Manually Ordering Patient Tests on the Atellica® Solution Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to manually order patient tests on the Atellica® Solution. For optimal viewing, select the arrows on the right of the playbar after the video begins.

To manually order a patient test on the command bar, select patient orders. The first tab is the create Patient Orders tab. The required fields to create a test order are sample ID, specimen type, and test. Enter the sample ID by either using the handheld barcode scanner to scan the sample tube or enter the ID manually. There is an option to enter a rack ID. This would be used in a direct load configuration if non barcoded tubes were being run. Enter the specimen type using the dropdown menu. To specify a manual dilution factor, enter the factor in the manual dilution field. The four study checkbox option can be used for lot to lot comparison studies, duplicate measurements, or performing evaluations. If orders are run under four study, the results will transmit to the LIS only if the operator manually selects to transmit. An option is available to select a priority stat. Samples have the highest priority, followed by ASAP samples and then routine samples. Select the additional sample information. Double arrows to enter more details about the sample. There are options to enter the sample collection date, sample received date and sample comments. The comments can be manually entered or selected from a drop down list of preconfigured comments. Select OK to save any changes to this screen. Under the patient demographic section, there are options to enter the patient ID, patient name, date of birth, sex, and location. Select the additional patient information. Double arrows to enter more details about the patient. On the additional patient information screen there are several options available to enter detailed patient information, including patient status, labadie physician details, and comments. To order the tests, there is an option to 1st filter the tests by module type. Select the select tests field to display a list of the available tests. Select the test to order. The test will display in the orders section of the screen. To add a multiple test order, select the plus icon next to the test order. To delete a test order, select the X icon next to the test order. To add a replicant test order, select the Replicants dropdown to select how many replicates to order. To specify a system, perform dilution, select the dilution factor in the dilution dropdown list. To enter additional test options, select the double Arrows next to the edit test options. On this screen there are options to specify the Analyzer, reagent, lot and reagent pack, which will be used to run that test. Select OK to save any changes made to this screen. Complete the procedure by selecting the save button to create the test order. This completes our overview of manually ordering patient tests.

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SIEMENS • SIEMENS Atellicae Solution Version 1.14.02951003 Atellicae Solution Version 1. Atellica Solution Version 1.14.02951003 Healthineers Heatthineers Healthineers Multiple Orders Orders In ID C Pa6•nt B'tch Order by R ack Create Bach Order by Rack Cr•at• Batch Order by Rack Creat• Batch Order by Rack Create Batch Order by Rack Bach Order by Rack Batch Orders by SID Bach by Rack Batch Order by Rack Batch Orders by SIO Creat Bach Order by Rack Breat Bach Order by Rack Create Padent Orders Create Create Padient Orders Create Pa6•nt Orders Create PaOient Orders Batch Orders by SID Batch Orders by SIO Bach Order by Rack Edit Edit Multiple Orders Multiple Orders View Batch Orders C_ Test Teat Selection s Teat Selections Test Options Selections Enter test names. separated by commas, Enter test names, separated by commas. Enter test names. separated by commas. Sample Information Sample ID sample ID 112345 Select Tests sample 12345 Sample ID Sample 10 Sample Module Type Rack Rack ID Orders Additional patilent Information Additional Samplent Information Specimen Serum Specimen System Test Options Test X Test Teat Selections Dilution ReX:ates Rex:ates System Test Options Test Options Manual Dilution Dilution CEA (Undiluted) Test Name CEA C] For study For Study (Undiluted) Analyzer Collections (O) Rouüne (O) Routine (0) Routine Routine Priority priority Routine Received STAT ASAP In Additional Samplent Information Additional Sample Information Additional patilent Information Additional Satilent Information Physician Name I Pack Comment I Patient Demographics Patient patient Comment 2 First Comment 3 Comment 1 Middle -7 00B 15 Additional patient ID In Thursday, May 10, 2018830 AM Tru-sday, May 10, 2018830 AM Thursday, May 2018830 AM Tru-sday, May 2018830 AM