MAGNETOM VIDA Patient Data Handling (Numaris X)

This video demonstrates the basic functionalities of Patient Data Handling.

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Patient Registration Admitting Diagnosis First Namne Last Narne • Last Name John Doe • Last Name Patient Registration Pa lent Browser Accession Nr_ IJohn Doe All Programs Examination Information *Mvlandatory information *tvlandatory Information Medical Information *Mtvlandatory information t tvinator Information *tvlinator Information *Mandatory Information (0 result(s), PM) *Mandatory information Alerts O Last Narne * Last Name * Last Narne • Last Name Last Name John Doe IJohn Doe Patient Data Patient ID Medical Information Examination Information Vida_Head Vida_head_program Patients Study Description arcn 'C Acc and (C. arcn 'C A and (C. arcn Coe, Acc ano {C. _ arcn L, Coe, Acc ano arcn L, Coe, Acc ano SC.. arcn ILO, Coe, Acc ano arcn Coe, Acc ano Pa lent Browser SIEMENS Accession Nr_ Accession Nr. *Mtvlandatory information First Name Last Name First Namne Vida_Head Add atient Procedure Desc Study Comment Scheduled forT0day (l result(s), 0863 PM) Scheduled forT0day (O 10853 PM) Scheduled forT0day (l result(s) 0863 PM) Scheduled for T0day (l result(s) 1 0863 PM) Scheduled forT0day (I result(s), PM) Scheduled for Today Scheduled for T0day (I result(s),1 0863 PM) Scheduled for Today (l result(s), 1 0863 PM) Scheduled forT0day (l result(s),1 0863 PM) Scheduled forT0day (O 10863 PM) Scheduled forT0day (O result(s), 10863 PM) (1 result(s). PM) (0 result(s), PM) (I result(s). 10863 PM) (4 results, PM) Req. Proc. ID Req Proc, ID Req. Proc, ID Middle Name Mddle Narne First Namne First Narne liddle Narne Mddle Name Middle Namne Mi«ile Narne Middle Narne Middle Name (0 result(s), PM) Medical Alerts USER Patients • Patient ID Patient ID Ill'ergies Ol'ergies Study Date Study Descri*. Study Descnptvon Study Descri* Accession Nr. Accession Nr_ Workflow Procedure Desc Procedures Proc«iureDex Procedure Dec Procedure De* procedure Desc Study Descnpoon Vlda_Head Vida_Head Vida head_program Study Description Study Descniptvon • Patent ID * Patient ID Patient Patient Data Patient ID • Patient ID Procedures SIEMENS John Doe IJohn_Doe All Programs Medical Information *Mvlandatory information *Mandatory Information *tvlinator Information * tvlandatory Information *tvlindatory Information Mendical Information * Mvlandatory Information * tvlandatory Information Examination Information *tvlandatory Information * tvlindatory Information Medical Information t tvlandatory Information * Mvlandatory information t tvlandatory information Exam Patient ID USER Ohn oe Req. Proc. ID Scheduler o n oe n oe oe Patients Scheduled for Today Study Comment Study Commnent Study Cornrnent | 2/1/1977 • Vida Head Vda Head Vida Head •2/1/1977, M 12/1/1977 • 2/1/1977 |2/1/1977 12/1/1977 Wd,'yyyy 12/1/1977 WWyyyy Patient ID | 2/1/1977 •2/1/1977. M • 2/1/1977 •2/1/1977, M Birth Date Allergies Admitting Diagnosis I John_Doe • Last Name John_Doe Last Narne Last Name Last Namne * Date0Of Birth Date of Birth SIEMENS c-spine Vida head proqram 140 Year(s) 140 140 Year(S) Procedures Age M/d/yyyy Study Commnent Accession Nr. Accession Nr First Namne First Narne liddle Narne Last Narne Middle Narne Vida First Feet First SIEMENS Year(s) Instritution Distribution IMale Req. Proc. ID * sex * Sex Sex Save Male Name Middle Narne First Name Middle Name Supine Title c-spine USER Alerts O Allerties Allergies Alerts o • Birth Date • Patient ID Study Description Vida_Heai Study Descnption