MAGNETOM MR Combi Suites Neurosurgery

The video demonstrates how to integrate an intra-operative MR scan in the Neurosurgery workflow.

Navarra Navarra SIEMENS Navarra Mang thanks to the entire team SIEMENS of Clinica Uniuersidad de Nauarra for their kind support! SIEMENS Healthineers Initial registration R coil, 4 with Brainlab CurveTM Two 4-channel MR coil, Flex Large 4 Initial registration Second anti-collision Display of the pre- Interdisciplinary case Preparation for Further resection Anti-Collision test DORO [email protected] Maquet MAGNUS 1180 Image Guided Surgery Siemens MRI coils, test before transfer Adding the second and intra-operative Inserting the first Further resection discussion, Neuroradiology patient transfer with Brainlab CurveTM Parallelogram with special bore or closing according Flex Large 4 and OR table system MAOUEr MR images in the OR MR coil, Flex Small 4 and Neurosurgery to the MR scanner to ioMRl result size template & MAGNETOM Skyra (3T) Adaptor MAQUET Flex Small 4