MAGNETOM VIDA Patient Browser/Local Data (Numaris X)

This video demonstrates the navigation of the patient browser and handling of the local data.

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Search by Name. 10. Date. Description and Modality (Ctd+F) Search by Name. 10, Date, Description and Modality' (Ctd+F) Doe Open Results Series (14 results, PM) Search by Name, Date. Oescnpt;on and Workflow Series Descrip Prtient Patient Study Date. Study Descript. Accession Nu_ Accession Nu_ _ Study Archived Corrected Delete Protect _ Delete Protect _ _ Nurnber Series Descrip_ _ Patient Browser Patient Browser Results Patient Browser 99 PhoenixZlPR_ Local Data *2/1/1977. M Accession Series Desaip... Open Ctrl+O Add Condition t2 tse dark-ff_ tse dark-ff More Filters 5/11/2017 10.... 5/11/2017 10:_ 5/11/2017 10 5/11/2017 10:__ Vida Head _ Vida Head VI. MR Neurology t2 tse dark-fi . Open with Series Results Local Data (4 results, 120703 PM) (4 results, (4 results, PM) (14 results, PM) (4 results, 120413 PM) Search by r•lame Date. Oescr.pfton and Modality Search by Name. 10. Date. Description and Modality (Ctd+F) Search by Nanie. /Ü Date, Descnpt:Dn (Ctd+.C) Search by Narne. /Ü Date, Descnptn3n tse dark-fl. tse dark-I _. John Doe View as Read-Only with Mew as Read-Only with 19ies Describ__ Stuiy Descript _ _ mprage_tr. mprage_tr P*ient Date. P*ent Date. Date Accession Nu_ _ Accession Study Archived Archived Corrected Delete Protect _ Nu-rber Numrnber Series Descrip Series Descrip _ _ S«ies DB-crip_ _ # Instances in.. # Instances in. # Instances in . More Filters Add Condition tl mprage tr Batch Open t2 tse dark-fm... tse dark-ff_. tse dark-I _ tse dark-ff tse dark-ff. localizer Vida head Vida Head _. Vida Head _ Results Series (14 results, PM) (4 results, PM) localizer •ries Descrip_. 99 PhoenixZlPR. PhoenixZlPR_ SR 1,010 1,013 1,017 localizer PR '2/1/1977. M •5/4/1973. o *2/1/1977. M *3/4/1976. F Assign Workflow t2 tse cor localizer PR Study Date... Study Descript. Study Date... Study Descript.. Workflow Corrected Patient Accession Study Archived Delete Protect _ Q2 tse cor Cancel Workflow MR Basic t2 tse dark-fl.. dark-fl Vida Head VI. Vida abdomen *2/1/1977. M 99 PhoenixZlPR___ tl tse dark-ff... tl tse dark-O. Vida head 1,010 •5/4/1973. o John Vida abdomen Vida Cardiac Doe MR Breast 5/4/2017 11:3__. Search Patient with DICOM Q/R t2 tse cor Printed t' _nvrage_tr _ tl _rnprage_tr Patient ID Vida abdomen Series Date and 99 *2/1/1977. M *5/4/1973. O John Doe MR mprage_tr_ tse dark-I_._ tl tse dark-ff. tse dark-fl. tse dark-OH. tse dark-fi.__ Add to Demo List tse dark-ffn. C ected t2 tse dark From Vida Cardiac t2 tse dark-fl. _ 2,017 1,010 t2 tse tra 5m_ tse tra 5._ tse tra 5m. 99 PhoenixZlPR___ PhoenixZlPR_ PhoenixZlPR. *3/4/1976. F Remove from Demo List Vida Cardiac Accession Number Accession Nu- _r M _nvrage_tr tl _rnprage_tr localizer PR 5/4/2017 11:3... Vida Head VI... 10 t2 tse cor All day 99 Set Archive state Set Mark state Vida Cardiac Vida abdomen Vida Chest MFR Imm MPR Series Description Study Date and Tme Study Date and Time Delete Protecti(Y1 Delete Protection Set Delete Protection state Vida Chest 1,017 *2/1/1977. M *5/4/1973. O •5/4/1973. o Institution •3/31/1955. M 1,013 SR Set Archive state From tl_mprage_t Vida head Performing Physician Instances tEST 10 t2 tse cor Study Date aryj John Doe Remove Correction state t2 Vida Cardiac Patient Name To Study Archived Requesting Physician Instances MPR Imm All day Institution Name '3/31/1955. M •3/31/1955. M Included in Demo List MR Neuro 3D Test cut Instances 1,010 '2/1/1977. M John Doe Vida Chest Vida head Paste Instances Workflow John Doe Delete 1,013 1,023 *3/4/1976. F Modality tEST John Doe Default Instances nces *2/1/1977. M John Doe Workflows Search successfully completed Workflow has been assigned Workflosvs of the selected studies are cancelled Workflcn,vs of the selected studies are cancelled 12:08 PM 1204 PM 12:06 PM