MR Patient Experience

This video lets your patients know what to expect during their MRI exam. 

Welcome. In this video, we'd like to tell you a little bit about your upcoming MRI examination. As soon as you arrive at the hospital or facility, please check in at the reception area. Here you will be given a patient questionnaire to fill out. You can use the time in the waiting room to complete the questionnaire. An MRI examination lasts between 20 and 60 minutes. Therefore we advise you to use the restroom before the start of your exam. MRI is also called magnetic resonance imaging or nuclear magnetic resonance and is particularly suitable for providing images of the internal organs. Unlike other imaging methods such as computed tomography or X Ray, MRI does not expose you to harmful radiation as soon as it is your turn you will be called an accompanied to a changing room. The MRI scanner works with a strong magnetic field. So you will be asked to remove all metal objects in the changing room. These include eyeglasses and jewelry, but remember there might also be metal objects in the clothes you are wearing like zippers or bra wires. Some metal objects may be located inside your body and therefore cannot be removed. These include implants, pacemakers, an prosthesis which, depending on the material they are made of, may be affected by the magnetic field. It is very important that you inform the staff if you have any such device or implant. If you are scheduled for a head examination, it is advisable to attend the appointment without makeup or fake eyelashes. Some cosmetics such as Eye Shadow or mascara contain metal particles which can have an effect on the image quality. Colored large surface tattoos can also be affected by the magnetic field. It is possible that tattoos may feel slightly warm. During the examination, as soon as you've gotten changed, you will be brought into the preparation room. There you will discuss the completed patient questionnaire with the staff. For some examinations, contrast medium has to be administered in order to distinguish some structures more clearly. If this has been planned for you, you will get an Ivy or be fitted with a port. Depending on the body region to be examined, you will be positioned either head first or feet first on the patient table. Usually you will lie on your back. However, for some examinations you will be asked to lie on your stomach. The medical staff will make you as comfort rible as possible. Do not hesitate to ask for more cushions or blankets. If the position you are lying in is uncomfortable. When the contrast medium enters your body. The area might feel a little cold or warm. You may also feel an increased urge to urinate. Some patients have also reported a metallic taste in their mouth. Sensations are completely normal and will subside after a short while before the staff leaves the room, a ball will be placed in your hand. You can squeeze the ball to make contact with the medical staff via an intercom. At anytime you feel that you have to interrupt the examination. You will receive special headphones or earplugs to protect your hearing during the loud phases. In the examination room you will see various coils. The medical staff will select a coil relevant to your examination and place it on the part of the body to be examined. As soon as you have been prepared for the examination, you will be moved into the MRI scanner and the examination can begin. The staff will leave the room while the examination is being performed, but will constantly monitor you from the control room where they conduct the examination and check whether your images are clear. The staff can also make contact with you via the intercom, for example to give instructions. For some parts of the examination, you will have to hold your breath for a few seconds or breathe very shallowly. If this is required for your examination, you will be informed in good time. Let us briefly demonstrate what it will be like when you later lie inside the MRI scanner. If you are examined on your back, you will see the bore of the scanner very close above you. This might feel strange. Many patients find it relaxing to close their eyes and allow themselves to be distracted by positive thoughts. It is very important that you remain still throughout the examination. As soon as you move, the images will blur, just like when you take pictures with the camera. Blurred images cannot be interpreted. And the examination will have to be repeated. So please try to remain as still as possible. The MRI scanner makes a noise which you can hear in the examination room even when it is not actively scanning. Depending on the type of MRI scan the sound rhythm an frequency will change over the course of the different phases of the examination. That is quite normal. As soon as your examination is over, the staff will remove you from the MRI scanner. Take your time to get up so that your circulation can adjust to being seated and standing up. The examination is now complete and you can get dressed again afterward. The radiologist will evaluate your EMAR images and pass on the report. At the place of your examination, you will be told how long the evaluation will take an next steps. Now you know what to expect when you undergo an MRI examination and hopefully feel well prepared. Please do not hesitate to talk to the medical staff if you have any further questions. Good luck with your examination.

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