MAGNETOM Sempra Introduction

MAGNETOM Sempra Introduction Video

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SIEMENS SIEMENS .. SIEMENS .. MAGNETOM Sempra • Patient handling Healthineers Healthineers Topics oueruiew Topics oueruieuJ Technical details Dot Display • Dot Display Patient Handling Patient table Patient handling Coils Learning summary Easy patient handling: Patient positioning Daily success with 1.5T Introduction System components • System components Healthineers Dot Control Centers Healthineers Eco-Power Technoloy Healthineers Zero Helium boil-off Zero Helium ho 'I-off Zero Helium boilI-off Patient handling Easy patient handling: Patient table • Patient handling Dot Display Two configurations of Patient Table SIEMENS Consistent quality, every day Life Design Healthineers Dot Display information service Important Note: Some Functions shown in these videos are options that might not be part or your system. Please Important Note: Some functions shown in these videos ore options that might not be part of your system. Please Field strength: 1.5T Field Of view: with • Two speed predefined Levels 50cm x 50cm x 45cm note that the learning material is for training purposes only! For the proper use of the software or hardware, please nat2 that the learning mctericL is training purposes anly: For the proper use or the software or hardware. please Bore size: 60cm/ 1.97ft Air-flow and illumination control Without vertical movement With vertical movement with DotGO automated workflows In-bore illumination Doe, John me MAGNETOM Sempra MAGNETOM • Information concerning patient positioning Information concerning patient positioning always use the Operator Manual issued by Siemens. This material is to be used as training material only and shall by use the Operatur Manual issued by Siemens, This is ta be used [ruining unly and shall hy Scan range: Technical specification • Technical Details Technical Details RF Technology: Tim [96x8] - Table Up/lnward button Table Up/lnward button Headphone button Loudspeaker button Table Up/lnword button Move to Home • Automatic transfer from any vertical MAGNETOM Sempra MAGNETOM SIEMENS .. 140cm/ 4.59ft no means substitute the Operator Manual. no means substitute the Operator 30 mm and Tim [96x16] for Tim [96x8] for Tim [96x16] and Tim [96x161 (e.g. patient orientation, current table position, 130 mm Wrist 8 wrist 8 Shoulder • The highlights of new system Light to Decorate Patient Table • System components • System Components System components position to home position New clinical opportunities, Any material used in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does not necessarily reflect the latest Any material used in this training will be updated cn a regular basis and does not necessarily reflect the Latest Small/ Large 6 auto-positioning) Patient positioning MAGNETOM Sempra components every day • Dot Display , — Jog wheel, Center Potition button - — Jog wheel, Center Potition button - Jog wheel, Center Potition button Jog wheel, Center Potition button • Automatic transfer to isocenter your main reference, in particular for relevant satety intormation like warnings and cautions. The information in this your main reference. in particular relevant safety intarn'flfian like warnings and The information in this Healthineers • Information about the connected coil, Information about the connected coil, Direct RX System Move to Home & Move near Home • Dot Display with trendsetting applications video contains general technical descriptions of specifications and options as well as standard and optional features • Automatic transfer from any verticontal • Dot Control Centers Dot Control Centers • Automatic transfer from any hortizontal here a Head/Neck 16 channels coil Workflow with Contrast - Short magnet and Siting & Installation • Dot Control Units Dot Control Centers Siting: < 28m2/ 302 sq ft position to home position Home Position button In bore ventilation button A-- Head/Neck 10 Head/Neck 10 Head/Neck 16 • Patient table Patient table parts of this functionality may not yet be released for customers and not yet be commercially available in every parts runcticnality may nat yet he released r.ustomers nnd nat yet he commercially available in every -O Table Stop button Foot end of the table TrueForm magnet Patient table move out & move in Magnet length: 155cm/ 5.08ft Financial certainty, every day System weight: Foot/Ankle 10 for Tim [96x16] for Tim [96x86] and Tim [96x16] for Tim [96x8] Extremity 12 country. • Patient table for patient handling for Tim (96x86] • In bore ventilation design 4.56b/ 10,035.441b System length: 171cm/ 5.61ft • Patient Handling • Patient Table Patient handling with cost-cutting technologies In bore Lighting button • Coils for patient positioning • In bore Lighting Coils • coils table movement is not guaranteed. The reproduction, transmission or distribution of this training or its contents is not permitted is not guarantee:l The reproduction. transmission or distribution this training or its contents is permitted Two type patient tables: Info • Headphone volume adjustment Start without express written authority. Offenders will be liable for damages. AIL rights, including rights created by patent without express v.vitten authority. attenders he liable ALL rights. including rights created by patent standard: horizontal table movement Pi"aGll/Lorge Å"aGll/Lorge Gradients strength: 30mT/m - Table Down/Outward button - Table Up/lnward button Loudspeaker button grant or registration of a utility model or design, are reserved. The original language of this learning material is grant or registrntian a utility ar design, are reserved. The original language of this learning material is MAGNETOM Flex Smoll/Lorge Spine 18' Body 6 Bl Breast 4 Special Purpose Breast Transmit amplifier: 15kW MAGNETOM (effect' ve 52m T/m) (effect' 've 52m T/m) optional: vertical and horizontal Sempra PEP system Connection value: 29kVA Slew rate: IOOT/m/s MAGNETOM Sempra Slew rate: 100T/m/s Lighting bar to decorate patient table table movement • Laser light localization components Standard Optional (effective 173T/m/s) Sempra A Tim•Oot System (implemented for vertical movement Helium consumption: Zero Helium boil-off Sempra • Start scan MAGNETOM Sempra table Shimming: Passive & active MAGNETOM Sempra With MAGNETOM