MRI Safety - Chapter 3 Patient examination

This video provides an overview of MRI safety with regard to patient examination.

Chapter 3 patient examination. This video provides an overview of Mer safety regulations with regards to the examination of the patient. Before positioning the patient, ensure that the coils and the cables are in proper condition and not damaged. Defective coils can cause localized to burns. Confirm that all the devices used in the examination room are compatible with the field strength of the Mr System devices. Compatible with 1.5 Tesla Mr Systems may be unsuitable for three Tesla or A7 Tesla Mr System or vice versa. When positioning the patient always have sufficient separation between patient and magnet board of 5 millimeters. Always use appropriate positioning devices for safety and comfort of the patient. Check the clothing and coils. Do not hang over the patient table. And that none of the cables form any loops. The patient should be positioned so that the legs and hands are not touching. Crossed legs, arms, or interlaced fingers can form electrical current loops that may act as an antenna for RF energy and localized burns could occur. For head first scanning, the patient should be placed in a head first position, which means that the coil base should be close to the magnet bore. If necessary, a detachable mirror can be attached to the upper part of the head and neck oil for the feet first, position the patient's head is positioned on a headrest located at the foot end of the patient table. The patient's feet are located on the back of the head heel insert. RF fields lead to warming of body tissue. In this context, an important value per body weight is the specific absorption rate SAR. Make sure to enter the correct body height, weight, sex and age into the system to calculate as they are appropriately. Attention. For magnetom Terra systems beyond the whole body, partial body and head essay are. Also, local SAR is supervised. Local essay our calculations are based on adult patient models. Therefore you are not allowed to examine patients below 30 kilograms or 66 pounds. If the patient feels any localized heating or burning sensations, the exam should be stopped immediately and the patient should inform the EMAR technologists performing the exam. Patients should be provided with hearing protection. Make sure that the ear plugs are properly applied to ensure full noise attenuation is specified. The standard semans headphones are intended for communication with the patient. An should be used in combination with ear plugs. Always verify that the intercom is working and that the patient can hear you before starting the examination. All patients should receive the squeeze ball by pressing the ball. The patient can call for assistance anytime during the EMAR examination. Once pressed, the EMAR technologists should interrupt the exam immediately to check on the patient. If the patient needs to be covered, use suitable blankets with no metal or synthetic material such as linen, cotton paper, or draw material permeable to air. Attention to avoid overheating. Patient warming. Don't use any covering while running the EMAR system at first level controlled operating mode. While positioning the laser light localizer instruct the patients not to look directly into the laser beam. They must keep their eyes closed to avoid possible eye injury. Non responsive patients such as sedated patients, infants and or physically ill patients should be monitored by a nurse or trained health care professional and supervised for the entire duration of the examination.

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