MAGNETOM Vida Program Control (Numaris X)

MAGNETOM Vida Program Control Video

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SIEMENS medadmin medadmin Vida head VKfa AMorren Vida Abdornen Vida head • 1/2/1977, F ci | 1/2/1977 F • 1/2/1977 F • 1/2/1977 F 1/2/1977 F Dot Cockpit Add Program / Steps Patient Browser Dot cockpit Brain rain Dot Engine •Brain Dot Engine rain o ngne bdomen Dot Engine omen LOC ISO MAGNETOM Vida Explorer Prograrn Editor Program Editor John_ Doe Done Doe John _ Doe John_Doe John_ODoe John : John_Doe John_ Doe John e John_Doe John Doe rain Dot Engine program Editor Program Editor - AAhead scout import Explorer Explortr Simulate Brain SIEMENS » Head bdomen Dot Engine AAhead scout AAhead localizer 00:14/ 00:14 •Brain Dot Engine HAhead localizer bh scout John_ Doe Head Explortr ISO s IMAI 5 IMAI d FRM 4 FRM FRM Program Control FRM LOC 5 IMAI : John_Doe : John Doe Browse Search Default standard sag 04:18 0438 05 33 05:34 0530 t2 tse cor t2 _ _512_3mm 17 tl qtse t.2 haste cor mbh ISO-LOC Settings dark-fluid sag_p2 dark-fluid tra sag_p2 3mm 3mnm CO r arcn 'C Acc and (C. cor •Brain Dot Engine SO Center Mode RM t 1 tse_dark-fluid_sag_p2 t2_qtse_dark-fiuid_tra_p2 tl1 tse dark-fluid_sag_p2 01 121 Em USER » od » Brain » Brain od » Brain Bran od » Brain » Bran Brain » Brain USER » USER » od » Brain » Brain od » Patient View Addlns [12] Patient Vlew Addlns [12] localizer Local Range Mode localizer bh 04:26 Settings t2_tse_dark-fluid_cora_3mm t2 t2_qtse_tra_p3 tl tse t2_tse_dark-fluid_cor 2mm t2_ t2_qtste_tra_512 tl t2_haste_ tse_dark.fluid_cor 2mm tse t1_tse_dark-fluid_sag_p3 tse dark-fluid_sag_p3 dark-fluid_sag_p3 cor_2mm cor 2mm 0 12 04:32 01 AAhead scout SIEMENS Head » dir"cal libraries general 00: 14 I Slicegroups are measured within the 4 IMAI 3 IMAI FRM 28/55 Measurement Default Addlns 1361 Default Addlns [361 licegroups are measured within a AAhead scout scyout 00:14 0014 AAhead AQ-vead AAhead scout head scout 0014 Scheduled for Today (I result(s). 245 37 PM) Scheduled for Today (2 result(s), 245.37 PM) Scheduled for Today (2 result(s). 245 37 PM) (2 result(s). 24537 PM) 04 141 SO Center Cancel t 1 _fl2d_sag 01228 03:153 HAhead AAhead scout SIEMENS tse dark-fluid tra t2_qtse_tra_p3 tl fl2d_tra_p2 t2 qtse dark-fluid_tra t2_tse tra 512 t2_tse_dark-fluid_crag_pm tl tse dark-fluid_sag_p3 t1_tse_dark-tluid_tra_p2 t1_tse_dark-tluid_tora_p2m tl t2_tse_dark-fluid_tra_p2 t2_tse_dark-fluid_cor_3mm tl tse dark-fluid tra tse dark-fluid_tra_p2 t2_qtse_dark-fiuid_tra_p2 tse dark-fluid_tra t2_qtse_dark-fluid_tra 512 t2 ti_ t2_qtse_dark-fluid_cora_3mm fl2d_cor t2_tse_dark-fluid_tora_3mm t2_tse_dark-fluid_cora_3mm tse_dark-fluid_srag_p3 tse dark-fluid_sag_p3 t2_se_dark-fluid_sag_p2 dark-fluid tra dark-fluid tra_p2 dark-fluid sag_p3 0501 AutoAlign Scoute AutoAbgn Scoutm tse without diffusit When Slicegroup is moved out f12d tra tse cor AutoAlign diffusion 04:52 Aut)AlQn Scou(llL » od » od » » Bram » Brain » Interaction » Brain » Brain » Interaction » Brain » Brain » ISO-LOC Settings Breast Auto Coverage Scout Breast Auto Oncost Auto Coverage Scout Breast Auto Coverage Basic Decision without 0123 t) t2_tse_dark-fluid_sag_p3 tse dark-fluid_sag_p3 tse dark-fluid_srag_p2 tse dark-fluid_sag_p2 04:54 AutoAhgn Procedure Desc Patients