Loading Reagent Packs on the Atellica® IM Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to perform the task of loading reagent packs on the Atellica® IM Analyzer.

The Atellica Immuno Assay Analyzer uses primary and ancillary reagent packs. If reagent needs to be loaded on the system, the information for that reagent will be posted on the reagent needs screen. To access the reagent needs screen, first select the inventory button. Then select the reagent needs tab. A red alert indicates that there is a reagent need based on the inventory dropping below a defined threshold, or that there are pending orders with no reagent available. Also displayed will be reagents. Needs that have been predicted by the system based on a forecast that can be configured by the operator. The predicted forecast an alert threshold are both configured in the reagent requirements setting screen. The reagent needs for I am diluent San for I am and Ch wash fluids are posted based only on the threshold criteria, not based on the prediction. The predicted forecast and alert threshold are both configured in the reagent requirements setting screen for each reagent listed. The average tests are displayed. This is the forecasted need based on the configuration on the reagent requirement setting screen. The tests remaining column displays the difference between the average tests and the amount performed. The packs to load column shows the number of reagent packs to load. The system calculates this as the number of tests remaining divided by the number of tests per pack. The Analyzer's column lists the analyzer or analyzers where that reagent pack could be loaded. The screen can be printed using the print button in the status bar. Now that the reagents to be loaded have been determined, three agents can be gathered and loaded on the system before being loaded. The primary reagents need to be mixed during storage. Solid phase particles settle as a pellet at the bottom of the primary reagent packs to ensure accurate results. Manually mix primary reagent packs to resuspend the particles homogeneously before loading the packs onto the system. If the reagent pack is pierced, make sure there is self sealing laboratory film covering the pierced film area. While mixing to prevent leakage. To mix a primary reagent pack, loosely hold the reagent pack at each end with the film side up. Raise one end of the pack 90 degrees to its vertical position. Return the pack to a horizontal position and then raise the other end of the pack 90 degrees again to its vertical position. Return the pack to a horizontal position and repeat these steps of minimum of 20 times, or until any clumps are broken up and no longer visible on the bottom of the pack and no large aggregates are visible floating inside the pack. Mix 5 to 10 times more to ensure complete mixing. If the reagent pack was previously pierced, remove the self Sealing Laboratory film before loading. Now that the primary reagents have been mixed prior to loading the primary or ancillary immuno assay reagent packs, ensure the system is in the ready or in process state. Open the reagent drawer. And insert up to five primary or ancillary reagent packs. Close the reagent drawer. The system will load the reagent packs into the reagent compartment. Humidity packs also need to be loaded onto the immunoassay analyzer. Humidity packs maintain reagent compartment humidity when the system is first installed. 7 empty humidity packs are initially loaded. The system automatically fills the packs with water during the daily maintenance procedure. The system monitors humidity in the reagent compartment and if the humidity falls too low, the system will prompt you to load up to three additional humidity packs for a maximum total of 10 humidity packs on board at a time. To load humidity packs, first open the reagent drawer and then insert the number of humidity packs that the system is prompted you to load. Close the reagent drawer. The system will load the humidity packs into the reagent compartment. After loading reagents or humidity packs, check the reagent loader screen in the software to ensure all positions are empty and there are no issues.

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