MR Basic syngo Dot Class (E-line software) Assessment

Assessment for the MR Basics syngo® Dot Class which introduces the MR technologist to the user interface and operating software implemented on the MAGNETOM® Aera and Skyra systems (exceptions: Aera 24 and Refurbished Aera & Skyra systems). Through the use of demonstrations, lecture, and hands-on labs using simulation consoles, participants will learn the basic principles and workflow of patient examinations.

Course Objectives:
  • Demonstrate how register a patient
  • Demonstrate patient and image management in the Patient Browser
  • Demonstrate how to evaluate and/or modify images in the Viewing Task card
  • Demonstrate how to film and process patient images in the Filming Task Card
  • Show how to create MIP and MPR reconstructions in the 3D Task Card
  • Show how to compose images from contiguous table positions in the Composing Task Card
  • Identify the Dot Cockpit and how to locate pro