Scheduk•dfrToday (1 result(s), 2:45:37 PM) t2_tswi_tora_p2_ tse cM_p2_ t2_tse_cor_p2_512_3mm 512 3mrn 05:21 t2_q tse_dark-fluid t2_qtse_dark-fluid tra_p2 12 t2_qtse_dark-fluid tra resolve mprage_sag_p2 iso tse dark-fluid t2_tse tse_dark-fluid_sag_p3 dark-fluid tra_p2 dark-fluid dark-fluid ta t1_tse_dark-fluid_srag_p3 dark-fluid_sag_p3 3scan trace tra_p2 tra 3mm tra 3rnm iso 160 0244 0521 0111 0228 General •Brain Dot Engine tl ff2u t 1 _fl2d_sag_p2_3mm SIEMENS Breast Basic 05:38 tl vibe_e-dixon tra bh_pre Center Mode. 01:19 ISO t2 Vida head Vida Abdomen Vida At_vdomen tse dark-fluid_sag_p2 Medical Information Examination Information Vida Abdomen tl t1f_fl2d_tora tse_dark-fluid_srag_p3 cor 2mm Healthineers men (1 result(s), PM) ISO-LOC ISO_LOC t2_haste_co_tra_mbh t2_haste_fs_tra_mbh t2_tse_dark-fluid_srag_p3 01 11 Name Save Settings tl Preview Prev•ew 19/ None Breast Dynamic Breast Dynarmc t2_ ti_ ti tra resolve tl t2 tse 512 t2 tse tra 512 t2 t2_mprage_sag_p2_iso t1_tse_dark-fluid tra_p2 t1_tse_dark-fluid_tra_p2 tse dark-fluid tra t2 tse dark-fluid tra tl tse dark-fluid tra dark-fluid tra t2_qtse_dark-fluid_tora_p2m t1_tse_dark-tluid_tra_p2 t1_tse dark-fluid tra_p2 tse dark-fluid trag_p2 t2tse dark-fluid cor 3mm t2_tse dark-fluid tra dark-fluid tra_p2 t_tse dark-fluid tra t2_tse tse tra 512 3mrn tse tse 512 tra 512 3mm tse tra 512 3mm 3scan_trace_tra_p2_ 3scan trace tra 01:16 04:14 01:19 04:10 05:21 00:17 02428 0509 Patients Scheduled for Today t2_ t2 tse t) t2 tse_dark-fiui t1_tse_dark-tluid_tora_p2nm t2 tse dark-fluid cor 3mm tl tse t1_tse_dark-fluid_srag_p3 dark-fluid cor 3mm dark-fluid cor 3rnm dark-fluid cor 3mm t2_tse_dark-fiuid cor amm 02:42 04:54 Check precontrast t 1 _tse_sag_p2_ 180mm_2mm tl_tse sag_p2_180mm_2mm 22 tra 512 02:28 04:50 fi2d Description Resoluption Admitting Diagnosis 201704 0412-144909-DST-I a Scheduled clinical libraries Brain Last Namne Last Narne Last Name Vida Vida Atxhmen AMomen Head head Breast Implant Selection Generic Mews (1 result(s), 24537 PM) ti f12d tra t1_fl2d_tra t2_tse tra 512 t2_tsei_tra_512_ t2_qtse_tra_p3 t1_mprage_tra_p2_iso V _tse tra 512 t2 tse_dark-fluid tra_p2 t2_qtse dark-fluid tra t2_tse dark-fluid tra_p2 t2_tse_tra_p1 tse tra 512 3mm f12d tra inject contrast agent win—ect contrast agent Prepare injector tse tra 512 3mm tra_p2 160 02:44 04:14 02:58 04:54 03:54 00:17 03:153 04:56 0244 t2 02414 MPRAssiW1m+l diffusion Brain Dot Engine without diffusi advanced applications libraries ti_ fl2d cor tl fl2d cor f12d tra Table Positioning Strategy tl tse t2 tse t2 tse_dark-fiui tl ISO-LOC Settings dark-fluid tra_p2 tse dark-fluid tra t2_tse_dark-fluid tra_p2 dark-flui tse dark-fluid sag_p2 dark-fluid 0466 t1_tse_dark-tluid_trag_p2 dark-fluid tra_p2 tse Cardiac Basic Basic t2_ tse dark-fluid Accession Nr. Accession Nr_ Accession Nr a Y Procedure Desc inject contrast agent tl fl2d_sag_2mm t 1 _fl2d_sag_p2_3mm first Name First Narne First Name t2_qtse_dark-fiuid_trag_p2 t2_space_dark-fluid sag_p2_iso t2 qtse dark-fluid_srag_p3 Medical Information 01:19 03:13' clinical libraries tl fl2d tra tl fl2d cor tl ti f12d tra tl fl2d_tra_p2 ti fl2d tra fl2d tra fl2d cor swi_tra_p2_1 ,5mm t2_tse tra 512 mprage_sag_p2_iso mprage_tra_p2_iso , 5mm 03:54 02:142 04:14 0242 01 cor Please note that the learning