Lung Ultrasound Infographic

This lung ultrasound infographic  demonstrates some clinical ultrasound examples of lung ultrasound images.

Lung Ultrasound Lung ultrasonography plays a major role for management of COVID-19 due to its safety, repeatability, absence of radiation, low cost and portability. Bat sign: AP 96.69% M1 0.8 TIS 1.2 healthincers Stratosphere sign: Enables users to quickly Absence of lung sliding identify correct positioning depicting equal areas The clinical overlay is not that of the individual pictured. It was modified for better visualization. of the transducer to above and below the identify the pleural line pleural line on M-mode: between hypoechoic also referred to as ribs. Ultrasound demonstrating the “bat barcode sign. The absence of motion is documented sign” using a linear transducer. as a static pattern of horizontal lines in the M-mode. A-lines: AP 96,6% MI 1.4 TIS O.S B-lines: Hyperechoic horizontal Hyperechoic comet-tail reverberation artifact lines artifact lines arise from arising from the pleural the pleural line and extend line; occurring at evenly to the bottom of the spaced intervals from top image without fading. to bottom. B-lines may present as Ultrasound demonstrating multiple Ultrasound demonstrating A-lines B-lines. These artifacts move using a sector transducer. singular, multiple or synchronously with lung sliding. confluent. The term “lung rockets” refers to an artifact that appears when there is fluid in the interstitial space. K B-mode displays vertical well-defined, laser-like, hyperechoic lines that may obscure the A-lines. Seashore sign: Tissue-like sign: M-mode displays the Appearance of consoli- seashore sign, which dated lung demonstrating indicates normal lung a white air bronchogram sliding. sign. M-mode demonstrates a linear, laminar Large areas of consolidation / pattern in the tissue that is superficial hepatization in the left posterior upper to the pleural line (sea) and a granular area with an air bronchogram sign. in appearance deep to the pleural line (sand). HOOD05162003085255 15 April 2020 Published by Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. · Order No. A91US-643-1C-4A00 Printed in Germany · 9014 0420 · ©Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., 2020 SIEMENS Healthineers 9014_US_COVID-19_Lung_Infographic_A3_K6.indd 1 09.04.20 10:23

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