MRI Safety - Introduction

This video gives you an overview of MRI safety. It prepares you for the upcoming four chapters of this important training.

Mr Imaging is truly fascinating. The noninvasive imaging technique delivers unique views of the human body without ionizing radiation. But if safety regulations are not observed, there is a higher risk for danger and accidents to occur. Safety training for all personnel entering the Mr Environment is mandatory. Such training ensures the safety of personnel in the patients. In addition, don't forget to inform other people that may come into contact with the EMAR system such as emergency, responder's, fireman, ancillary staff, and cleaning personnel. They may be near the magnet for only a short time, but ensure they are aware of the dangers and take the necessary precautions when working around the magnetic field. Smoking and open flames are prohibited in the vicinity of the magnet. The operating company or organization is responsible for the safe use of the Mr System as well As for Mr Safety training for all personnel entering the EMAR environment. Several videos provide an overview of the basic safety precautions when using a magnetic resonance imaging system. The videos are divided into 4 chapters. Chapter one preface about myrrh safety. Chapter 2 pre screening EMAR workers in patients. Chapter 3 patient examination and Chapter 4 in case of emergency.

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