Vida_Head Study Descnptvon Study Descnpton ht 1165 1165 crn Institution • Patent ID • Vida Head Study Comment Age 12/1/1977 Medical Alerts | 2/1/1977 Birth Date 165 155 kg •2/1/1977, M •8/4/1973. o liddle Narne Middle Narne Mddle Narne Middle Name Middle Namne first Name Mddle Name Last Narne weight • Weight kg Height Weight Weight 55 Height 165 165 • Weight 140 Year(s) * Sex Age * Sex 40 10 Age Institution Name Feet First • Patient Patients • Patient ID Patient Data Patient 40 Procedure Desc Patients Scheduled for Today weight | 55 Male Allergies kg Medical Information t tvinator Information *tvlaindatory Information Examination Information *Mvlandatory information *Mandatory information (0 result(s), PM) | 2/1/1977 1 2/1/1977 | 2/1/1977 M/d/yyyy * Sex Male * Date of Birth Wd/yyyy M/d'yyyy M/d/yyyy • Weight 55 Rerferring Physician 1165 cm Height prograrn Selection Program Selection Vida Age 40 40 | 40 Yeu(s) Yeu(s) Age * Weight 55 155 kg Load program to Queue Height Prograrn Selection Admitting Diagnosis Adrnitting Diagnosis Adn-utbnq Diagnosas * sex * Sex Male Institution Examination Lock Y Procedure Desc • Patient Patient Reight Medical Information Height | 165 Height | 165 : crn *Height | 165 Load Program to Queue Load Load Program ueue Load program to Queue Loa* Height 165 Height Body Part and Laterality Prcvram Selection c:rn crn Alerts Alerts o Programn Selection prograrn Selection Prograrn Selection Program Selection Institution Institution Name Institution Nam-e Institution Nan-e Institution Nanne Date Height • Weight Height | 165 Weight 55 Weight 55 lbs kg Admftting Diagnosis Pedorming Physiaan Performing Physioan Body Part and Laterality _ » Vida head Video Vida head Video Requesting Physician Unpaired Alerts V Load program to Queue v Load Program to Load program to Queue Load Program Load Program to Queue Load I ogram to Queue Medical Alerts B&dical Alerts b&dical Alerts Allerties Alerts O Unpaired Operator Body Part and Laterality Unpavred Medical Alerts Right Refuerring Physician Pedorming Physiaan Requesting Physician Performing Physician Pedorming Physiaian Requerting Physician Contrast Allergies Contrast Alergies Contrast AAergies Patient Orientation Patient Registration Load program to Queue Pedorming Physiaan Requesting Physician unpaired Unpaired Patient Orientation Patient Registration Contrast mergies Contrast Allergies Conti ast Allergies Operator Patient Orientation Patient Registration Head First Supine Head First Sumine First Sug*ne Patient Browser/ Fist * Mandatory information Head First Supine Head First Patient Orientation Patient Registration ISafety relevant Information needs to be validated and confirmed I Safety relevant .ntorrnatjon needs to be validated and confirmed I Safety relevant .ntorrnabion needs to be validated and confirmed Exam *Mvlandatory inforrnation t Mandatory inforrnati(Yt ISafety relevant information needs to be validated and confirmed I Safety relevant Information needs to be validated and confirmed I Safety relevant Information needs to be validated and confirmed I Safety relevant .nformation needs to be validated andi confirme*2d ISafety relevant Information needs to be validated and confirmed Safety relevant Information needs to be validated and confirmed Examination Information *tvlandatory Information t tvlandatory Information *Mandator Information Delete Local Data Pnior Studies Exam pnior Studies Carwel Delete Local Data Lo•cal Data Prior Studies Data Cancel Save Delete Selecte Local Data Pnior Studies prior Sttmites Pnor Studies Prior Studies Exam