Full FOV Review ED-ES split Patient Dyn R Text Annotation eSieScane eSieScan eSie!mage eSielmage Clip Store Print Store Measurement Body Marker Stress Echo Clip Length Counter-Clockwise Measurement Report Indicate R-Wave Patient TX r 0.20% Adv. SieC1ear SieClear Depth Focus Depth Focus Angle an active and inactive control. C) Zoom Text Annotation Dual Time Patient DGC Body Marker Key Function Exam Report. — Report, Report. - Report 4D 3D 112 2D- 1/2 Trace 3D/4D Default Selection DGC Invert with Image Invert Printer Pointer Wireless Utility Archive Barcode Network Stress Echo 1234 Text Beat Beats eSielmage (D 3D eSieScage beats Doppler Update Style 2D-Frz 1 D-Lv Exam DGC Curve Display Time Out Patient eSieScage eSieScane eSieScape eSieScan eSielmage eSielrage ABC Dual Zoom Patient R-wave onlay R-wave delay Clip Store Review C) nt Store C) PrinteStore 1 Image Store Print Store 2 Caliper Doppler Auto Stat R-wave only Off On 3D 140 Clear SieClear Review 3D eSieScage eSie!mage eSieScane eSielmage Print Store Clip Store Split Clarify VE Clarify VF Biopsy THI regions. De Focus Doppler Trace Orientation Above Baseline Scole Baseline Body Marker Clip Store Print Store 1 Angle Screen Printer Pointer Authorization Service Review C) ABC Below Baseline 3D eSielmage eSie'rnage Acquisition Rate Left Pedal Freeze Barcode eSie!mage Depth Depth Focus eSie!mage eSielmage AcusoN ocus ' Focus OCUS Angle Thermal Index Display (Neo Head Exam Only) Review UD2 Text Caliper •ntStore Clip Store Both Body Depth (D 3D Tixt Hide Time High Normal Time High Print Store Wireless eSielmage Depth Body Body rker Body Marker Dual Copyright @ 2018 Right Pedal Image Store Print/Store 1 Print Store 1 UD2 Angie SIEMENS Physio Settings > Trapezoid Zoom Patient Printer Pointer I-JD 3 Report Network t Depth 1 Focus C Depth Focus AcusoN User Defined 1 Needle Visual. Auto Invert of Color While Steering Utility Dual UDI Auto Invert of Color and Spectrum ABC Off Image On Dual Zoom Dual User Defined 2 Text Text A Archive I-JD 3 Pointer Print Store 2 Clip Store Print Store Imige Store the actual image quality of the system. Caliper Param C) t Depth I Focus Depth Focus 2D Steer with Cursor On Print Store ; Enter Clip Settings Text Authorization oy 0 00 User Defined 3 User Defined 1 Text ABC Body Marker Patient Caliper Print Store 00 Close Service Clip Store Dual Caliper Zoom Print Store ABC Print Store : Clip Store Focus C Focus store Off Auto 2D FOV with Color Activation Configure END Key ACUSON Juniper is a trademark of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. Caliper Clip Store Image Store Clip Store Print Store Pointer Del Body Marker Not Used Printer Pointer Close Study Pointer (O Exam LID 3 Pointer Restore Defaults Clip Store Zoom Focus Focus € Dual Angle 3D / 4D 3D 3D 14D Text Time Tixt Image Store Image Size Med DTCE RIS Tx Power 10 Caliper Print Store 1 Clip Store Print Store I eSielmage cw 3D Ctrl INS Dual Zoom Pointer Printer Print Store Clip Store Print Store 2 Print Store 1 Image Store Print Store : Close Clockwise MultiHertz Dyn R 68 dB dB Map 8.0 MHz 61 Review

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