MAGNETOM VIDA Examination Toolbar (Numaris X)

This video demonstrates the basic functionalities of the case navigator.

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se dark tluld ra 3mm tluld ra 3mm d tra 3mm John_Doe John_Doe mm medadmn• ? H medadmin tse dark-fluid tra 3mm IMAI localizer t1_mprage_tra_p2_iso 4 IMAI mprage_tra_p2_iso t2_space_sag_iso_p6 Ml tl 1174 : MAGN!NOk localizer p2 MÅ6üNORM/DlS2D p2 MA6üNORM/DlS2D p2 MA60åÖRM/DlS2D Exam Settings t2 55 t1_fl2d_sag_p2_3mm 521 John_ Doe t2_ tse dark-fluid_sag_p3 tse dark-fluid cor 2mm t1_tse_dark-fluid_sag_p3m tse dark-fluid tora 3mm tl _tse dark-fluid sag_p3 tse dark-fluid Brain mprage_tra_p2_iso t1_tse dark-fluid_sag_p3 t1_tse_dark-fluid_sag_p3m tse_dark-fluid_cor 2mm t1 _tse_dark-fluid_sag_p3 MAGNETOM Vida tse cor ISO cor 2mm John_Doe•• . John_Doe John_ Doe John_ODoe•• John_Doo•• John_Doe'" John_ Doe . John_Doe John_ Do e John_ Doe localizer Oohnn_Ooe 5cm t2_space_sag iso_p6 t2_space_sag_iso_p6 space_sag_iso_p6 02:42 localizer 07:09 03:154 4 FRM : 3 IMAI Examination 02:42 02:43 Table Move Show Notification Table t2 tse cor Cor cor tse cor fl2d_sag_p2_3mm 03:15 AFR SAR AR Wd tra 3mm t3 2:42 min i: (Y 2:42 min 2:42 min Exam Settings 03:150 03:153 t2 p2 t2_ tl _tse_dark.fluid_cor 2mm tse_dark-fluid_sag_p3 _tse_dark-fluid_cor 2mm tse dark-fluid_sag_p3 tse dark-fluid_sag_p3 cor_2mm cor 2mm dark-fluid tse dark-fluid U) Auto Coil Select Default Coil Selection Auto Coil Select 03:15 Go Cancel tl t2 tse dark-fluid_sag_p3 tse tse dark-fluid cor 2mm tse dark-fluid sag_p3 03:153 dark-fluid sag_p3 sag_p3 Exam Settings Routinue Continue Continue Contrast Posilution Geometry System 5cm 6v 6v 220*220 Delete Copy&Go stop Stop Pause Coil Mernory tse dark-fluid dark-fluid_sag_p3 tse dark-fluid tra 3mm dark-fluid tra 3mm tse dark-fluid_sag_p3 tra 3mm tra 3rnm tra 3mnm 02:42 nory t2 tse dark-fluid SIEMENS (D Auto Coil Select FOV Exam Settings Inroom Settings tse dark-fluid cor 2mm tl t2 mprage tra_p2 iso mprage_ tra v2_iso tra 42 Slab Group 521 w 977 643 dark-fluid tl _tse_dark-fluid_ t1_tse_dark-t1uid_sag_p3m tse dark-fluid_sag_p3 03:15 03:15 Ionftorm the patient aboutg remote table movement. 521 298 : t1_mprage_tra_p2_iso t2_tse dark-fluid cor 2mm dark-fluid_sag_p3 cor_2mm 03:153 03:150 MAGNfNORh 03:53 05:57 03:15 Inform the patient about remote table Table Slabs t1_tse_dark-fluid_sar_pmm t2 space_sag_iso_p6 tl 3mm fl2d sag-p2_3mm space_sag_iso_p6 03:15 02:42 02:43 t2_space_sag_iso_p6 Monitor the patient during remote movement. Automatic Voice Commands Current Position (Y 3:53 min 3:53 min Manual None Mode e 1.00 1.0.0 (Y 2:42 min sp P22_3 Manual 4 t1_fl2d_sag_p2_3mm fi MAGNjNORWOlS2D t1_02d_sag_p2_3mm fl2d_sag_p2_3mm 03:15 03:150 t.Y 3:54 min Manual G) 2 Manual Ci 2 3:54 min OV 220±220 Slices per Slab 120 7220.0 Sl Sil GO 3:53 min John_Doe HAL Routine Routinue Contrast Continue ,ontrast Geometry System physio Ionlinue Inline Current Position 3:54 min Manual 2 e 1.00 Sequence Command Language jEnglish (United States Command Language jjEnglish (United States Delete Skip Stop Skip Pause Ionlinue John_Doe Command Language Resolutione Ionlinue Contrast Resolutione Geometry System Physio Enghsh (United States Inline Ionlinue Sequence w 977 FRM 208 p [email protected] : MAGNfNORWDlS2D System Physio Sequence ov 05:57 MAGWNORMJDlS2D Slice Group tl PO sit i O" 643 Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Read t2 tse dark-fluid tra 3mm w 643 : Command Language (Unitei States t2 tse dark-fluid tra amm 643 643 . Slab Group Read 0.70 220 FOV Read 7220.0 Chinese (Simplified, Chim . 