Loading Reagent Packs on the Atellica® CH Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the task of loading reagent packs on the Atellica® CH Analyzer.

This video will show the steps on how to load reagents onto the Atellica Chemistry analyzer. If reagent needs to be loaded on the system, the information for that reagent will be posted on the reagent needs screen to access the reagent needs screen, first select the inventory button. Then select the reagent needs tab. A red alert indicates that there is a reagent need based on the inventory dropping below a defined threshold, or that there are pending orders with no reagent available. Also displayed will be reagents. Needs that have been predicted by the system based on a forecast that can be configured by the operator. For each reagent listed, the average tests are displayed. This is the forecasted need based on the configuration on the reagent requirements setting screen. The tests remaining column displays the difference between the average tests and the amount performed. The packs to load column shows the number of reagent packs to load. The system calculates this as the number of tests remaining divided by the number of tests per pack. The analyzer is column lists. The analyzer or analyzer is where that reagent pack could be loaded. The screen can be printed using the print button in the status bar. Now that the reagents to be loaded have been determined, the reagents can be gathered and loaded on the system. Do not open the reagent tray lid while the trays in motion or while the reagent grippers transporting the reagent packs to their positions in the reagent compartment to view the status of the reagent loader. Select the reagent loader tab. The loader status box on the right hand of the screen will say idle when the analyzer is ready to load new reagents. Open the lid to the reagent tray. Load up to six reagents onto the reagent Ray. Close the reagent trail it once the latest closed, the reagent gripper scans unloads valid packs. Once the reagents had been loaded, check the reagent loader screen in the software to ensure all positions are empty and there are no issues. This concludes our overview of how to load reagents on the Atellica Chemistry analyzer.

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