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SIEMENS SIEMENS ... SIEMENS .. SIEMENS ... SIEMENS . MAGNETOM Sempra Quiet Suite Conventional Healthineers • Healthineers Healthineers • Healthineers Quiet Suite - Imaging is to be seen, not heard Lumbar spine Conuentional us. Quiet Suite Knee ConuentionaL us. Quiet Suite 10-min exams - Time and image quality-optimized protocols Head ConuentionaL us. Quiet Suite Application Packages nuanced nuvanced nuvanced WARP nuanced WARP" Advanced WARP, nuanced WARP • Advanced WARP, nuvanced WARP, Advanced Advanced WARP Quiet Suite - Imaging is to be seen, New clinical opportunities, euerg day Learning summary Lumbar spine ConuentionaL us. Quiet Suite Topics oueruiew CAIPIRINHA RESOLVE WARP nduanced WARP" Quiet Suite Conventional Artifact reduction techniques: Expand services to patients previously RESOLVE uses the same diffusion Complete, quiet examinations for • Imaging in the presence of • Efficient correction of bulk metal • Anatomy-true, high resolution • Unique parallel imaging technique Trendsetting applications ecluded. excluded. preparation as single-shot EPI, artifacts DWI with significantly reduced for up to 50% faster and high k-space trajectory brain, spine and MSK exams metallic implants • Slice Encoding for Metal Artifact Advanced WARP, Advanced WARP however, the k-space trajectory is nuanced WARP • Advanced WARP, nuvanced WARP • Advanced WARP nuanced WARP" susceptibility even for regions resolution imaging.5 shot S hot shot • Correction of in- and through-plane • Efficient workflow: Ready-to-use Correction (SEMAC) technique for Correction (SEMAC) tecnnique for SIEMENS ... SIEMENS SIEMENS .. The clinical impact of RESOLVE has been divided into multiple segments in prone to artifacts FREEZEit RESOLVE RESOLVE Quiet suite CAIPIRINHA T 1m Appt [cation Suites Tim Application Suites CAIPIRINHA body regions (brain, spine, MSK) distortions for better evaluation of optimized protocols. Integrated Dot full distortion correction, in- and SWI Quiet Suite Quiet suite • Helps address patient stress • RESOLVE shown in a variety of examinations, the readout direction, which allows workflow with single-click changes sound pressure.6 MAGNETOM Sempra with 10-min exams through-plane through-putne CAIPIRINHA • Enables evaluation of smaller by reducing required breath- including the brain, skull base, spine, for a TE and an encoding-time CAIPIRINHA to a scan strategy optimized for Healthineers hold duration. Lesions and supports increased • High-bandwidth RF pulses Quiet Suite breast, prostate, pelvis and rectum. reduction increasing image quality. Functionality Benefits implant patients min Quiet Suite TA: TA: Oso min TA: • High readout gradient amplitude • Combined with ultra-light "Ever since I have had my "The brain lesion is "l can't hold my breath for "My last MRI scan was very with • Robust image quality and fewer Motion correction with 2D phase RESOLVE provides outstanding balance 2D,'3D ASL 2D/3D ASL Advanced Advunced SPACE Advanced Tim Planning Inline Composing SPACE knee implant, imaging of knee implant, imaging Of unfortunately at the base too Long. Can you still do noisy. I know there is new • IQ-min exams • 10-min exams IQ-min exams • High-bandwidth IR-preparation for Suite WARP repeated scans, ensuring high patient between imaging speed and quality my liver scan?" my knee has been difficult Of skull region. I need to robust fat suppression (high- due to artifacts. My doctor rule out an infarct." throughput SE Tl with WARP, SE with with MEDIC, Due to regulatory requirements, the future availability of said functionalities or parts thereof in any specific country TSE PO, min bandwidth STIR) readout am: 3.24 min TA: 5:57 min TA: 7.11 min TA: min nuanced WARP nuanced WARP" Advanced WARP, told me you now have direction Potential to diagnose clinical conditions TSE TGSE TA: 7.11 min TA: 7:11 min TSE m: min m: min TSE n. n: 328 min be to new to DWI RESOLVE • RESOLVE • View Angle Tilting (VAT) technique TSE min TSE min TA: min TSE fat TA:2.47 min min RESOLVE blOOO, TA: L2Smin RESOLVE ADC overcome that problem." Head Routine TWIST Short TE syngo RESOLVE CISS/DESS MDDW BLADE TGSE TCSE TSE TA: 116 min TSE TA: min TA: 5:0 min min TSE m: min TSE Tl, m: min TA: 7:11 min TSE with WARP, min TSE min MODW Tl VIBE dixon Exam complete QuietX 3D PETRA 3D MPRAGE Optional connect TA: Conventional Quiet Suite Standard t The proålct in Due to future t The not in countrB. Due to future t The proålct in Due to r.tatoryreas0M future TA: 5:57 min TA: 7.11 min am: 3.24 min 5:07 min TA: 5:57 min TA: 5:07 min 3D MPRAGE are to MR Implants. the mentioned may not contact the be to new to Please your Wrther Quiet Suite min RESOLVE 2.30 TA: 5:0 min Assumes user interactim and con in 1:30 or less. Dato on "GNETOM Flash sue-NW 2013. in Large Joint Engü'e or as a stan"one in Large Joint Engine or as a ston"one in Large Joint Engü'e or as a user interactim and con in 1:30 or less. in Large a interactim and con in 1:30 or less. Data Data vary. TA: 5:07 min TA: 7.11 min