material is for training purposes only! Dot Add-ln Configurator @ ISO-LOC tra_512_3mm 12 tra 3mnm tra 3mm Care Bolus Check precontrast t2_ tse dark-fluid dark-fluid_sag_p3 programs @ MPR Assigl AutoAlign Scoute Cardiac Mar*er Localization Breast IrrWant Selection Cardiac Marker Localization Patient Req. Proc. ID Req. Proc ID tl_vibe_e-dixon_tra_bh_pre 0364 Dot Addln ISO - LOC Setbings ISO - LOC Settings ti tl tl _mprage_sag tl _mprage_sag_p2 iso tl_mprage_ 05:21 05:09 0521 tl _mprage_sag_p2 iso 0521 0530 Title Local range t? tse t2_tse tra 512 t2_tse_tra_512 t2_qtse_tra_p3 tra 512 3mnm tra 3mnm 02:44 Isocenter ti fl2d cor 9 t2_space_sag_iso_p6 t1_fl2de_sag_p2_3mm m2_sprage_sag_p2_iso t1_mprage_srag_p2_iso m2_sprage_sag_p2o_iso t2 _sprace_sag_p2_iso t2_space_sag_p2_iso t2_space_sag_iso_p6 9 t2_space_sag_p2_iso_p6 ti cor t2_space_sag_p2_iso_p6 mprage_sag_p2 iso t1_mprage_trag_p2_iso mprage_tra_p2_iso _iso 05 02:42 04:54 15 01:16 0242 03:54 04 01 First Name • librarv • library library tl t2_ range 04:5438 resolve resotve_3scan_trace_tra_p2_160 Allergies Alerts O 160 0244 _p2_130 Allerties Alleragies Basc Deaston Cardiac SAX Planning tra 512 0125 0244 tse Vida Abdomen Study Descnpton Head clinical libraries Study Descnptvon Study Descnpton Study Description dinical lüaries clinical lüaries lesion tænenc Mews' ISO-LOC Settings Admitting Diagnosis t2_ tse tra 512 3mm t2_tse tra 512 dark-fluid anglGgraphy_ce localizer Accessi —R 10 160 M f12d cor tl f12d cor t2_space_sag_p2_iso_p6 t1_mprage_tra_p2_iso fl2d cor tof_fl3d_tra tse _sag_p2 04:34 02:58 04:14 02:42 05:09 Confirm before start Cardiac Standard BOLD Check precontrast t2_ t2 tse dark-flui t2 tse t2 tse dark-flu dark-fluid 04:14 04:324 05:21 04:18 tl tse tl _mprage_sag_p2 iso tse tra trauma tra 3mm transverse 5crnl t2_ t2 tse dark-fluid tora_3mm t2 t2_tse_dark-fluid_tra t2_tse dark-fluid_tra dark-fluid tra_p2 t2_qtse dark-fluid tra Study Comment Medical Alerts 04:50 tl_vibe_dixon_tra_bh_arterial t2 dark-nluid tra To—al 04:10 * Last Name ov 220-220 WR Plan*' Care Bdus Breast Auto Coverage Scout Mddle Narne Mddle Name Il 01 t2_haste haste cor thick slab bh mperages ti_ m2_sprage_trag_p2_iso t2_hase_tra_p2 pend ISO-LOC Settings 03:154 02:44 This material is to be used as training material only and shall by no means substitute the Operator Manual. t2 T2 19 V tse tra 512 V tse V _tse tra 512 t2 tse tra 512 tra 512 dark-fluid tra_p2 0014 0244 02442 t2 tse V tse Pa use tra 3mm tra 512 tse dark-fluid tra 0244 Prepare injector Scheduled 1174 643 Fov t2_haste_cor_thick_slab_bh Append Insert Cardiac Breast Basic Generic Views tra 01119 f12d resolve_3scan_trace_tra_p2_ 160 04:543 02:44 cortical archtecture Queue resolve_3scan_trace_tra_p2_160 01:19 03:15 04:10 12 10 11 t2 f12d_sag_p2_3rnm trufl tra bh 03:15 • Patient • Patient ID 201704 3 vibe dixon tra bh arterial t.spine t. spine 1174 t2_space_sag_iso_p6 t2_space_sag_iso_pö t1_mprage_tra_p2_iso 02:42 Breast Dynamic GRASP Care Bolus 00:13 Allergies white matter lesions Append Pause-.