MAGNETOM Sempra DotGO Video

SIEMENS .. MAGNETOM Sempra SIEMENS P. Dot Dot Dot Cockpit Healthineers SIEMENS .. SIEMENS .. SIEMENS ... SIEMENS MAGNETOM Sempra Dot Cockpit Healthineers Configuration configuration Healthineers DotGO - Go for consistent results, efficiently Dot Cockpit - Intuitiue protocol management Learning summary Create a New Program MRI flexibility from the start Add a New Strategy DotGO • Flexibility. Intuitive protocol Search Tool • One central user-interface for management. every protocol DotGO - Go for consistent results, efficiently •otGO - Go for consistent results, efficiently Drag & Drop Functionality • Flexibility—intuitive • Flexibility — intuitive SIEMENS .. SIEMENS • Consistency. Quality results for protocol management Copy Dot Addin • Fast and intuitive protocol • Flexibility. Intuitive protocol Copy Dot A Dot Cockpit each exam. configuration Configuration N:32 MAGNETOM Sempra Distribute Changes Across • Consistency — Quality results Identical protocols 01:48 01:48 Healthineers for each exam each exam. • User-friendly functionalities like MPR Add a Decision Daily success drag&drop and Dynamic Search • Efficiency — Stay on time Efficiency — Stay on time Copy Refer e Copy References with your exams Add a New Strategy Add an Angio workflow 0225 Save As a New Dot Engine 01:47 Simulation Mode connect Identical protocols configured protocols