MAGNETOM VIDA Homescreen (Numaris X)

This video demonstrates the basic functionalities of the home screen.

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Meduser• ? SIEMENS Meduser Meduser ? MAGNETOM Vida Administration Portal Dot Cockpit SIEMENS SOB51 meduser SOB5 meduser Free (Restricted Remote Access) Explortr Program Editor Dot Cockpit Explortr Patient Browser Patient Table Technical Configuration @ Quality Assurance Clinical Configuration MAGNETOM Vida Clinical Configuration Standby System System Status Overview . » Head library » Head » library 3D Head Home Screen Patient Browser SIEMENS arcn 'Coe. Acc and (C. fl3d sag_p2_iso 06:56 c-sp•ne % Customer Environment % Periphery Groups % Host Infrastructure Do you want to activate standby mode? c-splne Startup Reports Q space Scheduled for Today (O result(s); 324 57 PM) Scheduled for Today (O result(s). 324 57 PM) Patients Scheduled for Today Scheduled for T0day (O result(s). 324 57 PM) Today (CJ result(s). 324 57 PM) (0 result(s), 32487 PM) % Host Infrastructure M _fl3d_sag_p4_iso 03:23 03:49 tl _fl3d_sag_p4_iso fl3d sag_p2_iso % Customer Environment % Periphery Groups Ihole-spine In standby mode, any open applications/studies are kept in the Scheduler Procedure Dec Y Procedure Desc Reports Saved Helium Level Ihole-spine memory. The system goes into the low-power state to save energy Head [25] Head SIEMENS procedure Control System Disk Space Healthineers and you can nevertheless resume work quickly. neck soft tissue [71 neck soft tissue [51 c-spine Ill] Brain Dot Engine 14] t-spine [312] • Yellow exclamation mark (waming): Check the MR-system water cooling that is provided by your building facility. Helium Level Helium Trend Cooling System Control System • Red box (error): Check the MR-system water cooling that is provided by your building facility or contact Siemens Service. (0 result(s), 3:24857 PM) Thorax tl _mprage_sag_p2_ t 1 _mprage_sag_p2_- t 1 _space_fs_sag_p2 iso clinical libraries [61 clinical libraries [6] Cooling Magnet Delete I-spine [14] advanced applications libraries Search b/ 'Varne. 10. 00B Description, Procedure Date. Acc Nov and tØodaflity (C Search by Name. ID. 00B [Description, Procedure Date. Acc Nov and /140dahity' (C Search by Name, ID, 00B [Desenpton, Procedure Date, Acc no. and Modality (C Standby Cancel Patient Y Procedure Desc wriast breast mprage tra_p2_iso mprage_tra_p2_iso Dot Cockpit Examination Lock whole-spine [581 programs [1] rams [1] Patient Table Patient Browser library (141 library [141 t2 mprage sag_p2 05:212 pelvis female [21 pelvis male Thorax localizer Check Examination Grad System Gradient System Standby System Patients Scheduled for Today (0 result(s), 32487 PM) (0 result(s), PM) (0 result(s), 32487 PM) heart heart 12] tmj Receive System Cooling System shoulder shoulder [81 t 1 _space_sag_p2_ 06:41 Y Procedure Desc Abdomen [17] Abdomen t-spme [3] PD+T2 Patient elbow Transmit System Gradient System 3D tl _space_fs_sag_p2 iso pelvis [41 Miscellaneous System Check Dot Cockpit Examination Lock Unlock Cockpit hand Lnlock wage d Lock ppv tmj perfusion knee BOLD Magnet t2_space_sag_p2_1So ISO ankle elbow (Il heart Ill BLADE wrist [21 t2_space_sag_p2_iso ISO whole body oncology [71 Abdomen [91 hand [61 elbow whole body oncology hip hip [6] HeadNeck64 [4] Peripheral Angiography pelvis [21 QUIET space_dark-fluid sag_p2 adjustments ankle t-spine [1281 StarVlBE Home Screen adjustments Shut Down Options - foot shoulder 181 angiography_ce Receive System Restart System radiotherapy whole body diffusion elbow [Il intervention Control System Standby System M _space_ir_cor_p2_lso M _space_ir_cor_p2_iso 05:212 wrist [21 c-spine [Ill Standby System System Peripheral Angiography hand (61 Show shut down options I-spine 14] hip [6] I-spine [4] t-spine [31 spectroscopy Transmit System Jesnpan System