- Shift+Del E 16:46 E 12:49 t2_swi_tra_p2 t2 tra_p2 t2_swi_tra_p2_16m m t2_qtswi_tra_p2 t2 swi tra t2_swi_tra_p2_1 Ern m tra_p2_1 Emm t2 svh tra_p2_ 1.5rnm 512 E 09:51 E 18:45 E 15:47 E 22:15 E 05:34 22:49 tl 3 Alerts o Care Bolus 3D ti f12d 05:19 01119 tra * Date of Birth M/d'yyyy contrast agent contrast tM f13d 05:34 Breast mplant Selection Interactive Real Time Auto Load t1f_fl2d_tra tl fl2d tra ti fl2d tra tof_fl3d_tra 05:33 01:19 04:38 Save asw ctrl*S • Patient ID 2:58 min Manual t? mm I 2:58 min Manual G) None 2:58 min Manual 2:58 min Manual None 2:58 Manual _ None None mm I .00 1 00 100.0 100 dif-fusion gprfusvon diffusion chole-spine Vido Insert ISO-LOC Settings ISO-LOC Settings fi fl2d_sag_p2_3mm fl2d_sag_p2_3rm 04:14 02:42 sp • Age 40 40 t2_space_sag_p2_iso tl tra_p2_1 .Smm Age Age 40 Year(s) 40 Year(s) 05:21 05:09 04:14 Yeu(S) Yeu(s) t2_space_sag_p2_iso_ t2_space_sag_p2_iso mm ISO - LOC Settings General Parameters Breath-Hold Parameters tra 3rnrn tra 3rnrvn tra 3nvn Exam Strategy Standard Standard tl_ Exam Strategy 00:13 inject contrast Go GO/ Cancel &ancel Cancel ) haste cor thick slab bh Routine Resolutione Contrast Resolution Posilution Postilution Geometry System Phaseo Physio Inline Sequence Stop Stmu Stip Coninue Cardiac Marker LIGalization * Sex Fem de * Sex Sex Fernde Institution Instituction Middle Namne 04:54 03:15 Thorax Go contrast agent with contrast agent with contrast agent inject contrast agent t2_ ISO-LOC Settir ISO-LOC Settings contrast agent 0509 05:09 t2_space_sag_p2 iso 10 00:52 Fov Read 220 Slice Group tir tra FOV Read head 20 : s @ ISO-LQCSetti O Liver Pa use trag_p2 t 1 _space_sag _p2_iso tl fl2d_tra_p2 425 Breath-hold Breath-Hold Capability cardiac SAX Cardiac SAX Planning ISO - LOC t2 tse dark-fluid cor 2mm vibe dixon tra bh venous vascular t Height 15ft4in Medical Alerts Repeat and Open Table Positioning Strategy Table BLADE heart t Height 5 ft4in Height 5ft4in Height Height Sft4in •weight ft ft 4 oV2 and not yet be commercially available in every country. Due to regulatory requirements, the future Copyright Programn Selection Program Control prograrn Selection Cardiac Stmdard %rpho Slice Group Slices 39 1174 12 10 17 Breath-Hold Capability FOV Phase FOV Read Institution Name Institution Institution Nan-e 100.0 1 00 BH + AutoCoverage Institution N amne Protocol Adaptation Read SWI tl tse r tra_p2 t2 tse tra 512 t2_qtse_tra_p3 04:4314 hreart •weight 1 01.22 cor Rerun from here •weight 12125. lbs BH + @ Care Bdus advanced applications libraries Isocenter Local range Pedorming Physiaan Cancel BH + AutoCoverage Slice Thickness 3.0 protocol Adaptation mm SIEMENS Head » clinical libraries » general SIEMENS D Head clinical l'branes general _ Dot Engiæ » CB Dot Engiæ » CB _ Dot Engiæ » Atxioræn Dot Liver Eval CB . p Pause Between Breath-Holds 521 : 2:58 min Manual e 1.00 Stop tvPR Plauung Plauung tl se tra programs Auto Bolus Detection Load program to Queue Load program to Load to Queue HeadNeck64 Cancel Distance Factor 15 % 57WO 5700 57000 Programn Selection 12 tl_ t2 trufi tra bh IENS Head cdinical libraries Institution Allergies library • library Onco Auto Coverage Scout GRASP genera' Define Center Position Define Center position E 09.51 Stop QUIET Delete Skip 17rb130 tra 01:25 Position 85 The Operator's Manual shall be used as your main reference, in particular for relevant safety information LO_I P16_3 HO.O LO.I HOO LO.I P12.1 H8.9 LOO F48.5 LO.I P121 LO.O P16.3 HO.O H8.9 Body Part and Laterality mm ms Liver evaluation Refuerring Physician Performing Physician