Monitoring Sample Status on the Atellica® Sample Handler Video Version 1.25 and Below

This video provides instructions on how to monitor sample status for samples processed by the Atellica® Sample Handler. For optimal viewing, select the arrows on the right of the playbar after the video begins.

To monitor sample tube status on the command bar, select samples. The first tab is the sample handler tab. This screen displays the status of samples that are currently in the sample handler drawers. On the right side of the screen, the first tab is racks. The Racks tab provides the status of each sample container position and all racks present in the sample drawers. Select Iraq to view more detailed information for the samples in that rack. On the left side of the screen, the sample ID and sample status will display for each sample in the selected rack. To view more detailed information for a particular sample, select the sample on the left side of the screen. Those sample details tab on the right side of the screen will display status information for the selected sample. To view the status of the tests ordered on the sample, select the details button in the sample details tab. The patient sample detail screen displays there are two tabs on this screen. Patient test data and sample and patient information on the patient test out of tab. The status of tests ordered on that sample are displayed. If applicable. There are options to accept, repeat, omit or hold results on the right side of the screen. There are function buttons that apply to a selected test. This includes options to repeat the test. View QC statistics. Add a result to the test and add comments to the result. Additionally, there are options that applied to the sample. Selecting the edit this order button opens the order detail screen, which allows you to add test orders to the sample. On the sample and patient Information tab, additional detailed information on the sample is displayed, including when the sample was processed, and patient demographics. After making any changes to the screen, the save button must be selected to save the changes. To return to the sample handler screen, select close. The second tab under samples is the sample list. The sample List tab displays the current sample status for all samples on the system, including samples in the sample handler drawers. Samples in the Calcu See Storage area and samples on the Atellica magline transport the left side of the sample list screen contains a list of filters that can be used to filter the sample list by load type, sample type, sample priority, sample issues, or sample progress. The options that are selected in the filters area will determine which samples are displayed. In the main area of the screen. The main area of the screen displays information for each sample. To sort the list, select the column heading. To view more detailed information for a sample, select the sample. The details area of the screen will display detailed information about the selected sample. There are function buttons at the bottom of the screen. The recall button can be used to return a sample that is on the atellica magline transport to a sample handler drawer. Before recalling a sample, make sure at least one empty routing track with empty positions must be available in an appropriate output area or sort area in a sample drawer. After selecting the recall button, wait for the system to display a message indicating the location of the recalled sample. Selecting the details button will display the patient sample detail screen. As discussed earlier in this simulation, the patient sample details screen can be used to view the status of tests ordered on the sample and perform functions such as ordering a repeat test, an viewing QC statistics. Selecting the view sample button displays the sample handler screen for that sample. This completes our overview of monitoring sample tube status.

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