Manually Ordering Calibrations on the Atellica® Solution Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to manually order calibrations on the Atellica® Solution.  For optimal viewing, select the arrows on the right of the playbar after the video begins.

To manually create calibration orders using the active calibration lot for reagent packs currently on board, the system access the reagent overview screen by first selecting inventory at the command bar. The first tab is reagent overview. All of the reagent packs currently on board the system are listed. The calibration status column displays colored icons to indicate the current status of the calibration for that pack. The calibration interval column provides the amount of time remaining before the current calibration expires for that reagent pack. This information can be used to determine when a calibration is close to expiring and therefore plan for when to re calibrate the pack. The calibration type in use column indicates whether the current calibration is a lot or pack calibration. The calibration eligibility column indicates what type of calibration can currently be performed on that reagent pack. To order a calibration for one of the reagent packs, first select the analyzer on the right side of the screen. Then select the reagent pack. In the reagent details area of the screen, buttons will display with the option to calibrate based on the type of calibrations that reagent pack is eligible for. If there are multiple wells in the pack, there will be separate options to calibrate each well. Select the appropriate calibrate button and then select yes in the confirmation window to order the desired calibration. Another option for manually creating calibration orders is to use the create calibration order screen to manually order a calibration test on the command bar, select calibration. Select the Create Calibration orders tab. If desired, the tests displayed can be filtered by analyzer. And there is a search field that can be used to quickly locate a test name. To create a calibration order, select the tests to order. If the selected test has multiple calibrating materials defined for it, the calibrating materials will appear in the calibrater materials area of the screen. Select one or more materials to include in the order. Once selected, the Calibrater test orders will appear in the orders area of the screen. A calibrating material can be deleted from the order list by selecting the X icon to the left of the Calibrater name. To enter additional test options, select the Edit count order button. On this screen there is a drop down that can be used to specify the assay reagent lot used to perform the calibration in the center of the screen. That type of calibration can be specified. The default is auto select Cal type, which means that the system will automatically create either a lot or pack calibration according to the status of the pack. If you do not want the system to automatically determine if a lot are pack, calibration will be run. Select the option for the type of calibration desired to replace a valid lot or pack calibration with recalibration results. The operator must edit the new calibration order and select the appropriate type of calibration. If a valid calibration already exists and the operator does not select the calibration type, the calibration will not be ordered. Additionally, the reagent Pack ID can be selected. The number of replicates can also be selected. The number of replicates must be equal to or greater than the minimum order of replicates required to calibrate that reagent. Finally, there is an option to have the system automatically order QC when this calibration order completes. If this option is selected, ensure the appropriate QC material is on board the system. Select save to save any changes made to this screen. To complete the procedure, select the place order button and then select order to create the calibration order. This completes our overview of manually ordering calibration tests.

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SIEMENS Atellicae Solution Version Atellicae Solution Version Atellicae Solution Version Atellicae Solution Version 1.1402951003 Solution Version 1.1402951003 version Healthineers Reagent Overview Cal on Overview Reagent Loader Reagent Overaiew Reagent Detaies Sn Overview Overview on Overview S Overview Create Calibration Orders Edit Calibration Order 260227 Automated Cal braticm Order Automated Calibration Order Reagent Loader Reagent Lot Reagent Details Calibration Results Calibration Eepiration Calibratior Definitions Calibration Expiration R Needs Results Calibrator Definitions Calibration Expiration Calibratior Definitions Calibration Eepiration on Overview Overview S Overview Sn Overview Definitions Reagent Lot Comparison 'MT calibration Pack Calibration C alibration Pac Calibration Lot Expiration 'MT Calibration Lot Comparison Calibration Cal-QC Storage Inventory cal-QC Needs cal-ac Needs Needs • To use a calibrator lot other than the active lot Select Assays Calibrator Material CMOOIIO Edit Calibration Order 260227 Edit Calibration Order C-PI -06, Alb, 260227 Calibration Order Confirmation Calibration Expiration Analyzer I-P1-06 Analyzer I C-PI-(E Analyzer c-PI-06 Analyzer ICPI & Analyzer Identifier Analyzer c-P1-06 