Monitoring Sample Status on the Atellica® Direct Load Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to monitor sample status for samples processed by the Atellica® Direct Load. For optimal viewing, select the arrows on the right of the playbar after the video begins.

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SIEMENS Solution Version I Solution Verslon I .11.12768003 Healthineers Work I i St Work I St Simulate Load Rack Sample List Sample ID Samplese Y, Filters Sample Details Sample Priority Sample Test Status Sample Issues Sample st Sarnples Sample List Complete SanWe ID Sample se Sample ID Sample Cotaine Sample Tetaius GluH.PIW1.E-3 GluH-PIW1-E-7 Search Data SanWe ID Sanwe ID San-We ID Sample Tm Scanned Scanned Time Load Type Sample ID Sample st Sample Tm SanWe ID Sample List Sample se Accept Omit Test Interpretation priority Routine Sample st Failed Barcode Read Failed Barcode Invalid Barccxfe 12/13/2017 3:04:18 PM 12/13/2017 PM AK030658 • 1 AK030658 . 1 Test Status patent Status Complete Rack ID Load Type Dec 2 Complete Namplete Source source Rack Address: BZ040000 - 1 RackAddress: BZ040000 1 Automation System AUt0matton System AUt0mation System Manual Dilution Scanned Time Unloaded Time 12/13/2017 PM 8123 Intervention Needed Date of Birth 12/14/2017 12:36:22 PM 1211412017 123107 PM 12/13/2017 3:04:18 PM Unloaded Time Aspiated Time Scanned Time Sample Tme Sample Type Unloaded Time Aspirated Time Aspirated •nme Aspiated Time Patient Assay error Test Status patent Status Sample Container Primary Tube False Bottom Tube False Bottom Sample Cotaine Sample Fluid Sample Type Serum GluH.PIW1.E-3 12/13/2017 PM AK030658 . 6 Sample Samplete Problems Associated None Sample Priority Sample Issues Sample Issuis Sample Container Failed Barcode Needed 12/13/2017 PM AK030658 2 1 Sample Issues Sample Fluid Sample List Sample Tme Sample Issuis 0283 0958 AK030658 . 1 AK030658 2 1 "0<030658 . 3 . 3 Sample Test Status Sample Priority Sample Issues Sample Details AM 0903 0958 0283 0953 Complete 12/12/2017 No Orders 12/12/2017 12/12/'2017 12/'12/'2017 AK030658 2 1 AK030658 1 6 AK030658 2 4 AK030658 . 1 Com* Track 320001001 No Orders NO Orders 12/13/2017 PM AK030658 Print Results Dismiss Problem Samples Alert Wednesday, 18, 2017 Wednesday, 2017