MRI Safety - Chapter 4 In case of emergency

This video provides an overview of what to do in case of emergency.

Chapter 4 in case of emergency. To react properly during an emergency, you have to be able to identify the type of emergency. In case of an accident caused by the electrical equipment or in case of fire, press, the emergency shutdown switch. The emergency shutdown switch turns off the electrical power of the entire EMAR system, but does not shut down the magnet field. The table stop button when pressed stops the motorized table movement so the table can be moved manually. The table stop button is located on the intercom and on the right and left side of the patient table. The table stop is used in cases of emergency, for example injury due to table movement or during a code to remove the patient quickly and safely from the magnet board. In the case of an extreme emergency where there is risk of harm and even death, press the magnets top switch immediately and it will quench the magnetic field. This means that superconductivity breaks down and the magnetic field is dissipated within around 20 seconds. Attention. This does not apply for permanent magnets which can't be switched off at all. During a quench, helium escapes noisily through the quench pipe. In case the quench pipe fails, helium can enter the examination room. All personnel should leave the examination room as soon as possible. Direct contact with subzero liquids. Gases in surface is, for instance, the exhaust line in quench pipes may lead to frostbite. Siemens service must be called following a quench, since the magnet can only be put back into operation by train. Siemens service personnel. For safety reasons, take the recommendations for operating personnel seriously and ensure regular scheduled maintenance is performed on your MRI equipment. Create emergency plans that describe the measures, patients, personnel and rescue workers should take in response to potential dangers. Conduct regular emergency exercises with emerin non Mr personnel that have access to the Mr Magnet Room. Provide precise documentation in case of an emergency. Provide non magnetic tools for cleaning service and emergency responders in case of an emergency. It's very important to know which nonmagnetic rescue tools are available. Be informed. This video serves only a supplement to a more comprehensive safety program. M are safety related information is described in the instructions for use Operation Manual System Owner Manual. Siemens accepts no responsibility for the safety, reliability and performance of the EMAR system. If the Mr System is not used and maintained in accordance with the instructions for use.

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