Analyzer CPI & Analyzer Assay cal Exp Reagent Lot cal Expe Cal Name cal ID Lat ID cal Exp Pack ID cal IDp Pack cal Lot Cal ID cal Lot Cal Lot Exp Another approach tor creating calibration orders is to have the system set up to automatically create the orders. Reagent Loader Reagent Lot Reagent Overview Reagent Detaies Reagent Details Reagent Loader Assay and Lot I Alb 128433 Assay and Lot Alb 128433 Alb, ca. crea_2, DBil_2, GluH_3, IP, TBil_2, Trig, Alb, ca. crea_2, DBil_2, GluH_3, TBil_2, LIA, Alb, ca, crea_2, DBil_2, GluH_3, TBil_2, LIA, Alb, ca, crea_2, DBil_2, GluH_3, IP, TBil_2, Trig, Alb, ca, crea_2, DBil_2, GluH_3, VP, TBil_2, Trig, LIA, Alb, ca, crea_2, DBil_2, GluH_3, VBil_2, Trig, LIA, Alb, ca. crea_2, DBil_2, GluH_3, TBil_2, Ing, LIA, Alb, ca. Chol_2. crea_2, DBil_2. GluH_3, Iron_2, IP, TBil_2, Alb, ca, Chol_2. crea_2, DBil_2. GluH_3, Iron_2, TBdl_2, Onboard Unloard Onboard Ccalibration Calibration Pack Calibration C alibration 'MT calibration Pac Calibration 'MT calibration Calibration 'MT Calibration Pack Calibration Lot Calibration Cal Type cal Type Cal Type In cal Exp Cal Name cal IDp 2/282019 PM Analyzer Reagents Reagents Reagent Inventory Inventory Sequence Sequence cal Eligibility UN_c Stability Stability Interval In use Status cal Exp cal IDp cal ID cal Lot Exp Tesults cal Type Cal Type cal Lot cal Expe cal IDp Cal Name Cal Type In cal Exp Results Tests cal Lop Alc 3 Name AmplK Amylas Ampl K Alb, ca. crea_2. DBil_2. GluH_3. TBil_2, Trig. 10 13 910 Alc_3 Alc 3 Ed 22 h 00079 / 00071 00428 / 00218 00090/ 00056 00030 / 00031 10042 10038 0009 / 00051 00144 / 00075 / 00102 00102 26 d 22 h 50 d 20 h O9d21h Od0h 14dOh 273121 270428 and Pack Lot and Pack Pack I cal ID Lot ID 270433 270428 TO cancel the calibration order, select Cancel 260227-00204 71 d 2 h 71d2h Create Calibration Orders Automated Cal braticm Order 712 d 2 h 11 d2h 2 h 1676 Automated Calibration Order Pack Calibration Pack Location CH Reagent Compartment I CM00110 CM00113 11 d2h Id23h 00102/00102 00102 00102 10040 / 10035 10030 / 10036 00301 10025 10030 / 10035 00301 100252 O6dOh 127d2h 14dOh O4dOh 11 d2h 79dOh 160161 373121 Lot Pack L ot and Pack Position 43 ALTPL2c ASO_2c ALTPLc ALTP_2c Status CM00113 1188 00061 100045 10040 / 10035 10040 10035 160162 373121 27d121h Lot and Pack Lot Pack Int and Pack and Pack Sequence Number ALTPLc Ampl K AmplK Amp 1K 896d22h O4dO21h 10042 10038 10030 / 10036 10042 / 10038 373121 273121 Lot Pack Lot and Pack Pack pack 009220 00187 00922 Count Remaining Tests Remaining 338 Amp 500 Am 9500 Orders CM00113 CM00110 86dO23h 2163d22h 127d2h 216d22h 16d22h 00187 00833 01395 S7d3h S7d36h S7d236h S8d16h S7d23h Lot Pack and Pack Autoselect Cal Type Onboard Stability 8024/2018 PM 5/24/2018 PM 802/2018 PM Cal Name cal Type Cal Type cal IDp cal Expe Reagents Reagent Lot Reagent Loader Reagent Overview Reagent Reagent Loa Resulnts Automatic Interval Tests Remaining Analyzer Identifier Analyzer I-P1-06 Analyzer ICPI & Assay Cal cal ID cal Lot cal Exp cal IDp Pack Pack ID cal ID cal IDp Lat ID Edit order Edit cal order 'MT calibration Calibration Lot Expiration C alibration Lot Comparison 11:59:59 PM APO Al A I ASO_2 Lotk Calibration C alibration Pack Calibration Calibrcation Ccalibration 'MT calibration C alibrcation Calibration CM00113 89dZ21h 00220 00571 / 00571 00075 / d23h Lot Pack Lot and Pack and Pack Verification Calibrcation Calibration Expiration Calibration Order Confirmation Calibration Results Calibrator Definitions 5/31/2018 Pack Calibration C alibration 'MT calibration Calibration Calibrcation calibration 'MTk Calibration Manual Measuring interval Verification Manual Measunng Interval Verification Lotk Calibration Manual Measuring Interval Verification : (CC) (CC) Lot and Pack 79dOh 86dOh 86dO1h 86dO23h g6dOh 00266100922 00428 00428 00218 Id23h Od22h 86dOh g6dOh and Pack Lot Pack Pack Pack I Pack ID Lat ID cal ID Pack Pack 260227-00204 Well 1 pack 1 Pack 1 "Ready I Ready 'Ready Reagent Lot Expired Test count Test count 163 BLUE Bnz200 001220 009220 01230 00075 / 00075 O27d22h 863dO2h 11d22h 124d22h g6d22h 841088 C02-c 213d21h 863d22h 160160 260227-00204: well 1 260227-00204: wen 1 Replicates 3 Replicates Time Punctured Punctured P unctured S'2U20181 PM Changing the Perform QC with Calibration setting here applies to the current calibration order only and 260227-00204: well 2 260227-00204 2 CalbOrate Pack 13 50 d 20 h eupn dupn 00030 / 10071 00301 100252 10040 / 10035 10030 10036 00102 00102 00079 / 00071 10030 / 10035 00079 / 00051 00090 00056 00428 / 00218 0001 10005 00090/ 00056 Id23h O3d22h 163d22h Perform QC With Calibration Perform QC with Calibration Perform QC With Cal 127d2h 12 d 2 h 00090 00056 00061 100045 00056 Id23h 270467 0601602 11 Test Count Test count 175 Test count 163 Test count I Sealed Crea_2 910 847d21h 11 d2h 12 d 2 h 00061 100045 10040 10035 003061 100045 00301 100252 00079 / 00051 00079 / 00071 10030 / 10035 10030 10036 00102 00122 00922 00187 g6d22h d 22 h 0601602 160160 Lot Calbrate pack pack Cal Orate Lot CM00113 10 13 910 DLDL 213d22h 213d21h O27dO2h 11d22h 14dO1h O6dOh g6dO23h g6dOh O6dO23h 86dOh 002661002922 002921009290 00102/1001902 00292100290 00102 00102 00102 100102 00102/00102 12 d 2 h 26 d 22 h 50 d 20 h 127d22h 11 d2h 13d22h 11d22h tSd22h 160160 160162 Chol_2 Chol_? 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