Manually Removing Sample Tip Trays on the Atellica® IM Analyzer Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video will explain how to manually remove sample tip trays on the Atellica® IM Analyzer.

This video will show the procedure that can be used to manually remove sample tip trays on the atellica. I am analyzer this would need to be done when prompted by a system error message. Follow the directions in the error message to remove one or more jammed sample tip trays. First ensure that the I am analyzer is in the stop state by selecting the system button on the command bar. Next select status. Then select the italica. I am analyzer icon. If the analyzer is not already stopped, select the pause button to allow the system to complete any testing currently in process. The system will pause and then go to stop state. Then unlock the IM front cover by first selecting the button to unlock the front cover. And open the IM front cover. You must open the cover within 30 seconds of unlocking, otherwise the cover will relock lift up and open the IEM Tiptree loader cover. Lift up the Tiptree to remove it. Close the IM Tiptree loader cover. Close the IM cover. Next, check to make sure there are not any Tiptree covers stuck in the Tiptree waste area. To do this, open the solid waste door by first navigating to the IAM supplies overview screen. Select inventory in the command bar. Then select supplies overview. Select the atellica. I am analyzer icon. And then select the open Tiptree waste drawer button. Open the solid waste door and then pull out the sample tip tray waste drawer. Then remove any jam tip tray covers as appropriate. Close the sample Tiptree waste drawer. And solid waste door. To complete this procedure, resume the IAM Analyzer by selecting the resume button on the IM System status screen to bring the analyzer back to the ready state. This completes the procedure to manually remove sample tip trays on the atellica. I am analyzer.

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