05:57 Any material used in this training will not be updated on a regular basis and does notnecessarily reßect the E 05:57 Contrast Move Table by Cornmands Position Duration . Duration Slice Gr Slices 55 FOV Phase Fov Phase 100.0 7220.0 1000.0 Commands phase 05:57 Geometry EOS:S7 E 05:57 E 09:50 Medium 09:50 English (United States) 93.8 Slabs Buration Posilution Ll.8 FIO.5 Delete Cancel Fov Phase Sequence Continue breathing. Continue breathing- 1 _4s 1 As e 1.00 1020.0 l_oo Pause 938 e 100 242 min Manual G) 4 3: 54 min Manual G) 2 t3 3.54 min Manual G) 2 3:53 min Manual None 3:53 min Manual None e 1.00 m 1 00 • 100 354 min Manual 354 min , Manual 2 100 30 220 Slice Gr Slice Thickness b. ; John_Ooe ove Tab'* to Fast Slab Group 220 Slices per Slab 192 Slice Thickness 0.70 mm Hold breath (ex 6.2s Resolutione Routine Contrast Ionlinue Posilution Geometry System Physio physio Inline Continue Ionlinue Sequence 208 continue Systep FOV Phase Slice Thickness 7 IMAI 208 Manual Orientation Sagittal O. 70 Stop Stimu Skip Coninue Continue Hold breath (exhaled). Ionlinue Routine Coninue Ionline Contr Con Inline Ionlinue Sequence 100.0 A Distance Factor 7220.0 Routinue Status 22.0 Copy&G0 Hold breath (exhaled). 8. Is mm Distance Factor Distance Fa 7220.0 2000.0 1000.0 72200.0 Fov Read 20 255 Slice Group Slab Group FOV Read FOV Phase 60 P223 220 30 mm mm Slice G Short: Hold breath (inhaled). AFR Slice Thlckness Slices per Slab Short Hold breath (inhaled). Short Hold bre 27s and not yet be commercially available in every country. Due to regulatory requirements, the future Slice Gr Phase Encoding Dir. Phase Encoding 7220.0 30 220 Posilution 87.0 LO-O P22.9 Slices SS FOV Phase FOV Read 100.0 93.8 % mm mm Slabs Physio Pause 9383 Position Isocenter Isoccnter mm Portuguese (Portugal) Sagittal 100.0 availability of said functionalities or parts thereof in any specific country is not guaranteed. Slices Slab Slice Thickness 0.70 100.0 12000.0 87.0 Slices per Slab 192 1.00 ms Orientation Averages Normnal Coronal ECG ECG I 72200.0 100.0 Average s 60 6v 1000 ms 1000 Orientation Isocentcr Averages Average s Transversal Phase Oversampling 5cm Orientation ms Averages Distance Factor 7220.0 72000.0 1020.0 1200 72200 Stop 50 TR 2000.0 5cm AFR Distance Factor Concatenations Transversal 'i Play Stop Play play Stop Phase Encoding Dir. Concatenations Position Posilution Turkish (Turkey) 87.0 The Operator's Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information Ll.8A29FIO.5 LOO HOO LO.O HO.O Resolution Orientation Isoccnter Isocenter Phase Encoding Dir. mm Concatenations Distance Fa 20.0 % 20.0 87.0 Phase Oversampling 30 AutoAlign Orientation Orien Coronal Average s Averages 1.4 Head > Temporal Lc Tran sversal Transversal Sagittal AutoAlign Concatenations Head > Brain Distance Factor Distance Fa Playback 40 Phase Encoding Dir. 22.0 Phase Encoding Phase Encoding Dir Concatenations Phase Encoding Dir. Coil Elements BC Slice Oversampling Phase Oversampling Coil Elements BC BC 87.0 Phase Encoding Dir. Phase Oversampling Slice Oversampling Phase Oversamp'ing Slice Oversamnpling AutoAlign AutoAllgn AutoAhlign Phase Head Brain Head > Temporal Lc Head Ternpwd Lc • Head > Brain ms mm BC SAR Stimu 50.0 A Coil Elements Slice Oversarnpling BC Orien BC tl mprage tra_p2 iso Exam Settings t2 mprage_tra_p2_iso SAR Stimu SAR AFR Stimu Fist Ncrmal Normal pen Exam Settings Dialog step 6 -tl mprage_tra_p2_iso Stimu Inroom Exam mm w 643 w 643 : Phase Encoding Phase Encoding Dir. Phase Encoding Dir SAR Stimu Stmu Level Mode fist Frst N wmal Nwmal N«rmal NMmaI Settings Display Display Physio In room Exam Normal SAR Level Mode Level Ends the current measurement and starts the n Coil Elements ng in real-time mode, images can be saved manually Settings Settigs Display Display Cockpit Stop Copy Level Current Display Current Slice Oversampling Phase Oversampling 20 30 AutoAlign Head > Temporal Lo Head > Temporal Lc Wadting for slice positioning. Waiting for slice positioning. Waiting for slice positioning._ Waiting for slice positioning Wading for slice positioning Wadting for slice positioning Wanting for slice positioning.