Manually Ordering QC Tests on the Atellica® Solution Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to manually order QC tests on the Atellica® Solution.  For optimal viewing, select the arrows on the right of the playbar after the video begins.

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SIEMENS . AtellicaTM Solution Version I. 11.027 11027 sp00107 Healthineers Create QC Orders QC Statistics QC Patient ac Flagging ac Definitions ac ac Panels + Contrd Name + contrd Name Contre Name + Contre Name CmtraName + Contra Name Name Level Level Control 10 Level Control ID Control 10 Control ID Control X Ccntrol Control Lot Control 10 Cmntrol Lot Contre Lot Expiratbn Onb»rd Contre Lat Expiratdl Onb»rd Contre Lot Expiratön Onb»rd Contrel Lot Expiratön On-b»rd Control Lot Exptraton Or-bard Contrel Lot Expiratbn Onb»ard Contre La Expiratbn Contrel Lot Expiratbn On-b»rd Onboard IA 40343 11/302019 present PLUS 2 11/302019 Select Tests Tests System Test Options 40343 ModL* Type Mod & Type ModL& Type ModWe Type Modi_le Type Type Tests Test Nane X Test Name It the operator adds duplicate tests to the same QC order, the operator can perform the same test on different modules using different reagent Alc_3 lots or packs. This option provides additional reportable result choices. ALP_2c X Ccntrol + Contrdl Name X Cmntrol + Contrd Name Rack 10 ' Rack ID Postion' Rack ID postion' Rack 10 Postion' Rack 10 Z Position' X Test Name Test Nane X Test Name Replicates System Test Options + Contral Name Cont'd Name Level Control ID Level Levd Cmtrol ID Lot Control ID IA ID Cmntrol Lot Control ID Control 10 Cc:ntrol Lot Control Lot Cmtrol Lot Lot L ot Lot Expiration Lot Expiratimn Lot Expiratbon Lot Expiratdl Lot Expiratdln Onboard onboard Onb•ard Rack 10 10 Position Postion X Test Name Replicates System Test Optms X Test Name Replicates System Test Optmons Test Replicates System Test Options Replicates Systemn Test Options Replicates System Test Optmons K FSH X IA X FSH Present Il Edit IA I Pack t Pack IA PLUS 2 Present present FSH 2 Pack D-HDL D_HDL 0Bi1_2 oag_2 Dig LAPtUS3 LA IA 40343 40341 40343 40341 13 11002719 Present Diltænt Pack Diluent Pack YuH_3 LabManager Monday, 09, 2:56 PM