Requesting Physician Close Patient Vida head Distance Factor Addln Addln Configuration Addln Configurationm Addln Configuration„_ Cancel angiography_ce yes ass 00:13 02:44 04:55 05:34 0244 • Abdomen Dot Engine CB StarVIBE Exam Strategy Drag the triangle to body part of interest Drag the triangle to the body part of interest e mm [email protected] 220 G) None Manual None Program 22:15 orientation Orientation Average s Averages RT Planning - LOC setti Body like warnings and cautions. Program to Queue contrast agent Requesting Physician Abdomen Dot Engine TB tl _tse t2_tse tra 512 tl_tse_tra 3mm t2 tse tra 3mm tra 3mrn Position 03:015 04:38 unpaired Unpaired angiography_ce 85 Select a Prograrn or Library c-spine Spectroscopy Phase Encoding Dir. Phase Encoding Dir Concatenations Remove Copy Reference Anglo Dot Engine angiography_ce Operator Evaluation Resolutione Ionlinue Contrast Resolutione Geometry Paustem System physio Inline contrast agent General Parameters Breath-Hold Parameters Body Part and Lateralit 04:26 tl se t l_se tra_blood-suppr. tra_blood-suppr Delete Skip pause Continue Coninue copy&Go Orientation Go Cancel Patient Orientation c-spine thole-spine Evaluation Method Year(s) Phase Oversampling Automgn AutoAlign AutoAIign AutoAhlgn AutoAllgn Program Control Measurement Note: Some functions shown in this video are optional and might not be part of your system. ALI rights, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design, are reserved. Ctrl+C Delete Stmu Stop Continue copy&G0 Cancel ) t-smine Go Default Sequences [1 1 Default Sequences Il 1 Inserting a Change ISO Inserting Measurement Program Control Toolbar - Slice Group FOV Read 220 Program Toolbar and Phase Encoding Dir. ltl tse I tl tse t2 tse dixon Interaction 03:015 Coil Elements BC Delete Stop copy&Go Skip Skip stop Pause chole-spine copy&G0 Performing Physician 1700.0 Height Copy Head First Supine 20 Exam Strategy Breath-hold Breath-Hold Capability ISO LOC Settings step 15 % neck soft tissue Slices 39 Phase Phaseo 1 00 Alternatively select one of the existing positions. &hole-spine tl _tse fs tra I Safety relevant Information needs to be validated and confirmed Position Insteraction Interaction Pause Phause Pa use Safety relevant Information needs to be validated and confirmed *Mandatory information t tvlandatory Information *tvlandatory Information t tvlandatory information copy & CO and GO Button Thorax I Safety relevant information needs to be validated and confirrned Postitution Center position H Center Position H Center Position F 32 mm O mm 0 mm SAR USER USAR Stjmu Stimu Stop Protocol Adaptation BH + AutoCoverage neck sott tissue Auto Breath-Hold Commands English (United S Requesting Physician Slice Thickness 3.0 Delete Browse vith contrast agent Local Data Læal Data Prior Studies Prior Prior Stufies prior Studies Save Cancel Delete Exam with contrast agent Head First Sugine SAR 1121.25 : Auto Bolus Detection Clear All Shift+Del Distance Factor 12 15 1700.0 5700.0 mm Wading for slice positioning Waning for slice positioning Wading for user to continue. Wading for user to continue Waning for user to continue. Waiting for user to continue Wading for scan instructions. Waning for user to continue Waning for scan instructions. Waiting for use continue