MR Numaris XA20 Upgrade with Excelerate or Elite Software Checklist

Virtual Training Checklist for the syngo Numaris XA20 Upgrade for MR Systems with XA11A or B with Excelerate or Elite Software

syngo MR Numaris XA20 Upgrade (XA11A/B with Excelerate or Elite Software) Virtual Training Checklist SIEMENS SIEMENS Unrestricted Healthineers Topic Est. Time to Technologists Complete Initials CES Initials Date Completed GOBrain/GOBrain+ ~15 min MDME sequence for SyMRI (OpenApps) ~15 min Compressed Sensing Time-of-Flight (if Purchased) ~30 min Simultaneous Multi-Slice Resolve ~15 min Compressed Sensing SPACE (if Purchased) ~30 min GOKnee3D ~15 min Compressed Sensing SEMAC (if Purchased) ~30 min SPACE Dark-Fluid TIRM DSC Perfusion without Distortion Correction ~30 min BOLD acquisition with SMS GOLiver ~30 min LiverLab Dot Engine (if Purchased) ~30 min Simultaneous Multi-Slice Dixon ~30 min Fat Fraction % Maps ~30 min MR Elastography- New pulse sequence type (if Purchased) ~15 min Improved Fat Suppression in Breast Imaging with STIR ~15 min ZOOMitPRO (if Purchased) ~30 min Beat Interactive for real-time imaging (if applicable) ~15 min RT Respiratory Self-Gating ~30 min Improved Retro Recon Interface ~15 min MR View&GO ~1 Hour Total Estimated Time to Complete Pre- Training: ~8 Hours Customer MR Clinical Education Specialist Customer Name Print Name Signature & Functional Location # Date Unrestricted SIEMENS Healthingers ILCHETOH VUL SIEMENS Healthineers Siemens Healthineers Headquarters USA Siemens Healthcare GmbH Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. Henkestr. 127 Healthcare 91052 Erlangen, Germany 40 Liberty Boulevard Phone: +49 9131 84-0 Malvern, PA 19355-9998, USA Phone: +1-888-826-9702 Unrestricted